Saturday, June 28, 2008

I fall in love with this dude man! I mean, LOOK at his skills. Amazing!!!!!! *faints* he is awesome..
Im lost for words. I love his guitar too. Super cool! XD

This kid is amazing! Should have learn more from him. Gosh, he is one little amazing kid. xD
I wish i got his skills. (:

Friday, June 27, 2008

Things just won't go the way we wanted.

Today was a ...


dissapointment. It just come exploding our fragile hearts one by one. Its sucks. The sweat, the effort and semangat we gave..isnt it ENOUGH?!! we gave our best shot.

Goshh, i can't believe i cried. Argh, such a useless fella i am. Must look forward to the future. Cause it is full with mystery..*interesting*..(:

Anyway, congratz to PBSM and Pandu puteri. Although i hate PBSM to win. and was expecting pandu puteri to win first. DAMN the judges. duno how to enjoy our formation! They seriously need another specs to look clearly!!! Its totally unfairr! Gratz to KP too, for losing..=X We lost with pride! PRIDE! the pride in us won't fade away from us!

We got praises!!!
yea, thats enough to cheer me up. (: Biru won for marching!! woohoo! u all rocks! i wanna get my hair dyed blue too!..xD I liked their formation which they acted like hooligans.! ^^ BIRU won second for the keseluruhan! yipppee! cheers for them! xP

I got a new name. CHOCOLATE. coz of my tanned skin. Most of THEM can spot me with the dark skin. *sigh* I ownt forget the claps we did for the formation! its the best of the best! hehe

Im like camwhoring with laine. and the others. after marching. Its fun! Saw lotsa ex-students who went back to school. Most of them still looks the same. No changes. xD

After marching, went to get a nice sleep. Zzzzzzzz~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Im going darker and darker!

where's the sunblock|??!!!

i duno what to say. Just lazie to type..xD

Cant wait till hari sukan this FRIDAY!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I duno what came into me. Just i felt a DEEP mood swing now. I duno why. Once i see u, my mood changes. I duno why. WHY on earth must i know you at the first place?! You are full of lies. You might even get an award for the best liar! You pretended. You lied. If i just walk out of your life earlier, it wont turn out this way! Why must i keep myself to you?! You know what, ur the suckiest liar! U made my life miserable. I hated myself. I look down on myself. I wasnt being me. You broke my heart. I wrongly judge u. I thought u might be better than the others. But all are just lies. Its just like a drama im watching.

*Im just being emo*

My marks sucks. My position in class sucks. Why must 4 A students get all the study pressure?! This just makes me wanna give up. Gosh, ppl call 4 A students a nerd. Fyi, we play lots than you can ever expected. I had been saying lotsa F word today. Its time for me to say out what i want to say..AT LEAST once..

If those people out there, just cant accept me for who i am...i will just advise u all to keep out of my way. Just dont' ruin my day. I want to enjoy my day. I hate people for ruining it. And it makes me put a fake smile on my face. Its a burden to me! It hurts my muscles. Nobody is perfect.

I bagen to regret for not going for the librarian trip. But at the same time, I don't. I get to learn some new formations for the marching competition on sports day. Its nice! Its great! (: I don't coz i have to finish up all my stuff my this week.

fun+ miserable= me

Time to get EMO eh...

Goodbye memories. I shall nvr trust u . Well, maybe part of it.

Im frustrated!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

After doing the tag, i felt bored...


Modern Maths HOMEWORK not done yet! Pn. Anna, pls forgive me...(:

The canteen day went well. Manage to finish selling all rootbeers and donuts !! yay*

My hands are aching..legs too...T.T


i cant believe i have time for this! xP

TAG BY NAT, cheeguan, and xinwei

Tag Tag

Name any of your 5 friends.( or more..) Make sure it is not anime characters names or some superstars names! And follow what is written below >>>

Name of the Friend
- Nicknames (If he/she has)
(Picture) -If you want-
- 3 things that u think he/she likes-
- 2 things that u think he/she dislikes-
- 1 thing special abt he/she-
- 1 thing that u think is intresting abt he/she-
- 1 thing that u comment abt he/she-

After everything, tag 8 of yur friends which can be in the list or not in the list. If you do this tag, Lord Buddha shall bless you...Happy Tagging!!! =)


Friend Lists:

1.Chee Guan
3.Yi Xuan
5.Yu Ming

1.Chee Guan

Nicknames : Guan guan, perasan kid, soh lou..etcetc..xP

3 Things that he/she likes:
-Lee Hom
- Dance?

2 things that he/she dislikes:
-hate backstabbers
-Jerks and bitches?

