Friday, December 14, 2007

Back to my old self back during the holidays, doing boring stuff daily..
Emo feelings is back whenever i felt sad..or just rejected...
But why must everything came to me out of sudden??
Haizzz....lately watch this really really nice and touching movie..

Jeng jeng jeng jeng!!!

A song to the sun!! NICE!!

Yui!! she is sooo cute!! xD + talented...*unlike me* xD

OMG..he kinda hot leh!! plus he is caring to his gf.. *awwww*

Steven!! i need the series of this show!!! coz i dint cry yet..haha! xD

The way she plays her guitar~ geng ah!!! She sings like an angel~

My lil bro: Jia ah, she play guitar better than u ah!! Look look look...
Me: Sigh* cANNOT AH!!
My lil bro: He song damn nice leh!!
Me: I know laaaaa....==''

Well, i kinda paiseh abit leh that time..

But why must she die so early?? haizzz....why??!! *in dat movie*

sob sob....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dang bored laaaahh lately..

Just come back from hometown only..and now..boredom is BACK TO attack me! haizz..

Gah, lotsa stuff had happened lately..which..nvm.*secret* hehe..only me noes..haha.

At hometown:
1) chased chickens...swt..*big chickens are scary BUT DELICIOUS~~!
2) HELP GRAMMA....hehe..good lerh..xD
3) help those kor kors do their daily chores...*gah, im feeling so guai**
4) sms till siao..
5) go out with parents and uncle to buy stuff..

lazy blog liao laaaaaa...-chao-

Thursday, November 22, 2007

BOREDOM..STUCK AT home..doing nothing..

TYPE TYPE TYPE LETTERS....must DO work. I want mORE COMIC books to read!!! xD

finally downloaded a game to play!!! cant wait to play car drifting!! ..

STAYING at home rotting. Now i miss studies liao now...and MY FRIENDS! T^T.

Can sumone just tell me wad to do?? Lazie go back hometown..nth to do there...

No CYBER!!! I WANT MY COMP!!!! *i wish i could bring it there*

ok.since im bored..i follow gloria go siao oso..==''

Name 5 Friends Of The Opposite Sex.
- how old are they?
- where are they currently?
- how long have you known them?

1. Kenneth
:17 years old:
:in his house?; Studying probably:
:1 year:

2. Tian loong
:15 years old
:at his hometown now:
:1 year:

3. Steven
:17 yrs: he looks way younger than he looks! xD:
:lives near taman paramount:
:1 year:

4. William
:14 years old..*he is taller den me now* SOB
:at home gua:
:2 years:

5. Ernest
:15 years old:
:...i dont know:
:2 years gua * no idea*:

Would u rather..

* Party with (1- Kenneth) or (5- Ernest)?
Both!! yes!!! rock on party KINGS! XD

* Marry (2-Tian Loong ) or (4- William)?
Urm..I am to young to marry! William is younger den, I choose NONE!

* Kill (3- Steven) or (5- Ernest)?
None! i like both of them..*as in their personality..* xD

* Date (1- Kenneth) or (2-Tian Loong )?
i WOULD choose Tian Loong! will ya TL?? XD

* Make out with (1- Kenneth) or (3- Steven)?

* Cuddle with (2- Tian Loong) or (5-Ernest)?
Tian Loong..=D

* Have kids with (3- Steven) or (4- William)?
Noway!!! had kids phobia de!!! @_@

* Live with (1- Kenneth) or (3-Steven)?
Both i had only KNOW them for a year...maybe steven?? more humorous! xD...Can find money oso! gwahahaha!

* Be stuck on an island with (2-Tian Loong) or (5- Ernest)?
Tian LOOng definately...hehe

* Has (3- Steven) ever hurt you?
ONCE!! hurt siao...T^T

* Have you ever hurt (4-William)?
Not sure..DID i william??

* Who's the funniest?
All of THEM! maybe steven! xD *yay*

* Can you beat up (5-Ernest)?
Noooo..he has the muscle..beating him up will make me end up becoming a pancake..xD

* When is the last time you saw (2-Tian Loong)?
Erm...maybe on Monday or Tues..forgot de!! miss u tian Loong!! LOLz

*Who is the smartest?
i would say the person is Steven!! *jeng jeng jeng* he is de add maths pro! *sifu!!* -shot-

* How long have you known (5-Ernest)?
1 year.

* Who is (3-Steven) dating/crushing on?
Ehem..ehem...maybe his drifting game..AND..ehem ehem*..sumone gime a strepsil will ya? xD

* Does (2- Tian Loong) smell good?
im NOT A pervert fella...

Who Has The Better...

Tian LOONG..:D

Tian Loong... kekekekeke..

:face: a baby! miss de chubby cheeks! ;)

i would say is Kenneth...

Steven..HAHAHAHA!! his laugh!!..-shot-

NO idea....@.@

And not going to tag anyone... If U FEEL like doing it..GO ON..AND HAVE FUN! XD

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

sienz lerh LATELY...nth to do until go siao meh..haizzz..
i want to go sunway pyramid!!! miss de arcade!! -shot-.. haiz..form 4 book so damn hard! especially biology..grrr..*..y DO I EVEN CONSIDER TAKING THAT??! t^t...

AHH!! FATAL CHAOS COMIC!!! I NEED THAT 4TH BOOK! NEED IT DESPERATELY! T-T...why must Ben create is so nice...sobsob...

anybody got his comic books?? can borrow it to me?? xD

Thursday, November 8, 2007



HAIZ..pity pity my youngest brother because fall sick that day.. vomited sumore..haizzz..pity pity laaaaa...he dint have the time to enjoy..T-T..but leh..
we...did have FUN there...*thats de conclusion*..xD

Me and this soh poh..*ltr only i upload de pic* till go crazy.. well, me.i know i was being evil...persuaded her and her elder sister to play the cyclone..gwahahaha!! dat is sumthing like roller coaster..but except it did not turn upside down,.xD..MY aunty also got persuaded to play along too..
haha!! we played that for more than 5 times..

And de pirate ship..i dont get it why kids nowadays are so HYPER.. i go damn dizzy after sitting that..but they keep on continue playing that..and wouldnt want to come down from that ride!! haizzz...end up, me and my sister gave up..*sigh*but we all laughed
NONE stop riding that..just that our heart felt ticklish..xD..LOOKING AT other ppl reaction..ITS FUNNY!
WUI TENG just dont have the guts to ride on de cyclone..haha! even gramma dare to sit that!! xD

Well, i even took a ride at de merry go round..haha!! actually..its kinda FUN!! Dint sit that for years already.. :)..nvr think that u are too old for that..haha!!
and the haunted house SUCKS!! its not even scary...even my cousin *only 2 year old*..even dare to go inside..*sigh*..


