Thursday, November 22, 2007

BOREDOM..STUCK AT home..doing nothing..

TYPE TYPE TYPE LETTERS....must DO work. I want mORE COMIC books to read!!! xD

finally downloaded a game to play!!! cant wait to play car drifting!! ..

STAYING at home rotting. Now i miss studies liao now...and MY FRIENDS! T^T.

Can sumone just tell me wad to do?? Lazie go back hometown..nth to do there...

No CYBER!!! I WANT MY COMP!!!! *i wish i could bring it there*

ok.since im bored..i follow gloria go siao oso..==''

Name 5 Friends Of The Opposite Sex.
- how old are they?
- where are they currently?
- how long have you known them?

1. Kenneth
:17 years old:
:in his house?; Studying probably:
:1 year:

2. Tian loong
:15 years old
:at his hometown now:
:1 year:

3. Steven
:17 yrs: he looks way younger than he looks! xD:
:lives near taman paramount:
:1 year:

4. William
:14 years old..*he is taller den me now* SOB
:at home gua:
:2 years:

5. Ernest
:15 years old:
:...i dont know:
:2 years gua * no idea*:

Would u rather..

* Party with (1- Kenneth) or (5- Ernest)?
Both!! yes!!! rock on party KINGS! XD

* Marry (2-Tian Loong ) or (4- William)?
Urm..I am to young to marry! William is younger den, I choose NONE!

* Kill (3- Steven) or (5- Ernest)?
None! i like both of them..*as in their personality..* xD

* Date (1- Kenneth) or (2-Tian Loong )?
i WOULD choose Tian Loong! will ya TL?? XD

* Make out with (1- Kenneth) or (3- Steven)?

* Cuddle with (2- Tian Loong) or (5-Ernest)?
Tian Loong..=D

* Have kids with (3- Steven) or (4- William)?
Noway!!! had kids phobia de!!! @_@

* Live with (1- Kenneth) or (3-Steven)?
Both i had only KNOW them for a year...maybe steven?? more humorous! xD...Can find money oso! gwahahaha!

* Be stuck on an island with (2-Tian Loong) or (5- Ernest)?
Tian LOOng definately...hehe

* Has (3- Steven) ever hurt you?
ONCE!! hurt siao...T^T

* Have you ever hurt (4-William)?
Not sure..DID i william??

* Who's the funniest?
All of THEM! maybe steven! xD *yay*

* Can you beat up (5-Ernest)?
Noooo..he has the muscle..beating him up will make me end up becoming a pancake..xD

* When is the last time you saw (2-Tian Loong)?
Erm...maybe on Monday or Tues..forgot de!! miss u tian Loong!! LOLz

*Who is the smartest?
i would say the person is Steven!! *jeng jeng jeng* he is de add maths pro! *sifu!!* -shot-

* How long have you known (5-Ernest)?
1 year.

* Who is (3-Steven) dating/crushing on?
Ehem..ehem...maybe his drifting game..AND..ehem ehem*..sumone gime a strepsil will ya? xD

* Does (2- Tian Loong) smell good?
im NOT A pervert fella...

Who Has The Better...

Tian LOONG..:D

Tian Loong... kekekekeke..

:face: a baby! miss de chubby cheeks! ;)

i would say is Kenneth...

Steven..HAHAHAHA!! his laugh!!..-shot-

NO idea....@.@

And not going to tag anyone... If U FEEL like doing it..GO ON..AND HAVE FUN! XD

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

sienz lerh LATELY...nth to do until go siao meh..haizzz..
i want to go sunway pyramid!!! miss de arcade!! -shot-.. haiz..form 4 book so damn hard! especially biology..grrr..*..y DO I EVEN CONSIDER TAKING THAT??! t^t...

AHH!! FATAL CHAOS COMIC!!! I NEED THAT 4TH BOOK! NEED IT DESPERATELY! T-T...why must Ben create is so nice...sobsob...

anybody got his comic books?? can borrow it to me?? xD

Thursday, November 8, 2007



HAIZ..pity pity my youngest brother because fall sick that day.. vomited sumore..haizzz..pity pity laaaaa...he dint have the time to enjoy..T-T..but leh..
we...did have FUN there...*thats de conclusion*..xD

Me and this soh poh..*ltr only i upload de pic* till go crazy.. well, me.i know i was being evil...persuaded her and her elder sister to play the cyclone..gwahahaha!! dat is sumthing like roller coaster..but except it did not turn upside down,.xD..MY aunty also got persuaded to play along too..
haha!! we played that for more than 5 times..

And de pirate ship..i dont get it why kids nowadays are so HYPER.. i go damn dizzy after sitting that..but they keep on continue playing that..and wouldnt want to come down from that ride!! haizzz...end up, me and my sister gave up..*sigh*but we all laughed
NONE stop riding that..just that our heart felt ticklish..xD..LOOKING AT other ppl reaction..ITS FUNNY!
WUI TENG just dont have the guts to ride on de cyclone..haha! even gramma dare to sit that!! xD

Well, i even took a ride at de merry go round..haha!! actually..its kinda FUN!! Dint sit that for years already.. :)..nvr think that u are too old for that..haha!!
and the haunted house SUCKS!! its not even scary...even my cousin *only 2 year old*..even dare to go inside..*sigh*..


Sunday, November 4, 2007

GRRR!! I AM SO GONNA SUE THAT KOPITIAM MANAGER DE!! eiissshhh!!! dat nasi lemak made me got food poisoning!! T-T..suffer for two dayssss!!! T-T...i need money for de medicine!! and now i takda appetite de!!! grrrrrr......*my tummy not feeling good*..*sigh**..but the great thing is..i could sleep for more den 7 hours from afternoon till night.. =X

Finally!! my first guitar lesson on sunday!! xD..cold play one song de!! xD..
quite easy though...coz it has only three notes..xD..lalalalalalaa~~ and happy eve b'dae chee guan!!
and u r getting old de!! gwahahahahaaaa!!! have fun okay??..haiz..two more days...
and im WORKING!! XP..

dONT FEEL LIKE TYPING ANY LONGER...lazie de.... -shot-