Sunday, December 31, 2006

hello 2007!

done countdown in the car just now.. dam syok la wer.. manage to reach at 1u bfore the fireworks been displayed..hehe.. we did countdown with the radio deejays..haha.. the fireworks are sooOOOOO BEATiFUL!! Hehehehe.. but din manage to record it down coz forgot to bing video camera out.. *paiseh** the traffic suddenly stopped just to c the firework display at 1u and the curve.. anyways, happy NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

no way!

y am i hv to enter 3 br... i wan to remain class..i noe im weird.. go second class oso still complaining... *@#^E$E$*.... went to my mum fwen wedding dinner yesterday.. Boleh tahan la the restaurant.. ok okla.. it is located in Cheras.. so far. We hv to sit with sum 4 guys in the same table.. 4 boys four gurls... the looks of the guys arh... *pukes!* not handsome at all.. one le too fat, one le eye brow thick, one le got the panda eyes..(just like jonathan..haha).. another one got wabbit teeth..hehe.*very insulting le me* haha! but the other one le..okla..not too bad la he looks, sumore he is a easy-going person..loves to jokes alot.. but le we cant talk bout this so open and loudly in the me and my cousin talk through sms..(but din keep on sending la..just type wat we wan to say oni)..haha..

No offence la the bridegroom's little bro oso quite handsome in the suit.. my cousin said that he looks abit like leehom.. haha, he is a friend to my cousin.. well, she did devoloped a lil twinsy binsy feeling on him.. haha.. but she likes other guy more..

i kinda pity the bridegroom coz he hv to drink beer so many times.. *yam SENG!!!*.. HAHA..
he nearly go mabuk d.. btw, beer nice to drink mer? *curious* it tastes so bitter! it reminds me of the beer chocolate i ate bfore.. *pukessss!* i will NEVER EVER EAT THAT AGAIN!*

And there is this pork dish we ate.. so little meat but so many fats.. perhaps maybe the meat dissolves in the fats already.. we are the 1st table hu ate that 1st.. coz the fish dish which is suppose to come bfore that.. *maybe the chef is still fishing*..hehe.. and the waiter left this pig head on our table..*as if we are goin to eat that! if ate the pigs brain maybe go stupier* haha..joking.. u noe what? as a remembrance that we ate the pig already..haha..

Friday, December 29, 2006

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Monday, December 25, 2006

have santa forgoten some kids?