Sunday, November 4, 2007

GRRR!! I AM SO GONNA SUE THAT KOPITIAM MANAGER DE!! eiissshhh!!! dat nasi lemak made me got food poisoning!! T-T..suffer for two dayssss!!! T-T...i need money for de medicine!! and now i takda appetite de!!! grrrrrr......*my tummy not feeling good*..*sigh**..but the great thing is..i could sleep for more den 7 hours from afternoon till night.. =X

Finally!! my first guitar lesson on sunday!! xD..cold play one song de!! xD..
quite easy though...coz it has only three notes..xD..lalalalalalaa~~ and happy eve b'dae chee guan!!
and u r getting old de!! gwahahahahaaaa!!! have fun okay??..haiz..two more days...
and im WORKING!! XP..

dONT FEEL LIKE TYPING ANY LONGER...lazie de.... -shot-

Friday, October 26, 2007

School had been really fun! and sorry CHEE GUAN..!!! i dint mean to scratch ur hand till so sorry! but PLS dont twist my fingers! its lam bek bek wan okay?..xD...
Haizzz..ANOTHER BUSY HOLiday for me...need to work..take guitar lesson...and blablabla..
next year..i will be 16! sweet 16!! *dont really think it will be a sweet b'dae anyway*..I WANT TO PLAY BADMINTON AGAIN! im so addicted to it jor! *someone PLS help meeee!!!!!!!*.. studies ah!! in need to take extra subject some more..==''...STRESS SIAO!! y dis year passes SO fast?!.. i will miss this year dearly much! T-T...
Poor ying jin..had been really emo lately..haizzzzz...aboout lovey dovey stuff again..*sigh*.. o.o! montri had been doing well in kao-ing JH!! keep it up*..
I dont REALLY got de idea wad to blog about.. SIENZZZZZ... after exams is so darn boring! i began to miss my books.. XD...AH!! kena *slap* at my face by a swinging badminton raquet!! turned buring red in colour de my cheek!! T-T!! SO DAMN *lucky* today...T-T..dont know wads wrong with de school's guard EMO!! sumore scolded ying jin when he told him that teacher allows us to play in de hall! maybe putus cinta gua..xD.. tian loong and ying jin was like comparing their muscles..hahha!! LAME... :)

ganjaguru songs rawks to the max!!! love the beat!! xD

Tuesday, October 16, 2007



IM afraid that i will make de wrong decision..

i really duno...

i really wan to go pure..but..

it have nothing to do with my ambition...

TALK BOUT SUB SCIENCE....i will be so alone...coz, most of my friends taking pure science..i noe im being so stupid for cant even make my own decision...but...seriously..dis is realy important to me! T-T

life have been really fun lately...

no worries...

no sadness..

only hapinessssss...

but there's confusion...

played badminton till go siao..none stop for two freaking hours!! and now...body aching..T-T
boys play till damn ganas..sumthing like wanna kill ppl...*scary!!*

tmr is de day!! which i could finaalllllyy go SKATING!! WOOOHOOO!!!!

lazie to blog liao..too happie de..XD

Saturday, October 6, 2007

newer version created my DE NOT OTHER THAN MUN EE LING!! LOL!! xP

tada!! so nice ler!! all de credit goes to EE LING! HAHA..:D

done by de artistic EE LING~~ all hail ee ling!! haha..
it was my best birthday ever!! my sweet sweet 15 b'day!!!
well, went to 1u and celebrated...though i din expect dat i got so many b'day presents..but u all seriously gave a big big surprise yesterday..
i really really am surprise..and touched at the same was my first tym getting that much of surprises..and well, im sry that i was being kinda emo that tym..*well sum of u all saw*..just keep it as a secret ba... and whenever i saw u all right after i just cried..i just...wanna cry again..i duno why...sorry for making u all so was my b'day..i i dunt like anything to ruin my once in a year b'day...

and thanks for evrything that day!! i love de cake!! love u al so much!! i dint even expect that there will be a cake waiting for me de..we watch 2 times movie..well, one is hairspray..

1) me and ee ling fall asleep..*its kinda boring* sowie..XD
2) well, too many songs liao lar..
3) we put our legs uo on de seats infront...*thx to eeling to teach us that*

2nd movie...resident evill..*damn scary*

1) i screamed like mad fella...
2) well, chee guan scared me lotsa tym!! *got heartattck liao*
3) my legs and hand was actually shaking!!!
4) i duno hu the heck hu scared me at de back!!!
5) i hug my bag like my own pillow..haha..
6)damn violence wei de show!!!
7) nowonder they say under 18 yrs do not watch..
8) bro actually scream!! XD
9) ee ling and chee guan cant stop laughing!! wads wrong wid them? seeing me screaming funny ah? well, i felt so coward watching that..XD

bfore de movie...we went to play bowling!! woot!! i actually beat kayjun!! gwahahhahahaha!! i damn siao de.. maybe its b'day luck..~~ xD.. but in, gloria, and yi xuan play like noob ppl..coz...we din even play bfore..haha..well, chee guan and jiakent play till damn pro and yeng ah!! our sifu!! haha...we saw hun fai too! he was kinda surprise to see me i wanst wearing my nike shirt..XD..haha~

and den we went makan makan at pizza hut..where i got my own surprise by them by a b'day cake!! it so till damn full..lucky the cake is enuf for jiakent..and de pizza too! :) oei keong eat alot own personal pizza sumore..

aaron is a good 'baby stitter' haha..i cant believe he can actually look after my annoying bro..Xp..montri is right after all...

o.o!! i though tian loong and yu ming wunt come..but at last they did appear..gloria miss yu ming so much!! :) and thanks to jin hwei and sulaine especially for everything!! xp..and to montri..DUNT forget to teach me how to play guitar ya! gwahahahaa..

my best b'day ever..thank u ppl!! love ya~

Monday, September 24, 2007


countdown till PMR...

good luck to all form 3 people!!

and also to form 5! good luck in spm!!

haih..tension all form 4 and 5 say its sap sap sui oni..
bcuz they take de mar....u noe...we are only juniors!!
cant wait till PMr OVER!! i will be de first one shouting 'MERDEKA' seven times!!

haih..trials enuf sux liao...must jia you de....i dunt get it why trials question got so many probs wan!! wan to give students pressure to study more isit?
dis way will only make student bcum older...=.=....*coz might got white hair*..

and must earn money!! $$$$$$$!!!....must work! XD

Saturday, September 1, 2007


this is dedicated to SERENA YONG JING WEN!! YES YOU!!
U KNOW WAD...u r the bitchiest person i had ever seen!! including your parents!!
u bitch!! u slut...u lcly person!! wonder why im typing in red..?! BECOZ I HATE Y-O-U!!

first but not least..u slut....eeeiissshh...i duno why whenever i see u or ur parents..i feel like giving each of u all a tight slap!! UR fourteen get this straight..ur 14 already..SO DUNT ACT YOUNG AS 13YRS U DOINK!! wataver ur parents say about my family..go OTHER PLACE AND SAY LAR...dun need to say till so obvious!!...