1 special thing about him/her:
-his funny personality

1 thing that you think is interesting about him/her:
-He is funny, and caring

1 thing you comment about him/her:
Dont be too perasan and nvr give up ya! (u know what i mean)


Nickname:sweetie, nat, kim?

3 things he/she likes:
-play violin?
-play games?

2 things he/she dislikes:

1 special thing about him/her:
He is nice..he actually understands girls..(:

1 thing you think interesting about him:
his personality..

1 thing you comment about him/her:
EAT more!! gain more fats but not muscles! xD

3.Yi Xuan

Nicknames: Xuan xuan, lala popo..(:

3 things he/she likes:
-me! *perasan*
-plays basketball

2 things he/she dislikes:
- bitches
-show off ppl?

1 things that is special about him/her:
She is a nice friend.

1 thing that you think is interesting about him/her:
She is an outgoing and tough person.

1 thing you comment about him/her:
Control your mood..(:


Nickname: zatty, dear, *my husband*

3 things that he/she likes:
-cute stuffs...

2 things that he/she dislikes:
-people who annoys her

1 thing special about him/her:
a sweet person...

1 thing you think is interesting about him/her:
She is always found smilling and laughing! xD

1 thing you comment about him/her:
Don't cry...LOL

5.Yu Ming

Nickname:Mingz, tinggi..XD

3 things that he/she likes:
-FINAL fantasy

2 things he/she dislikes:
- *i duno*

1 thing special about him/her:
He has 6 sense! XD

1 thing you think that is interesting about him/her:
HE IS a caring and nice friend.

1 comment about him/her:
DON't stare at ur psp too long! (: DONT scare me anymore..=.=

I Tag:

1.gan ying
2.Kay Jun
4.nyoke yee
5.Yu ming
6.Hann Jian
8. and whoever that didnt get tagged


Friday, June 13, 2008

The first day of kem pertauliahan was....

Tiring..But fun...(:

But its the teori and the physical test is fun. U can crap in the teori paper..And i heard jia kent said that some of william's answers are funny. I sortof gave stupid answers for the PC section. Orienteering questions are actually easier than what i thought. Still i cannot answer all questions though. D8

For the physical test, at first we have to run 12 ROUNDS IN 18 mins~!!! (for girls) and for guys, unfortunately only 15 mins..We girls get the privilege huh..xD I left one more round..then im DONE already but..the boots are just too heavy..and i cant run fast! *goddammit lar* I admit i have low stamina..*period cramp larrrrrrrrr* -.-

the 2nd one, we hafta do 20 push-ups, and 20 sit-ups (girls) in half a minute!..*sigh* Cannot rest ler..Nathanael did very well in those.. =D Jia kent did not bad himself too...xP

The most ridiculous THING was, we have to piggy-back our partner from one end to the other end of the school field..I think i did the worst..Coz when i was piggybacking alya (im not so sure about how to spell her name) I KEEP on making her fall..sortof..Her pants is quite slippery..ah huh..-.- she was laughing none stop wei WHEN she was piggybacking me and i was piggybacking her the next round. xD In the last second, i manage to finish it! (:

Talking about the marching test makes me wanna laugh. Tension lar when Kenneth is taking down marks for us. My brain flew to somewhere else, and it seems like im not concentrating. During pusing-pusing, i dint do correctly for some of it. And i was sortof the shortest among the candidates for the camp. -.- AND I WAS STANDING at the back of Nat. --!!
Gosh, i dint really memorise on how to give commands. Bernard did better than me. And so do May Tze. Bernard was actually tension-ing when kenneth was standing at the back of him and no one was helping him..Lol

Nat's commands made us paused for around 2 mins. Maybe he is quite nervous.

After Nat was my turn. Im like *shytshytshytshyt*..gosh..why must it be my turn so fast. I felt stupid when giving commands. I keep on making their marching messy. I guess. Gosh, now only i know its tough giving commands. When u dont even know HOW! i scream like a kid..-.-

After those test, was teori lor..I finished it in half and hour but well, mostly i tembak?

Then after that, chit chat lor...

Go home lor...