Santa Claus was checking his Christmas Wish List. "How odd," he murmured. "My list seems shorter than usual."
Far away in India, in the sunny town of Colvo, lived two children — Jamie and Annie Pinto who had written to Santa but their names weren't on the list.
On Christmas Eve Santa packed his sleigh with presents and said goodbye to Mrs. Claus.
"I'm sure I'll get a new Hot Wheels car for my collection," said Jamie. "Rohit said he'd come and play with me tomorrow.
"I've asked Nadia to come and see the new Barbie doll that I've asked Santa for," said Annie.
On Christmas day she rushed to the living room. But where were the presents?
"I've been so good and Santa hasn't sent me a single present," Annie cried.
Everyone came into the room and Jamie looked under the tree. There weren't any presents for him too.
"Well, there's no use in crying over it," said Mummy. "Let's have breakfast and then decide what to do."
They were finishing breakfast when Rohit and Nadia arrived.
No gifts from Santa
"We haven't got a single present," said Annie.
"May be Santa never got your letter," said Nadia. "Did you put a stamp on yours, Annie?"
"We both put stamps," said Jamie, "but how do we know if our letters reached the North Pole?"
"My uncle is the Post Master of the Colva Post Office," said Rohit. "Maybe he can help us."
Rohit's uncle agreed to help. "I know it's a holiday, but I'll open up the post office. Let's see if your letters were sent to the North Pole."
So they went to the Post Office. There were sacks of mail everywhere, waiting to be sent to different countries.
Rohit's uncle pulled a large register off a shelf. "Every letter sent from Colva is recorded here," he said. "Let's see... North America... North Korea... how strange! There's no North Pole. Your letters must still be here, for nothing has been sent to the North Pole this year."
"Let's search," said Rohit, and his uncle nodded.
"We've looked everywhere except that room under the stairs," said Jamie. "Can I have the key, uncle?"
The Post Master looked sheepish. "I don't have a key to that room," he said. "No one goes there, and no one knows what's in there."
"How annoying!" exclaimed Jamie. He gave the door a kick.
Letter demon
A terrible sound came from behind the door. "Could it be a monster?" they wondered. Annie peered through the keyhole. "There are piles of letters inside," she cried.
"I'm sure even monsters like Christmas cake," said Nadia. So Annie got a delicious looking wedge of Christmas cake and some freshly baked cookies. She placed it under the door where the monster could smell them. Five minutes passed, and then ten. But there was not sound from behind the door.
"It's no use," said Jamie, 30 minutes later. "I have an idea," said Annie. She ran out and returned carrying a huge envelope addressed to the "Mail Monster, Colva Post Office". She slid it under the door.
There was a rustling sound as the letter was pulled from under the door. They heard a rip, as the envelope was opened.
Boo! Hoo! Hoo!
There was a click and the door opened. There were piles of letters everywhere and in the midst of it all sat a very tiny, old man. He was clutching a Christmas card and crying.
"It's not a demon. It's a man," said Rohit.
"Who are you?" asked the Post Master.
Lonely old man
"I am the old Post Master," replied the tiny fellow. "I didn't have anywhere to go after I retired, so I live here."
Just then there was a loud jingling of bells.
"Ho-ho," cried a jolly voice. "What's going on here?" It was Santa Claus.
Jamie and Annie told him what had happened.
"I knew there was something strange about my Christmas list," said Santa. "And then I remembered the two children in Colva." He pulled out two presents from his sack and gave it to Annie and Jamie. Then he turned to the old man who was still sitting on the pile of letters. "Well sir, what do you have to say for yourself?"
"I suppose I must send all the letters," said the old man sadly.
"I can send an elf or two to help you with that," said Santa with a smile. "But I wondered if you'd come with me to the North Pole. I could use a Post Master there, for we get millions of letters every year."
The old man was overjoyed. He tucked Annie's Christmas card into his pocket and got onto Santa's sleigh.
"I promise to write a letter to you every Christmas," said Annie as she waved good-bye.

merry christmas to everyone!

haiz...kinda boring la christmas.. but went to the curve durin christmas eve... there is lots of ppl cramp..can hardly breath for fresh air in the crowds...haha..

well, duno y i got red dots all over my body... but its not chicken pox la! *ANTI CHICKEN POX!!!* but i dont really felt itchy all around..

Symptoms of Chicken

PoxSymptoms of chicken pox include that:
*children sometimes have a prodrome of fever, malaise, headache, lack of appetite, and mild abdominal pain for 1 to 2 days
*the rash typically appears first on a child's trunk, scalp, and face and consists of small, very itchy, flat red spots, which then turn into raised fluid filled vesicles, often described as looking like a 'dewdrop' that become umbilicated and cloudy and eventually crust over
the fever only lasts about 2 to 4 days
*new 'crops' of the rash on the child's trunk and then arms and legs continue for about 4 days
*all of the lesions are crusted over about 6 to 7 days after the illness began
*the crusts then fall off in another 7 days, although it sometimes takes up to 20 days, usually without scarring Although not as common, children with chicken pox can also develop ulcers in their mouth.

More serious symptoms that might indicate a complication of chicken pox has developed include redness around the base of skin lesions, a cough and difficulty breathing, or any neurological symptoms, such as slurred speech, severe headache, vomiting, seizures, or trouble walking.

wao....well..i oni felt..

2)lack of appetite..(kinda yes)
3)mild abdominal pain..(NO)
4)ulcers in mouth (NO)
5) vomiting..(NO)

so, that means i dun have chicken pox!..yay! haha..neways, have a great and wonderful christmas to you all!