U WANNA act like a cheapsake....GO OTHER PLACE AND ACT LAR...!!!...i dont get it why ur parents hate my family so much...what did us did to u all!!! u slut u bitch!~~!!! WHY!! WHENEVER i or my family join art comp..u will be sure poking us at the back..talking bad about us....

u JEALOUS ISIT? SAY IT OUT LA..I WILL BE GALD IF U SAID THAT OUT!! i noe la...u think im better den u in art rit? get this straight..thiS IS N-O-T A COMPLIMENT TO ME! I dun think it came any good to me...

WATEVER U SLUTY BITCH...I dont care watever u did to us..PLZ DO not do it over the limit that we have!! u stttttttuuuuuupiidd! use ur brain and think la!! u noe how many ppl hate u anot?! first is ur ur mum and Y-O-U!!! I DONT GIVE A DAMN TO U!!...


I reallly lost my temper now!!!! thanks to u BITCH!!!
but owweeell, hoping i will forgive u or watever...IN UR DREAMS LARH!!!.....ACT INNOCENT AR..BLABLABLABLABLABLA~~!!!

watever!! u think
im NOT jealous...i just HATE YOU!! sumore UR PARENTS SCold ppl for no damn good or watever reason arh..u think THEY R SO GREAT ARH??!!!! KKKAAAAHHPUUUIIII!!!!...


Saturday, August 25, 2007


no exams for i week!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

my brains is cracking..
going to give up dat game..
it just doesnt seems to suit me.. a impatient person..
which is not GOOD..(-.-)
and i guess i wunt be blogging for a long long tym..
bie bie bloggie~~

Saturday, August 4, 2007

soccerthon was REALY FUN!!
i really enjoyed it altoh we de semi finals...
it was a realy tough fight between our class and 3m.....BUT OWEEL, THEY R GOOD..
especialy natasha..
when we trashed form 1 and 2..the form 2 cried.......
haih....i noe we dissapointed ming long..but we had tried our best...
i dun really have the mood to blog nowadays... darn freaking busy..and i was kinda emo nowadays..
dont ask me i will just zip my mouth...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

wooooottt!! i cant believe i got de board post..din expect dat..maybe i was abit blur dat tym..i know..i know..

OMG!! HILLS HAVE EYES 2....darn scary!!!

i screammmeed.!!!..and well, i ter-bite de pillow...and i squashed dat poor little teddy bear..haih...


ITS sick!! SICK SICK!!! SICK!!!!....................................

okie..FINE..forget about it.....the more i think about dat the more i will feel scared....

haih.........hmm...lets see what have i planned....

1) decorate 3 boards..which
2) ATTEND guitar, swimming, badminton, and dancing class.......

3) i wanna relaxxx!!! after pmr..

whats in my bag.......:

1) 'BELACAN-ED' papers..
2) books..
3) my tie..
4) letters from my darling
5) tissue...
6) pencil box....
7) i duno...forgot liao.......

cant wait till tml!!!! cant wait to go jungle treking...!! weeeeeee~~


but wid en zol..wont be fully fun..but at least DJ students are going..XD....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

im sry ee ling!! i cant go tuition SO SRY!





Friday, July 13, 2007

Duno wads wrong with me today..ngam ngam recover from dat stupid flu dat causes me to have sorethroat....*ARHH..WHERE'S MY VOICEZ!!!!!* soo emotional today..maybe after cuming back from school..the reason is..I CANT GP PLAY WITH JEH YING AND ENG SIEW AND MUN YEE TML AT SAHARA FIELD!!!! * I noe i complain alot today*..BUT WAD TO DO!! I MEMANG LIKE DAT WAN!! HARD TO GET RID OF IT! CANT STOP IT!

why!!! WHY!!! I DUNO Y!!!!

i just wanna have fun!! before i got the the pressure of studying!!!

i duno y!! haih......

today teman jeh ying walk up the stairs..block to block..DAMN TIRING!!!!....BUT FUN LA..CAN ponteng...went wrong class twice!! wth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why on earth is 4br class at block D!!!!

AND during recess...complain alot coz..din even noe today got first i tot got marching interview..and reaction was like...WHAT DE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND LAINE LAINE got pissed of by me..coz..i complain too much coz got de interview..

and i stay for no reason..and being persuaded to go for de bod interview..haih..well, it was not really fun..but..normal to me de...coz..being interview lotsa tym de..gabriel soo GAN ZHEONG!!..

maybe it was his first tym being interview... well, dat woon ying damn scared to be interview...haha........well, i din really bother bout dat...XD..hard to persuade her..XD..AT LIBRARY I ALSO GOT PISSED OFF..GOT THE DISPLAY WAS LIKE...RUIN!!!!....


Thursday, July 5, 2007

haih..EE LING lost her temper today...*sumore say de f*** word ler* haih..thx to well, got her pissed off...EH, i dun get it ler..he kacau me more den her..why she go mad faster ler??~~ haih..

dam tired nowadays....

coz bcuz of MPS stuff......

stress..but......................................hyper ler...i duno why...ernest kept on making
me laugh in tuition..although HE IS DAMN ANNOYING!!

i cant believe tian long last tym so short wan ler..XD....


being single is niceeee~~~~..................lesser probs...

am i easy to be bullied??

and i dun get it..when i scold ppl..i always smile or..even...



Sunday, July 1, 2007

i admit im still jealous..i admit la okay?? i dun noe why... i understand ur feelings ru hui..but he is a nice person... talk to him... okay?? and im still confused whether i likes hu noe..but so far..SO GOOD!! AFTER BU!! actually i felt glad...i really do..
yesterday..gotong royong damn fun!! din expected it to be dat syok..although cleaning de lab is kinda tiring..but its worth it..COZ..I REALLY HAD FUN!! keng hwa de coins picker!! he picked 5o cents..haha... moping de floor is fun...although i used to hate moping the floor...XD..



duno wad to give him for his b'day pretzie..well, he wanted a real penguin and he asked me to rob the zoo..dam swt!!
saw keng hwa today at mcd...well, at first i saw kah soon..den i din realize dat he was at de back of him... well, i pretended din saw him..*i noe im bad*..and when i was halfway eating...i was wondering why they din order food.. and they just went up..soon, when my couz ask me look at de back..saw THEY AL PULAK..and say hi to him lor...XD..

installation is kinda fun..well, the majlis perlantikkan pengawas is SOOOO BORING!!!