And enjoy my lunch~ XD

(11) people tagged with this quiz
- Xin wei
- Yu Ming
- Gloria
- Gan Ying
- William
- Nathanael
- Hann Jian

firstsfirst best friend : Laine lorr..
first pet : doggy..
first piercing : When i was in form 2..
first crush : Urm..i think when i was in standard 3
first CD : How on earth i know? Maybe barney?
first car : toy car yes...
first stuffed animal : teddy bear given by my kai ma! (:
first love : IS THIS the same as crush or...?
first place called home : my home la..where else..-.- (STUPID QUESTION)

lastslast beverage : Ribena..
last car ride : 2 hours ago..
last movie seen : prom night..-.-
last phone call : my daddy?
last song you listened to : When will it be me.
last bubble bath : i dont take it..-.-
last time you cried : i forgot..
last thing you ate : Hometown Laksa!!!!!
last bad thing you did : as in..|? i think lots?

have you ever you ever dated one of your best friend : Of course larr! XD
have you ever been arrested : Nope...
have you been skinny dipped : huh..|?
have you ever been on a limo : I wish i could..--!!
have you ever cheated : CHEAT in what? lie got lar..
have you ever been in love : Durrh...?
have you ever been in a car accident : NOOOOOO!
have you ever broken a bone : NOOOOO!

things you are wearing
- White shirt
- specs...
- tand u know...XD

Things you've done today
- eat
- sleep
- read
- watch tv
- blog
- online
-brush my teeth
-comb my hair
-tie my hair
- pack my bag
-wash the dishes..

and lots..XD

favourite things
- MONEY $$
- music
- hamster..[my pet!]
- my computer

people you tell almost everything too
- Izzaty
- Jin Hwei

[there's Lots larr...]

black or white : both..white better...(:
hot or cold : cold !
chocolate or vanilla : BOTH?

you want to do before you die
- Lots..

thing you regret
- Lots...[i wish i could go back in time] WHERE'S THE TIME MACHINE!!??

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today drama competition is kinda boring. Only 2 drama teams so far which did really well. Rot in the hall for like 4 periods! Sien hell wei! Butt pulak numb, legs pulak want to bring u to somewhere to walk around, wanna chit chat out loud also..But unfortunately, we are ordered to be in our best behaviour. Blah, whats the point! End up they delayed the drama competition quite long!

1st drama: Its okay okay lar. At the beginning was interesting. But when it is near the ending, it sucks the max, and it doenst make any sense at all. There's is this puteri cantik, end up because of her bad attitude, she was cursed to be ugly and being placed in a kampung area. End up, there's is this guy who doesnt mind whether she is ugly or not. ask her to stay with him...and bla bla bla....In the ending, this guy found out that she is the princess, he was confused whether to give her back to her daddy..But duno why end up they are like acting damn yok ma, start hug hug..touch touch..flower petals falling down from the 'above'..I just dont get it..will be she given back to her daddy?! stupid drama stuck over there..=.=!

2nd drama: Its about this girl who is willing to donate her eyes to a blind girl.

3rd drama: About tiny little tina. *this drama sucks*

4th drama: This drama gets me annoyed!! I feel like slapping them! Once they started acting.

girl 1: Im hansel!
girl 2: iM Gratel!

both: We are hansel and gratel!

At first its okay okay..But they keep on repeating the same line over and over again!! Get us pissed off. The weird thing is, where got fairygod mother *i think* is actually a FROG?!!!

They said there's 7 dwarfs..end up theres only 4..=.=..the other 3 went for a vacation..=.=!!!!

5th drama: Its about the plane crash. Its a MARVELOUS ONE! damn bravo! There's this form 1 kid *i think* She tied 2 ponytail. Damn cute! And her acting is way better than her seniors. Her doll..LOL..I DUNO what to say..XD

6th drama: Its somethign like duno what what sacrifise. Voice of the actors were loud..but...I dunt get what the drama mean at all!

7th drama: Its about peoples' life living in flats. Lol..its funny! *applause*

8th drama: Its about saving the jungle. Its touching..T.T

9th and 10th: Dint watch...=.=

And our school WON?! amazed! XD

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Right after school today...

Im like totally tired and moodless..

Im just tired of today. Looking that the b*** people, make my life miserable. Especially the f**** people which i dont feel like mentioning the name. Or else it will be offensive.

You might think im sad and depressed over my marks, yes, u got it right...

You might think im being hurt today..if yes, ur right again...

You might even think i may had a mood swing today, i can tell u, you are right again..

You might also think im just stressed over some stuff, again, you ARE right...

You might think im being left-out, yes, i think i got that feeling too...

I felt lousy. Just ignore me. I might even lost my temper and hurt someone else feeling. Don;t blame me on that. My emotion is just not on the right level that it should be. I don't feel like expressing out. But the only way i can do about it is....

Like what Ee Ling told me...

Scream it out to the toilet bowl and flush it down!

And i will do it!

During pj period today, It was a blast in the class. Pn Mariati was telling us stories. It seems like a horror story to me but its nice and interesting. I sortof believe in it.