Friday, December 22, 2006

worse day of my life!

grrr..kena blamed for no reason...its not my fault also my fault!

grr..really mad now! but if i talk more bout it, im afraid i will weep out again..not to mention i weep for 2 hours just now!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

what a day..

'gained weight?!' i thought for a second i was to pass out..'you are kidding me, right' i said that after my sister being too honest said that i had gained 3 kg during the holidays! syht! 'of course yes!' she said..but my mind kept reminding me dont worry about it..but ..haiz..wanna forget bout this already..and FAST!

well, the santa claus (real life) i drew today looks like a vampire to my art class teacher..i cant stop myslf from drawing like that..*wtd..i sux * and the santa claus puppet my bro made looks kinda fluffy..ts beard 'which is made out of cotton wools too many for the puppet..teacher cherry said that the santa might get coke when he starts talkin coz there too much beard on his face..and will starts choking..haha..*'plz get this just telling the not meant to curse santa claus..'*

i cant believe what i heard when my mum told me that one of my cousin from hometown is comin to pj to study at yuk chai skool..her reason is grandpa forced him to study here..ok wert.. can get good education..

while eating dinner my mum suddenly talk about education..*hah..pressure!* which would explain why today she went talkin ' its best you continue form 6..easier to find job next time..'.. su laine did your bro do so well in exams wan? sumore top spm scorer wor..*envy*..any secrets anot wan? mum also encourage me to study or work abroad..

one more week till my bro have to go to his new school to starts practising lining up during the assembly, and to know the school much more better..time passes so feeling myself old edi..

Monday, December 18, 2006


croak croak croak croak..etc..thats WAT I HEARD THE WHOLE NIGHT! imagine u cant sleep, your eyes are wide open..and red lines soon can be seen on your eyeball..and soon blood starts splashing out..and then ur eyeballs soon popping out..rolling on the floor..and then it jumps up and said..'Hey, im ur eyebal..look llookk...look at me..i can jump!'......but my condition not so 'kuah jeong' la... just cant sleep oni....rolling all over the bed more than 20 times..and starts shouting..'ARRRGH!'..

Luckily i din even dream bout frogs..and i dont know where the 'frog' souNd came from..but its a definately not from THE REAL FROGS LA DUH!.. YAY! CHRISTMAS IS COMING! cant wait to receive christmas present! *its all mine...Mine!..MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!*....i have no idea on how to celebrate chriStmas la..

after visiting gloria's blog..i noticed someting...chiau hui oohhh chiau hui..wear mini skrit? not a really big deal after all...keep it up gurl! u sure can attract guys wan..who noes..u can find ur one true love..hahahaha! im serious.. hows ya pplz holidays goin on?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

my life..

Its hard to be me,
Livin in my own world,
didnt understand what will happen,
when you take a chance..

everytime when i look at the door,
the world is wider and complicated,
not as easy as you see with your eyes,
only a true sincere heart wil do,
A voice inside my mind,
kept on reminding me to keep strong..

Closing my eyes,
resting weary thoughts,
sometimes i am lost in my dreams,
couldnt find the way out,
with hands all shaking cold,
a bunch of fears surrounding me,
i cried to sleep driven by my fears..

you dont know what is like,
to be left out in the dark,
with no one sharing your fear with,
that no one understands you,
and no one there to save you,
i could only hope and pray,
for my prayers could be heard..

doubt appeared in my heart about,
everybody's sincerity,
is everybody going crazy?,
whats going on?,
sometimes was struggling to find the answer,
that ia hidden beneath the truth..

i dont want to be the reason why,
i dont want to do this anymore,
im tired of those ppl lying,
at the back of me,
i do feel like sinking..

i felt a wound in my chest,
just like percing though my heart,
you tear my heart apart,
you wreak my heart,
i tried to forget everything,
you have done,
with all the trust and faith i gave you,...

im confused my feelings with the truth,
wondering whether its good or bad,
someone went and change the words,
and now my trust towards ppl,
its empty in my heart..