THE GAMES DAMN SYOK!! thx to william to apply mud on my hair!!! grrr** fyi, i dun need special treatment for my hair..but syook la..get all wet...but damn dirty..well, when i wanted to hug ee min..*cause she is sooo clean*.. she quickly ran off...XD..i guess i scared her..

i rate kay jun energy lvl...*30%*..he is like a anti social person..*although i noe he had to guard de library..*..but must have fun oso mar!! catching eggs game is fun..!! but it din kena me~~ tralalalala~!~~ and de makeup game is kinda scary...two person will be blind folded and both of them will makeup their group members.. well, THANKS RACHEL!! U R DE BEST MAKEUP ARTIST!!.. haha..thank goodness she din really makeup our face that much..XD..


but we had to bath in school..without soap..and towel!! soo cham!! haih..we just bring extra clothes oni..well, after bathe sure still stinks lar...

but de barbeque nite is fun!! well, at first de stupid fire just wunt make up!! blow till headache de..and.. damn tiring!! i noe my krs skills sux..i had to admit dat..but finally de fire began to light up!! yay~~~!!..eugene's mum damn pro ler in that..XD..

haih..trying to cheer Ru Hui up..she is feeling so down yesterday..about..*secret**... is love really that hurts?? and jealousy will appear??

Friday, June 29, 2007

marching damn syok!!

marchin damn syok~~!!..this morning...woke up at mum call me siao for waking up early..EH, FYI..KADET POLIS LAGI SIAO...AROUND 5AM STARTED MARCHING DE!!..SO DARN KIASU..well,i counted my tym corectly de..

1) brush teeth..etc etc..

2) eat breakfast...

3) iron uniform...

4) wear prob actually wearing dat..

all da need around one will habis around 6am..and can reach school in tym..wtd, im kinda a slow person.. loves taking my sweet sweet tym..=)..

haih..actually dat night bfore so nervous.. till cant sleep...well, first tym marching in front of so many ppl.. sure nervous lar... im also scare dat i will make de team lose...coz..i kinda forget de formation abit..=(..well, thx to suet yi telling me dat krs always do the right thing..*thx!!*..hehe...

on wed kena marah from senior for no semangat..i have to admit that i dun really have much semangat..same goes to the team..coz i was soo tired dat day..running around doing stuff....

i thinks dat im abit kiddy person..

like for ex..

1) tak tao how to tie de boots lace..* i noe..coz...I DINT TIE BFORE*..BUT Thx to siew mun for tying for me..

2) duno how to wear that muffle...=)

3) looks like a small small kid in dat uni...but leng zai...*fyi..not a guy*..i duno why my body will shrink..

4) thx keng hwa...for..puting dat badge thingy on my burrey...i owe u a meal...but remember to ask me..coz..i can forget easily bout dat...=]~

today marching kinda sui yu..but WE GOT SEMANGAT!! AND OUR HORMAT DAMN YENG!!..well, i admit i had done mistake dat tym..feel very idiot on de padang..BUT I HAD FUN!!! hearing ppl cheer damn syok..~~

but well, must learn from mistake...kena push up for 20 times..thank goodness not 40 times!!.. but well, at least we got de 3rd place...altoh we had to share the prize wid pbsm..but on merdeka marching com..we will gambatte!! * if got*..but well, if kadat polis din win its a miracle de..

cheer like siao for ppls hu are running today..DJ school athletes..damn leng zai!! but owell, the sad thing slower than de athletes in our school...sadsadsad....well , we cheer mostly for krs member..and not to forget for our hse too...XD..rumah biru rox!!! din even noe dat kah jun was also in blue hse..*maybe he ponteng hse practise gua*..

i cant believe der is rumours between me and siew mun!! hu spreaded it!!!!...grr***

Friday, June 22, 2007


damn tiring ler!!! and hungry..

after came back from marching and de meeting..


LEG KINDA SAKIT..*BLAME SIEW MUN LAR!! run so fast pulak...hehe.. most fun game is de throwing de balls at de cans..well, instead aiming at de cans..aim de seniors instead..haha....haiyah, almost aimed siew mun's pity pity gabriel la...marcus ter-aimed his..*tuuuuuuuuuutttt*...haha..not bad ler..keng hwa's

but la de blind-folding game quite fun oso..but..always kena kacau-ed by keng hwa, xin wei, jenn yee, and KAH JUN!!!!...duno who de heck hu blowed at my ears...haih...and arh, always tickle our ears wid de leaves...haih...but ler...Yi Xuan squelled dat tym ler..damn funny!!..

and de marble taking game..DAMN MAH FAN..HAVE TO CROSS OVER DE BARS!!...grrrr** kah jun la!! make me drop de arh..everytime oso ask got wad colour at de marble...haih....but arh!! keng hwa...keng hwa...go and bring de paper cups dat we had to put de marbles in go *yao che ho*...DAMN mou liu la him...XD



AGM today damn siao ler..everybody seems so nervous..and congratz to those news BOD members..CONGRATZ!!...AND I CANT BELIEVE kay jun become de disipline director!! omg!! i pity pity pity my sista next year..owell, i dun think he will bully her.. XD...haih.i thought of goin marching today..but too late de..everybody cabut de... haih...installation is next week, and sumore got raptai for dat...and i got raptai for hari sukan...damn siao!! haih..dat han ling just cant stop fooling, i manage to fool him back..XD

Thursday, June 21, 2007

woooo~~ sumone call hongz leng zai weih...long ling said dat wan...*dun worry. that is a guy*.....HAIH...SO LONG DIN BLOGGIE DE... and to shi min...dun say nonsense weih......T_T..haih..position in class drop pulak..haih...soobbbzzz..but i did quite well, not bad not bad..hehe..perasan...ARH!! siao man add maths!! and physics!! and chemistry,.!! alot of ppl fail weih!! i wonder wad will happen to me if i take pure science...haih..arhh!! i cant believe my kor kor oso like maple!! damn lame weih de game!! arrhh!! o2 jam and audi at least better lar..haih..fergalicious song rox man!! sing along to it~~~~.....XD..

i'm getting high~~ haih..tml got agm meeting,...i dunwan go!! i rather go marching!! more fun!! BUT...haih..go stuper duper darker to my so dark black chicken..haih....woooo~~ cant stop gossiping in class...hehe

Saturday, June 16, 2007

fairyland-ayumi hamasaki..

