Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pretty much hating Feb 14 now.

Hometown..and Nat. Which one? DO I HAVE A CHOICE?!

Why must valentines day falls on CHINESE NEW YEAR? Not celebrating it this year will be a pain in my ass. )=

Was wondering hows it having a college life.

New friends? a brand new car? TONS of assignments? Cant i get into college any faster? )=

Speaking of my pay,have to get it on time!! I wont want to work on chinese new year, or else my life will suck! Hehe

I have done all of the decos for cny! Harh! In your face man mr boss! ;D No kids = lots of free time. Time to eat to spend my free time over there! *Yay*

Thursday, January 21, 2010

*blows off dust*

Its dusty....HAHA..

It has been a LONG LONG LONG time since i last updated my old blog.

Currently im working at centrepoint and its fun staring at kids (sort off when they dont go around screaming)

They can really really talk and (especially Erika who talks sick stuff all the time and can really gross guys out) :D

Gosh, Cutting out 30 boxes of dices can really take my life! Its so hard that i really wanna tear the paper away or turn kids into my slaves to do that work. -.-! Why is their life so easy? )=

I miss my friends man.Tuition friends, school friends, college friends..and more!! )= College life is abit way tougher than i think. Tmr going for the amali course for driving! *WOOHOO* *EXCITED GILER**

I got lotsa stuff to do before CNY:

1) Get a new hairstyle ASAP! Perming if possible. (=

2) Get a car!

3) Smack my boyfriend. Hehehe

4) Go out for a super huge outing with friends!

5) SHOP TILL I DROP! *looks around for my ATM machine*

6) ATTEND at least ONCE for my FOC guitar class from sifu cheeloong. :D