i sensed freedom from far away,
in my ambitious soul,
its just like,
a bird with a broken wing,
that is trapped in a complicated maze,
trying to find a way out,
but my faith,
it give me strength ,
strength to believe..

speak of the words,
im gratteful for what i have,
and you are always there beside me,
thought i was alone,
no one to share my thoughts with,
but u are always there,
right beside me..

whenever i gaze upon the stars,
i see my diamond from afar,
i beleve in shooting for the stars,
believing nothing that i cant reach,
and nothing ia there to blur my sight..

present me the chance to be,
the beautiful one i want to be,
give m the taste of being rich,
with the power to buy, things i dont know which..

grant my wish to be well known,
far and wide around the world,
bless me with the gift of einsteins brain,
so no hard work go down to the drain..

i want these things,
which i cannot get,
making me learn to love myself,
being on my own,
my very true self..

as the years roll on,
my dreams and thoughts continued,
the world changes more and more,
and it is same to human beings,
sometimes bad,
sometimes good,
and many will soar...

i shorten the poem alot d it will fit ngam ngam..haha!

what a boring day..

today went to 1u to celebrate my little's bro best friend birthday..there are lots of little kids there...*freaked out*.. she celebrated her birthday at play and learn centre... well, i played carom, congkak, and pool.....well, i defeated her in two games.. haha...i just sucks in pool.... and i think i spend most of my time go on9 there... haiz..but sad la..cant go in messenger..

haiz..days passes by really really home ready to be rottten..haiz..why in the hell my mum ask us to come back from hometown so fast..ITS NOT EVEN A WEEK YET!...~BOO HOO HOO HOO~

i wrote lots of poems bout my life....

here it is..

For days and nights,
i kept thinking thoughtfully,
i cant pretend i dont care,
as there's always somethimg in my way...

I woke up early in my room,
waiting for my alarm clock to,..
shout its voices out,
I counted 1, 2, 3...,
As time passes slowly, reminding me,
How long i have been waiting..,
for miracles to happen...

to be continue..

Friday, December 15, 2006


then i we went down the go to visit more exhibition in the museum..well, i saw this ppl in a malay suit.. he acted as if he is a wax figure... starts moving his hands like a robot.. to have a closer look at him..( i tot he is a it)... me and my mum went near to him..and then he starts saying hello.....welcome...( IN A SCARY WAY) my heart nearly faint... my mum and me got shocked... and all we can do is just laugh at our dad din even got frighten cause he saw his little toe moving... well, when my cousins got shocked by that..they ran away as fast as they could..and was shouting all the tym they are running..

their shouts can even be heard from upstairs...not to mention my bro shouted like a girl! *no offence8..he always does that..then we continue our walk inside..and then we say this lady sitting by the stairs of the malay house...(in the museum)..and my mum go ask her..are u real??? and luckily she din even scare us this time... haha..

the second day.....

haiz..just came back frm hometown..i think i better continue my story..which i stop halfway.. the second day we took mrt to harbourfront station..which the station is so near to sentosa island.. we took a free bus much there la....just went to the underwater world..and the dolphin park.. well, in the underwater world..i manage to play with the stingrays there.. they are kinda tame... and i saw lotsa big fishes.... and ever heard of angle fish before? i think i should show the picture to you all next time.. the species of fish swim just like an angle..*awwwwwww*..and then i get my caricature done by an artist there..which he called himself santa's elf... the PICTURE DON'T look like me at all.... ah..wat to punya... *haizzzzzzzzzz...*

Then we took the red bus to dolphin park...i was so amazed by the stunts the dolphin had done...and the pink dolphins are kinda cute~~.. haha... and the souvinears sold there are super so expensive... nth much happen here la...

Then we took a red bus to the images of s'pore....u should go there if u are goin to sentosa island...well, the ticket price is reasonable...not too expensive... then we went in... well, there have lots of wax sculture there...they looks like real human...*no offence*.. well, there, it shows lots of cara hidup of the ppl in the past.. ( on the century of the word war two..and after that...)
tat cousins are so busy finding the toilet...the toilet door is wooden their shock, when they open the 'toilet' door...they found out there's this wax sculture inside..and this tong...(where pplz last tym use to let their faeces into..)....haahahhhahaa~

to be continue..