Otona ni natte iku koto no imi
Nante wakaranai mama da yo

Dakedo itsuka no ano ko ya aitsu
Imagoro doko wo mezashite
Aruiteru n darou

Yoake ga hayaku natta kono goro
Kaze no nioi ga kawatta yo

Natsukashii you de mada minu you de
Kodou ga hayaku natte ku
Itoshikute setsunai

Ano umi e to tsuzuku michinori mujaki ni
Warai korogete hashiri nukete itta
Tooi natsu no hi

Ima mo mune ni nokoru osanaki bokutachi
Sono saki ni matsu mirai no koto nante
Shiru sube mo naku

Nokotta mono wa nokoshite mono de
Guuzen nanka ja nai yo

Uchuu no ishi ga aru to shita nara
Tashika ni hataraita n darou
Yasashikute toutoi

Are kara dono kurai nanika o motomete
Mitsukete wa mata ushinau koto bakari
Kurikaeshita kedo

Koko ni aru egao ga oshiete kureta yo
Bokutachi wa ima mottomo eien ni
Chikai basho ni iru

Ano umi e to tsuzuku michinori mujaki ni
Warai korogete hashiri nukete itta
Tooi natsu no hi

Are kara dono kurai nanika o motomete
Mitsukete wa mata ushinau koto bakari
Kurikaeshita kedo

Koko ni aru egao ga oshiete kureta yo
Bokutachi wa ima mottomo eien ni
Chikai basho ni iru~

her songs rox!!! love her songs!!! *rock on ayumi!*
You Can Hang With the Guys and the Girls

You've struck a good balance between girlie and laid back.
You can keep it casual but when you dress up, you are as girly as the next girl.
You Are 30% Left Brained, 70% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.
Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.
If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.
Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.
Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.
If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

everybody's got somethin'
they had to leave behind
one regret from yesterday
that just seems to grow with time
there's no use looking back or wonderin'
how we could be now or mighta been
oh this I know
but still I can't
find ways to let you go
I never had a dream come true
till the day that I found you
even though I pretend that I've moved on
you'll always be my baby
I never found the words to say
you're the one I think about each day
and I know no matter where life takes me to
a part of me will always be with you
somewhere in my memory
I've lost all sense of time
and to my world could never be
'cause yesterday is all that fills my mind
there's no use looking back or wonderin
'how it should be now or mighta been
oh this I know
but still I can't find ways to let you go
I never had a dream come true
till the day that I found you
even though I pretend that I've moved on
you'll always be my baby
I've never found the words to say
you're the one I think about each day
and I know no matter where life takes me to
a part of me will always be
-you'll always be the dream that fills my head, yes you will, say you will, you know you will oh baby
you'll always the one I know I'll never forget
there's no use lookin' back or wonderin
'because love is a strange and funny thing
no matter how I try and try
I just can't say goodbye
I never had a dream come true
till the day that I found you
even though I pretend that I've moved on
you'll always be my baby
I never found the words to say
you're the one I think about each day
and I know no matter where life takes me to
a part of me will always be-
a part of me will always be with you

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

MY confession

FINALLY...i had confess.....i had...... heart feels much more better now...haiz...i dun care wad XX think..i just want to say wad i want to say...AND nothing can stop me...HAIH...worries surround me every single day... BUT THANK one visit my blog already...fweeewwwww........AND I COULD say wad i want to say...hahaha!!...hhooohhhoohhoo!!!~~... swt..have u ever feel sumthing was wrong bout u?? yes..i did... i cant breath properly...and my fingers..and my leg..i could feel sumthing was wrong about it... haih...BUT I JUST COULD SHED MY WORRIES AWAY... i really dun have much energy to fight back any longer...feel like giving up... i really do... nvm..JUST FORGET ABOUT IT...

I FOUND THIS REALLY TOUCHING...P-O-E-M..ALTHOUGH i dun really noe how to read chinese,....agak agak shj... is just like dat....

Saturday, May 19, 2007 i a stubborn person..?? i know i am.... thanks kor kor..for telling me dat.......i did notice dat in me... perhaps kor kor is right after all...I am stubborn!! ...I CANT BELIEVE I SCORED SO BADLY..SOOOO BADLY!!!!! whats wrong with me??? i duno...I REALLY DUNO!! HAIZ..........I NOE IM A IMMATURE PERSON...I KNOW.....AND A GANAS PERSON...A NON-POLITE TYPE PERSON...NOT PREETY...NOT SMART...NOT GOOD IN ANYTHING...SUMTIMES....I WAS WONDERING..WHERE IS MY HIDDEN TALENT...AND PLZ..DUN SAY ITS ART..I SUX IN THAT..... i had no one to share my thoughts wid...but i did share some wid my siblings...they know more....haiz......... lets see.....hmm..wad cartoon i stil watch..since i was a very little girl..i noe..i am childish... but mature abit la...

crayon shin chan!! haha...

spongebob!! rawks!! should watch dat..

i duno why i was so obsessed by sailormoon last tym..but this show..lama pupus de lor...i even collect de sticker book and de stickers..and even have loads of tape of that show...until now..i still keeping it..XD

mickey mouse and friends!! stil loving to watch it till, mana minnie pulak??

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

pray for exams to be over..QUICK!!!!!



no wonder Pn Liew said that the way the government follow British way of studying is wrong... i totally agree wid it!!

science, sjh, and maths...haiz....did quite lagi worse!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2007


haiz..................................................this is a tough tough week for me...................................... it might be a shock to some of u....but just dont mention bout it..i want to forget all about it.....

Monday, April 30, 2007

why everybody so emotional arh these days?? i dun get it.......m.y. pulak miss if she misses a guy...well, she said its not a guy...and she ask me to ask es....haiz...nvm i will ask her..haha..wtd, i memang pat wan mar...

whats wrong wid ME?? MEEEEE??????????????? more emo?? i guess so........... BUT WHY ARH??? why emotional?? OR IS IT GIRLS MEMANG EMOTIONAL WAN?? okok...........i dont get it..why i miss that person sooooo much........... * GET THAT PERSON OUT OF MY BRAIN!!!****

i dun get it..why ppl keep on asking me this....*U TREAT ME AS A FRIEND, GOOD FRIEND OR BEST FRIEND....* HOW COULD I ANSWER THAT??!! I TREAT EVERYONE EQUALLY........... except to some that i really am close with...then thats my best fwen......* my really best friend**...that wont poke my back!! when im not looking!! or noticing>...... i had a really best best friend since std 2...she is a really nice friend......a really true friend..altoh we do sumtimes argue to each other...we shared problems each other...*although she sumtimes doesnt likes being the middle person in sum stuff..*dont ask what it is** and the first ever song that made me cry is...a japanese song...*Ayumi Hamasaki - Heaven* so nice le..... she will forgive me..*maybe sumtimes** hahaha...she is definately a nice nice friend...

to some of u all...i think u noe hu is that.........haha........... THE FIRST EVER PERSON I CRIED FOR..IS THE PERSON** I REALLY LOVED THAT PERSON....*BUT....WE..JUST REMAIN...........HAIZ....** I DONT WANT to talk about that had left a deep scar on my heart.. i cant believe i cried for you!!! i think i misses u too much...i dont want to think bout it anymore!!...........................................................................................................!@#$%^&*()_+.........

thank YOU MY FRIENDS!!! LURVE U ALL SOO MUCH..THX FOR CHEERING ME UP WHENEVER IM SAD..although i noe most of u all might think im happy from the outside...but inside....there is depression.... most of all.......thanks!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

will i keep strong?? just felling so depressed... looking out through the window..thinking the obstacles i had to face....people if i had a problem wid me..go on..share wid me..u DONT NEED TO TALK BAD BEHIND OF ME!!!!!!! i was sad..thx to my friends when i need them they were always there.........i look trough the window .and the time just pass by.............

