Friday, October 26, 2007

School had been really fun! and sorry CHEE GUAN..!!! i dint mean to scratch ur hand till so sorry! but PLS dont twist my fingers! its lam bek bek wan okay?..xD...
Haizzz..ANOTHER BUSY HOLiday for me...need to work..take guitar lesson...and blablabla..
next year..i will be 16! sweet 16!! *dont really think it will be a sweet b'dae anyway*..I WANT TO PLAY BADMINTON AGAIN! im so addicted to it jor! *someone PLS help meeee!!!!!!!*.. studies ah!! in need to take extra subject some more..==''...STRESS SIAO!! y dis year passes SO fast?!.. i will miss this year dearly much! T-T...
Poor ying jin..had been really emo lately..haizzzzz...aboout lovey dovey stuff again..*sigh*.. o.o! montri had been doing well in kao-ing JH!! keep it up*..
I dont REALLY got de idea wad to blog about.. SIENZZZZZ... after exams is so darn boring! i began to miss my books.. XD...AH!! kena *slap* at my face by a swinging badminton raquet!! turned buring red in colour de my cheek!! T-T!! SO DAMN *lucky* today...T-T..dont know wads wrong with de school's guard EMO!! sumore scolded ying jin when he told him that teacher allows us to play in de hall! maybe putus cinta gua..xD.. tian loong and ying jin was like comparing their muscles..hahha!! LAME... :)

ganjaguru songs rawks to the max!!! love the beat!! xD

Tuesday, October 16, 2007



IM afraid that i will make de wrong decision..

i really duno...

i really wan to go pure..but..

it have nothing to do with my ambition...

TALK BOUT SUB SCIENCE....i will be so alone...coz, most of my friends taking pure science..i noe im being so stupid for cant even make my own decision...but...seriously..dis is realy important to me! T-T

life have been really fun lately...

no worries...

no sadness..

only hapinessssss...

but there's confusion...

played badminton till go siao..none stop for two freaking hours!! and now...body aching..T-T
boys play till damn ganas..sumthing like wanna kill ppl...*scary!!*

tmr is de day!! which i could finaalllllyy go SKATING!! WOOOHOOO!!!!

lazie to blog liao..too happie de..XD

Saturday, October 6, 2007

newer version created my DE NOT OTHER THAN MUN EE LING!! LOL!! xP

tada!! so nice ler!! all de credit goes to EE LING! HAHA..:D

done by de artistic EE LING~~ all hail ee ling!! haha..
it was my best birthday ever!! my sweet sweet 15 b'day!!!
well, went to 1u and celebrated...though i din expect dat i got so many b'day presents..but u all seriously gave a big big surprise yesterday..
i really really am surprise..and touched at the same was my first tym getting that much of surprises..and well, im sry that i was being kinda emo that tym..*well sum of u all saw*..just keep it as a secret ba... and whenever i saw u all right after i just cried..i just...wanna cry again..i duno why...sorry for making u all so was my b'day..i i dunt like anything to ruin my once in a year b'day...

and thanks for evrything that day!! i love de cake!! love u al so much!! i dint even expect that there will be a cake waiting for me de..we watch 2 times movie..well, one is hairspray..

1) me and ee ling fall asleep..*its kinda boring* sowie..XD
2) well, too many songs liao lar..
3) we put our legs uo on de seats infront...*thx to eeling to teach us that*

2nd movie...resident evill..*damn scary*

1) i screamed like mad fella...
2) well, chee guan scared me lotsa tym!! *got heartattck liao*
3) my legs and hand was actually shaking!!!
4) i duno hu the heck hu scared me at de back!!!
5) i hug my bag like my own pillow..haha..
6)damn violence wei de show!!!
7) nowonder they say under 18 yrs do not watch..
8) bro actually scream!! XD
9) ee ling and chee guan cant stop laughing!! wads wrong wid them? seeing me screaming funny ah? well, i felt so coward watching that..XD

bfore de movie...we went to play bowling!! woot!! i actually beat kayjun!! gwahahhahahaha!! i damn siao de.. maybe its b'day luck..~~ xD.. but in, gloria, and yi xuan play like noob ppl..coz...we din even play bfore..haha..well, chee guan and jiakent play till damn pro and yeng ah!! our sifu!! haha...we saw hun fai too! he was kinda surprise to see me i wanst wearing my nike shirt..XD..haha~

and den we went makan makan at pizza hut..where i got my own surprise by them by a b'day cake!! it so till damn full..lucky the cake is enuf for jiakent..and de pizza too! :) oei keong eat alot own personal pizza sumore..

aaron is a good 'baby stitter' haha..i cant believe he can actually look after my annoying bro..Xp..montri is right after all...

o.o!! i though tian loong and yu ming wunt come..but at last they did appear..gloria miss yu ming so much!! :) and thanks to jin hwei and sulaine especially for everything!! xp..and to montri..DUNT forget to teach me how to play guitar ya! gwahahahaa..

my best b'day ever..thank u ppl!! love ya~