Monday, December 11, 2006

malaysia..home sweet home...

yesterday just came back frm s'pore..dam tiring la...well, i slept at 2am and woke at 1o am...i noe..its very's wat i did in s'pore....

on the 1st day..which i reached there at 4am...*so early* mum expected us to reach at 6am..but instead we reach there earlier...haiz..cant get to sleep much in the bus..only for 3 hours only...*yawnnnnnnn*....and well, we ate breakfast at the foodcourt nearby our hotel..( hotel bencoolen)...that hotel is so so so SO SO SO small...but each room costs $166....(RM 300+)...HAIZ...cant get to check in mum booked 3 rooms..coz my cousin follow along with us mar...and only 4 pplz can sleep in each room..even the breakfast there is not worth it to little food being prepared...and after eatin breakfast we go walk walk.....around s' sien la..well, we go 'long kai' around s'pore wit bus..and we took oni 1 hour to go around s'pore...*wao*...and at night we went orchard road to have a walk....

to be continued....*

Thursday, December 7, 2006

i love this song!

Breaking Free Lyrics Troy: We’re soarin’, flyin’ There’s not a star in heaven That we can’t reach Gabriella: If we’re trying So we’re breaking free Troy: You know the world can see us In a way that’s different than who we are Gabriella: Creating space between us ‘Til we’re separate hearts Both: But your faith it gives me strength Strength to believe Chorus #1 Troy: We’re breakin’ free Gabriella: We’re soarin’ Troy: Flyin’ Both: There’s not a star in heaven That we can’t reach Troy: If we’re trying Both: Yeah, we’re breaking free Troy: Oh, we’re breakin’ free Gabriella: Ohhhh Troy: Can you feel it building Like a wave the ocean just can’t control Gabriella: Connected by a feeling Ohhh, in our very souls Both: Rising ‘til it lifts us up So every one can see Chorus #2 Troy: We’re breakin’ free Gabriella: We’re soarin’ Troy: Flyin’ Both: There’s not a star in heaven That we can’t reach Troy: If we’re trying Yeah we’re breaking free Gabriella: Ohhhh runnin’ Troy: Climbin’ To get to that place Both: To be all that we can be Troy: Now’s the time Both: So we’re breaking free Troy: We’re breaking free Gabriella: Ohhh , yeah Troy: More than hope More than faith Gabriella: This is true This is fate And together Both: We see it comin’ Troy: More than you More than me Gabriella: Not a want, but a need Both: Both of us breakin’ free Chorus #3 Gabriella: Soarin’ Troy: Flyin’ Both: There’s not a star in heaven That we can’t reach If we’re trying Troy: Yeah we’re breaking free Gabriella: Breaking free Were runnin’ Troy: Ohhhh, climbin’ Both: To get to the place To be all that we can be Now’s the time Troy: Now’s the time Gabriella: So we’re breaking free Troy: Ohhh, we’re breaking free Gabriella: Ohhhh Both: You know the world can see us In a way that’s different than who we are

wat a sad & happy day for me...

haiz....yesterday went to cheras AEON jusco...well, it was its 1st opening day yesterday, and as usual, lots of pplz went there..and can hardly found any PARKINGS! *GRRRR*...i had my lunch wit my cousins and aunties at MCDONALDS..and 'cursing childrens' start complaining....i am one of them too...well, there's this particular table..with this gang of friends..ate their lunch finished already...starts 'day dreaming' at their seats..and just wouldnt move their butts of the seats...and allowing other ppl to seat and hv their lunch! *shheeesshh*...

And after we had our lunch....we went and see this performance by sesame streets..haiz..little kids are so interested in watchin tat...and they kept on singin this song..

here it goes...