Saturday, April 28, 2007

lotsa stuff happened today!! out of sudden 4 ppl sms me at once!! sry keng hwa!! i reply ur message late!! haha..*paiseh..* i was enjoying my slumber that tym..hehe..datuk K kor kor cannot walk pulak... hurt his damn knee..ask him not to go school tml..he pulak say he want ..haiz...stupid fella la him.. my damn couz pulak tak pergi marching..haiz...shud i go in the evening?? will i ruin everything..*includin the formation??** i din even noe pn lee was a cristian!! haha...thx ellysha for de info... 3-5 hm.....i think im going..pray to god that my mum allow me to go....i guess she allow..*if it doesnt rain..and the weather isnt that hot** i dun get it..why my couz cant find the sahara field..haiz...whole night i was thinking about dat... *dun ask me wad is it**...shud i or shud not.. and PHEI FANG!! NO MORE SCARY STORIES PLEZZ!! i cant sleep the whole night u knoe...thinking about that!!! *argghhhhhhh***

Friday, April 20, 2007

lazie to continue...busy nowadays..nothing to write neither..haiz...daerah marching is so near de...couz pulak haven buy full-u yet..lost hamsters lately!! sobzz....

Sunday, April 15, 2007

back from krs annual camp!!

krs annual camp..2007............RAWKS!!!


first day...(13 april...(at night)..)

hmm...when we reach there..we are divided into groups...well, at first i was complaining to be placed in purple group...but....i made new fwens..(most of them form 2 niah...but melvin was taller than me...)...we introduced each other..and we are the.....little barneys!!! we played a game that we had to choose a cartoon character for our group and have to say out the reason on why we choose that particular cartoon character...and have to dance or sing oso...haiz....

BUT I STILL REMEMBER THE SONG!! u noe, its my group members mixeed idea...

i love you, u love me,
we are little barneys,
we are little purple barneys in krs,
we are special in everyways.........(nice le...kekeke***)

we played till so insane.... and on that day we had to ronda... and our group had to ronda at 4-5 am!!! so early..i only managed to sleep for 1 and the half hour!! when i woke up..i seriously feel like puking out..i duno way..walk oso cannot walk properly..*maybe i too blur dah* ronda not that fun la actually..we spent half and our from 4.30-5.ooam at the kantin chit chat while makan....but why seniors have to wake us up at 5.30am?? so early...sobs...

(14 of april....)

i din bath weih in the morning....seriously..i do stinks...haha....on that day...we played lotsa games that we need group work...and the group leader is melvin!!! *all hail dai lou** in the early as 6..we did senamrobik...*lets exercise ppl*** then we went for the practical course..finnaly..i knew about the ikatan!! hehe... after that...go other class to learn other stuff lor...den we had our lunch..*chicken and veggy again**... after that we went to play games!@!!
yay!! i love the games so much!!

1st game: we must suck water from the pail with a straw....and we must jump over sum line..and spit those water out into the water bottle...

2nd game..: water ballon!! haha...too bad i din kena splashed... haiz... we are suppose to point our fingers on the floor and turn 10 rounds..* i do feel dizzy..luckily ada orang lift me up..* so paiseh.. really very dizzzyy...and sumore must pull the tyres..

3rd: zhi yang station....the balancing and shoting game!! *lazie to explain**

4th: went to tse hui's station..*hate that game* so tiring..and we must find mentos..and pick it out with our mouth..and it is burried inside flour!!! MELVIN THAT DAI LOU gave up halfway...but haiyah..nvm first had to go up the small bukit at block C for 5 tyms..*nearly fall* other group...there is two malay guys their face is all white..*so kua zhang**

5th: went up the small bukit at block fun le climb up..and go down..the experience is like mountain climbing...and we are given a ques... must arrange the stones according to wei kin's clue....our group is the first hu got all correct!! thx to bernade's and melvin's common sense..haha..

too bad we din manage to go that mud crawling stunt..* i longed for that***..haiz..but its bcuz its gonnna rain....

to be continue.......................................................

Thursday, March 22, 2007

as busy as a bee!!

HAD 4 PROJECTS HAVENT DONE YET!!! imagine me..all alone doing that stuff!!! and i was soooo confused making decisions!! should i or not.....haiz...

HAD A HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE TODAY...'thanks' to Ernest..that quite annoying fella sitting at the back of me during tuition... BUT he is kinda funny..haha.... at first he called me mummy..then he called me jia jia....*at least jia jia sounds better than mummy!!* haiz....during sjh period..he kept on poking me at the back with his pen or pencil!! anooying betul!! cause he wants answer for the sjh test..padahal i wasnt listening to teacher most of the time... and i duno a single thing of chapter 4....

that ernest is getting me on my nerves!! luckily..i manage to control myself... is to CHILL~~~~ DOWN.... he attempt to drink water from my bottle... *grr** it is bcuz he kept on bg me to let him drink sum water..padahal when i ask him to take water some water from outside of the classroom...he dun want..the reason is no CUP!! GRR...HE SAID the jia jia outside just wouldnt giv him a cup.... called that jia jia preety also dunwan... so that maybe after hearing his praises she will giv him.. haiz...

BUT end up oso..without my knowledge he went and took my bottle!! and he went and wet my shirt....!!* abit only la* luckily not wet my shirt with the leftover milo packet drink!! or else i will slap him on the spot!! well, i wanted to wet him back...but one of his fwen went and took a bottle and wanteed to splash me!! den i hv to hold back....

haiz..but he end up did drink the water from my bottle..but saliva in my bottle!! haiz...he arh....can be kinda annoying, but can be least i got one correct more than him iin the exam...*no marks are kinda low....coz..i tembak almost every single question...* tml rain again!!! i dunwan go marching...hehe

Saturday, March 17, 2007



BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZ * there goes the bumble bee....................*

yesterday...totally addicted to the games at cosmo world at times till headache.... okok...not bad weih...times square got bowling alley already...

seriously.. do i seems to be a nice person? besides ....short...!!! first tym ppl say that im nice weih.... *havent show my true self yet..haha*

duno wat to talk....*keeppppp silence*** *sooooo quiet*** not a sound can be heard****........* u can only hear....echos*****

so silence******

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

whoops!!! error!!

call me nike-y gurl..not my nike-y gurl...

seriously..i was so dead bored..

yesterday is a nice day...FOR ME..