C is for cookie....
that is for me and u...
C is for cookie..
that is me and u...(rep...)

haiz.....the songs is giving me creeps!..HAIZ...AND the things sold there is super duper cheap...
want to go shopping but hv to go jaga little kids instead...haiz....imagine lookin after 5 little kids!
who loves to run around!....

AND i dun really like doin tat coz..yesterday...when my couz and me brought my little cousin to the toilet..and once comin out from there..tat little brat went into jusco...RUNNING REALLY FAST..AND SHE IS SOOOO SMALL TO BE SEEN..AND SHE GAVE ME AND MY COUSIN A HEART ATTACK! we thought we lost her..and luckily she noes the way to find where her mum is....haiz..and never ever look after little kids alone...

AND THEN we went to eat dinner at langat seafood and beer garden..AND THE FOOD THERE WAS SO D-E-L-I-C-O-U-S...!!!! makes me lost the 'fire' i had earlier..and there's this pond there specially for those 'pig nose turtle'..the turtles there are reallyyyy BIG! AS BIG AND AS LONG AS 70 CM!...AND DO u all noe wat is a dish tat is called 'tin kai'? this dish serves toads..and some of u might think its disgusting..and starts shouting..*EEEEWWWWWW!*...
WELL...dun say ewwwww.......should say *MMMMMMMM!!!*...its delicious to first my sis thought its chicken..and when i told her its toad..she starts spiitin it out....padahal she said its nice to eat..haiz...

and forget bout lets talk bout today..i went to art class in the mornin..and guess what .....there's this student(A little boy) tryin to kiss a teacher(its a 'him')...and HE DID IT! HAHA.....and the teacher got annoyed....and freaked out....haha!...well, the teacher is kinda blur today..dunno why...and my bro is so abnormal today..din even talk to teacher..for 1hour...*sigh*..and the teacher was buggin him to talk to him..and lazie to type more d lar..


Tuesday, December 5, 2006

laughter is the best medicine!

hahaha! can't stop laughing today! well, i sprained my leg today..sobs...well, my sis is tryin to act like as if she is the tukang urut! She made me so mad...and i chased her around the chair..*sigh*..and well, i was hoppin on my right leg..*i looks like a rabbit to her..*..and she ended up acted like an old gramma..takin a stick a thick as two tall as 70 cm...starts walkin like old gramma..and i was chasin her all around..and u 'old lady' will starts takin her 'stick' to wag ppl...haha....and was sayin..'Dont treat ur 'gramma' like tat '...*sigh*..

Days passes by so fast this year...and next year is a big year to me..and of course to all form 3s'
i will miss this year....sobs.... haiz, tried out this new game lately, which is called 'Audition' a reaaly nice game...but sob sob sob..just only at lvl 4....sobs...

Monday, December 4, 2006

haiz..just a sick day for me... sick today..*sigh*...well, my other two cousins oso got flu..duno whether i spread it to them anot..but i dun think so lorh..coz..the weather is already so hot...sumore nearly got sunburn. Haiz..days pass by so fast..gettin older and older already...

Yay! cant wait till next year that i can get extra angpaus! cousin is wedding next year..and my uncle remarried...sumore got extra 5 cousins in one shot! haiz..duno how many cousins i have adi...u noe..'buy one free 5?' haha!...well, i was waitin for christmas day to that i can receive lotsa christmas presents! *kekeke*..

so u all bought all the books already? me not reali yet..haiz........dam lazy to study larh during the holidays..well, i had planned lotsa stuff to do after pmr next year.. just hoping that next year all da lansi and 'bitches' wont be as same class as me...

so u all gooin anywhere during the holidays? me yah..s'pore! cant wait to go there...doin countdown now....still got 3 more days to go.....tml my aunt comin down to pj to go together with us to s'pore...

all i can do all day long now is go shopping, sleepin like a pig......*that nobody could wake me up from my slumber...* and eatin! I eat none stop just to stop my damn flu...well, after the flu is over..i will start exercising and keep fir d..or else i could not fit myself in my *just bought new year clothes..* haha..