MARCHING dam syok weih yesterday....unfortunately...i can hardly woke up..and thanks to my sister and my brother who woke me up... and when i reach sahara field...hardly can see anyone there yet..and its almost 8am liao.. haiz..if i noe earlier...i shud take my own sweet tym sleeping for another half and hour.. haiz..

YESTERDAY..although there isnt many marchers hu went for the practise...i did enjoy myself there... hun fai so funny ler...that botak ex-president... haha..i pity the guys weih..have to bare foot and march bcuz when they march they dint pacat tumit... haha.. i pity hongz ad sum other guys pumping on top of the water puddle..and hong chun shirt is wet..haha...

and wei kein, hongz, and jia kent shouldnt take the challenge la...end up kena hukuman pulak..
seriously..u all march that tym very funny la... and the syok sendiri thingy quite funny...

haiyoh, i miss the tepuk sap sap sui la..

very paiseh weih..when i want to go back that tym..cant find the stairs to go up... haiz.... hun fai sumore asked me to do lompat tingi..* my lompat tinggi sux weih* but lompat pagar boleh tahan la... sumore call my nike-y gurl...haha..i was so paiseh dat tym...

at tuition dat geo teacher abit weird la...when he wants to look at the tym..padahal he wasnt wearing a watch dat tym.. by counting his bulu's he noe wats the tym de....geng cousin and i keep on laughing...

ernest ponteng geo tuition just bcuz..he dun want to listen teacher..talking...*ok..students* at least 128 tym ... when his period that tym...all the students can go siao weih..well, i also go siao in tuition yeasterday....tml will go more siao..haha...coz..tml is sjh tuition mar..

Friday, March 9, 2007

pale?? really??

Marching practise today learned some more marching stuff la...ikatan i only noe one only.. paiseh weih....the belakang sign thingy i kept on doing wrong..perhaps maybe i tak berapa biasa with dat command.. HONG CHUN!! u still owe us 20 pumpings!! eh, harimau style can ah?? haha..jkjk... seriously..DO I LOOKS VERY PALE when i was tired marching under the hot sun?? i get sick easily...duno y... haiz..THANK GOD!! I dun have week will be a busy week for me...

yay!! gona get a new basketball!! today!! hehe..haiz..actually, me and jeh ying planned to play basketball and badminton at sahara field..on mon morning punya..but 'thx' to the spm results are coming out that day..and me, jeh ying, and my couz are suppose to interview the top spm scorers.....*i hope i kena tze kwang..if he is the top scorer.... and we are suppose to keep an eye on them..BUT CANT MAKE IT TOO OBVIOUS!! OR ELSE..BOCOR LA RAHSIA TU...


GOOD LUCK!! MAKE US PROUD!! HAHA..... AND BEWARE of *..u noe.........ghost****..choi!!!!! heard rumours that some human bones are found there..haiyah..duno whether its true anot..
neways, good luck again!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

sembahyang macam nih punya??

YAWN* sleepy!! okok...thx to the praying ceremony..(hokkien pplz punya).. Actually i had fun instead.. haha.i learned lotsa stuf there..on how they pray...(wao** their prayin ceremony is realy..lively!!)...the *sao zhu* is realy big..! but i din manage to eat that.. IF i did eat..i couldnt stop eating..and end up gain more fats!!....*no WAY!!*..I JUST WANA GET TALLER!!

i wanna grow taller!!! no matter what!! basketball..I LAY MY TRUST ON YOU FOR MAKING ME TALLER!! -_____________- went to yuen hee's hse and yi xuan house to pai nian..we had so much fun there.. their hse are soooooooooOOOOOO big!!!!.. spicy so cute!!!!.. haha.poor chiau hui..her socks got bitten.and its soaked with saliva..haha...

then not around 5.30pm..we went to play basketball..there are lotsa guys playin there..but we just take the other half court.. then the guys ajak us to play with us.. ah..we girls.. just stand there like noobs....coz..wat to do..we are not so pro as the lansi guys... hmmm..
smk taman sea school sux!! no basketball team wonder our school students are kinda short!! grrrr**** no offence weih...the guys keep on snachin the ball from us...*grr* now im feeling that im useless...

then i went to my lil bro fwen pai nian..and to pray.. i had lotsa fun playing firecrackers with those little kids there...they are soo cute!!!!! helpin them lightin it up makes me fell like a big sister to alot of kids..haha....had enuf of that..haha.. there is this girl name kay ze, she had alot of fun playin fireworks..eventhough it is dangerous..there is this firecrackers that can fly..and nearly terkena her..but she said..' can fly!!! i want more more!!! her dad showed sum reaction of worries..but HU CARES!! HAD FUN DEN ENUF DE..haha.. bryan sooo cute!!! haha...he is kinda active..and smart too...

yesterday slept for 4 hours only..nearly slept in class..haiz....

Saturday, February 24, 2007



what homework i had not done yet...


art.....not yet....halfway only..



CELEbrating cny in my hometown rawks!! on the first day i went back to hometown..there is a open house organixe by my uncle...well, it turn out quite well at first..but at the end.....soon ..u noe....ppl got drunk...and starts dancing.....with the preety girl hire by my uncle to entertain guest..espECIALLY GUYS!! NO OFFENCE* ITS LIKE THEY GO SIAO after seeing them...kinda scary looking at these ppls who got drunk....

THE next day... there is blackout at the night....cant even sleep!! and when there is blackout..those gangsters took the orportunity the ride their motorbikes around and starts honking really loud around!!! damn idoitic la those ppls..

the next day...had fun challenging couz in burping..end up i lose pulak...haiz... a gal.. bro and my couz gfot the biggest angpao....well, they fall from the motorbike until so cham.. couz got the wound dat is bigger..padahal he din even shout..or cry..or bro pulak came home couz is a true guy!! he can tahan but keep sweating there...well, he kena marah for no reason...
its my bro's fault hu wants to follow him..altoh he advice him not tyo follow de...

kids nowadays are so smart!! there is this tym that my litle cousins used tilam as a slide to slide from the stairs...haiz...nobody noticed that sum more...

had fun playin firecrackers and bombs!!! syok betul la..bought it at the policemen he... weird le...
haha...lazie to type more..

ciaoz ppl....

happy cny!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

another normal day to me....

okay..wad to tok tok now...death note 2 rawks!! i just bought de dvd.*cetak rompak punya* i dun support original...for your information.. L so cute his mask~~ haha..

yesterday went to makan makan at daddy's fwen hse..for a cny party.. too bad lou sang..
*lou ah lou**** i ate 4 rounds!!! in a row!! geng le me...*but muz expelled everything out de..or else i will grow fat!! and thats the tym where my cousins will take the chance to cal me a garfield..

syht la...everytime oso got nose block...*sniff sniff****..and now got sore throat pulak.. i dun sound like me anymore...T_T..

PJ is not fun with en zol watching!! plus the guru penasihat for my hse practise is mr allan!!
haiz....he said everybody MUZ take part in something..and if he finds that our name is not there..will get a spanking from him....* i cant take marchin..i alredy took KRS punya marchin..and for de running event...i dun think there is enuf acara at all!!!

sports ia never fun this year...i just love last year sports...

pusing pusing??@_@

librarian orientation so lame and boring la....but the only fun part is teaching probates...paiseh***...its so boring there that i wish i could just run out of the library just like that..damn...i miss the KRS meeting!!! *!@#$%^&*(*... i miss lotsa fun stuff that they had thaught others today.....sappai la me...

i wonder whether i could pass for the test during KRS i duno lotsa stuff!!!! u noe...i person like me..cant stand boredness..and depression.. its like the world must be fun to me... not a dull.....not lively world.... i need fun ,ppl!!!!!......

pusing pusing today arh..quite ok la i did..but the main point is.....i dun realy noe how to different which command is wrong which is right..but at least i dint did much mistakes!!! thank gawd!!!...thanks to jia kent!! he taught me the pusing pusing thingy..haha....

i noe im a slow learner..*i think*... but i wont give up!!! no matter what!!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Finally joined krs !!! yay* i betrayed the *Persatuan Boring Sampai Mati!!! YAY**** i totally go siao edi.. when oni the editorial board results are coming out?? Yen EE......when??!!... i too eager liao..well, volleyball rawks!! altoh ur hand will feel kinda pain..but its real fun!!!

injection hurts!!! test i sure fail edi wan la.. haiz.... i dun wan anymore injection tml.....if i could ponteng those boring subject..i will sure go for injection!! haha....

Sunday, January 21, 2007


imagine having lots of homeworks to be done by a week time! thats what im suffering! but nvm, taking tuition at kasturi tuition..coz i dun understand a single crap teacher taught me about science..but i wan take tuition at edusmart! haiz... this week have to attend cousin's wedding dinner..haiz..but nvm..can get extra angpau..haha..

Saturday, January 13, 2007

so boreddddd....

its like hell in school..*kinda*... have to obey the stupid rules... *grrrr***.. brother got chicken pox pulak..if i still din kena..must kena two injections!!! *someone save my soul~~~* i hate homeworks!! but hw oso knowledge..haha.. haiz..i pity guys taught by mr allen...haiz.....kena wacking at the butt syok tak?? haha..

haiz..the board oso haven finish decorating yet..if havent finish i sei lo next week... bleach rawks!!! ichigo~~~~ suai ge~~~ hahaha... i wan to but sumore of the comic books but i just couldnt find the episod i pai punya fella la me...

haiz...nobody cares bout me...nobody!!!! stupid fella la him..din choi ppl these days... *haiz..*..
*forget bout dat la..*...KRS OOOHH KRS.... and FOOTBALL OOOHH FOOTBALL.. I Duno whther i can cope wit my studies anot..i realy hope i can..i dun wan to let down the ppls tat had put lots of hope on me...

Sunday, January 7, 2007

hmm, have i been blogging almost everyday??? sigh** hmm, what to talk here then?? owh wait!!!! have i forgoten something?? ohh, syht i forgot what i want to said earlier..... *slaps ownself* *think think think****

Had shorten memory lost* i think i 'cleared' my brain too many stuff already..



*think gurl****

errmmm...hmm..................*BREATH IN..OUT....* AND THINK***faints** and then.. woke**

OHHYahhhh!!!! JUST to remind librarians in smkts.. be sure u all arrange ur time properly...AS DUTY IS GONNA START REALLY SOON.. WHERE are this year's probates??? *searchin for miss or mr perfect for the sake of the library* and too some of you who is interviewing them, be sure...*smilezzz* and plz dont scare them... they have a weak heart wan you noe..hahahahaha! dun worry, im just joking..

why i did always have a feeling that i want to say somethin but just cant think what the hell is it..oweelll, just forget about it..

gtg zzz*** dun wanna be late for school tmw! ciaoz!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

blank BLANK BLANK!!!

WOHH..NOW only i realise my blog is so SO blank.. blankie****...but im too lazie to upload any photos or just do anything!! just to blog only.. thats what having a blog for..expressing our feelings~~... IMAGINE STAYING BACK THE WHOLE DAY..(WEEKDAYS ONLY,..BUT NOT FRIDAY)..SO BORED...DUNO WHAT TO DO..SUMORE CANT LEPAK OR REST IN THE library.. today went 1u..quite boring..cant do window shopping but instead to go shop for groceries with family.. haiz...i just wish i could go back to form 2..cause its like stuck in the morning session's rules...* can just anybody change the rules...* give some space to students...!

en zaidi very cheong hei la...giv his damn speech for around 1 hour...haiz... he kept stoping his lines for about 1 minute then continue back..haiz...*i think i better zipp~ now*

AFTER hearing to what pn ernice said on fri, taking business admin wasnt a good idea at all.. but if insist to take..better study till the masters degree... it will take around like ~1o+ years!!!~ wao, by that time i would be 25+ years old..

too old for love that time? nah, i dun really think so..... now le just wanna study..wheres my soul mate??? can i find one?? a perfect lover?? a type of mine??

Thursday, January 4, 2007

gah..1st day of school....!!

1st day of school..*fweewww* lucky enough that i din get caught for unpolishin my nails.. i was too lucky enough to get away from that..haha...o well, its over liao.. this years form 1 very short, plump(some of them), and even very cute..~~~

haiz, maths finally finish one chapter le.. that pn liew kuai shou jiau wan.. pn ernie hu is my class teacher..she is a very nice teacher..and i duno y i got elected to be the ketua papn kenyataan..

Monday, January 1, 2007


Actually i dont know what to write neither...and dont know what to say neither... i just cant think of any craps to talk about... My head is SOOOoooo blank now.. my brain is empty now so that i can store more new stuff in it.. i still can wait for the school to reopen.. even though its only 1 MORE DAY till the day... And i can hardly blog anymore after school reopen..