Story no.1:

When you are sleeping, your soul actually come out from your body. As in your like actually half-dead. Your soul will wonder around. And NEVER apply make-up on your face before u go to sleep. As ur soul, might not find your body. As it might cant recognise your face. Had you ever dream of meeting someone? and talking to them? and been to that particular place which seems familiar to you? Yes, u actually had been to that place. I mean your soul. You actually met the person's soul and talk to them. And the place u dreamt of, u really had been over there. But when u dream of that someone, one of u all will forget what they dream of. And only ONE will remember. *SEEMS true to me*

Story no.2:

Girls, never comb your hair while you are halfway in the toilet doing some 'business'..Teacher told us that, u might even see a ghost in front of u. She said it is true as it happens in her school last time. And from that day onwards, they nvr go to the toilet alone.

Story no.3:

I don't think i will talk about it. As u people might even not have appetite to eat your meal. (:

Sunday, June 8, 2008

kena tag by lingz ..

6 things I'm passionate about;

» sleeping
» eat
» music *lalalala*
» $$$$$
» online

6 things I say too often;

» omg
» What the f***
» What the hell?!!
» SWT..
» shaddup lar! *SIGH*
» Damn you.

6 books I've read recently;

» Looking through the window
» All american girl
» Fruits basket
» Chinese cinderella
» *forgot*
» *forgot*

6 songs I could listen to over & over again;
» Last farewell
» last night
» breathless
» So far away
» Goodbye days
» Cry

6 things I learnt for the past year;

» Enjoy your life till the max!
» Be more serious.
» Nvr be too annoying.
» Nvr regret what u had done.
» Must enjoy being single?
» Love ur friends and be more grateful to what u r having now.

6 people to tag;

» Nathanael
» Yuen Hee
» Chee Guan
» William
» Gan Ying
» Yi Xuan

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Caught a flu today. Brr, bad luck enough..=.=

Lucky dint go swimming today. Anyway, its not a bad idea afterall going swimming, i actually can skip school tmr if i fall sick! O.o!

Weee! Weight myself yesterday and to my amazement, im lighter than my brother by 1kg! *giggles*

Lotsa stuff happened in KL yesterday. Lazy to talk about it..(:

Shitshitshit! damndamndamn! Havent finish addmaths LOG homework yet! *BMS*

tagged by Kimberly (:

Instructions: Remove ONE question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 5 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

1. If you could be an ice cream, which flavour would you be?
-mango and chocolate!

2. Which type of guy u love?
~nice, caring, sweet, loyal, & urm, looks okoklar..(:

3. What do you think of your brother(s)/sister(s)?
~annoying and barbarianish

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
~i have no idea

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
~ i wan my family to stay with me..

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
~yea, i had seen it before

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
~Friends & Family

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
~Go for a shopping spree and save half of it..

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
~Maybe....i guess..weell, i dont think so..(:

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
~smart, hyper, cute?

11. Which type of person do you hate the most?

~bitches, backstabbers, and liars

12. What is your ambition?
~in business? no idea

13. If you have fault, would you rather the people around you point out to you or you will keep it urself?

14. What do you think is the most important in your life?
~My family and friends

15. Are you a shopaholic or not?
~yeah? But broke d lately..

16. What is the thing that you really want now?
~There is lots! (:

17. Why does it hurt when you punch someone?
~I know! Impulsive force! xP

18. Is there anything that you have done which you regret?
~of course?!

19. Are you hurt because of the person you like?
~yea..quite? But we are friends now at least..

20.Do you agree that love hurts?


~Yuen Hee

~And to anyone who wants to to this tag..(:

Friday, June 6, 2008

Its was the 2nd so far outing i went during the holidays! ((:

Went to Sunway Pyramid yesterday! nyahahaha! =D

I was actually blur blur in the morning once i woke up around 8.30am. The first thing i do is..I duno why, i rush to my hp and go view at my message. 1St message i was hoping to see once i open my hp is Nathanael's message. He is going~!!! *yipppeee*

I was late though. I reached around 11.30am i guess. But william reach later than me. ((: Dint manage to play bowling. Sharon and the others was going high playing bowling..=.=!
Well, after bowling we went to arcade. *My heaven*(((X

Steven dances really WELL!
We played daytona. Blah, i could actually be ahead of kay jun and nat! But Don't know whats wrong with kay jun, keep in aiming at my car, and keep on banging it! T.T

Prom night is scary! I dint know why i will tremble when i was watching that. Brrr, 'thanks' to kay jun who keep on scaring me all the time during the suspense part of the movie! T.T But i dint know who's finger is that who hit my back. But it cant be is kay jun, coz he was hitting my back at the same time the finger was hitting me. I thought that someone i knew was at the back of me. Mana tao, lotsa *abuneneh* was at the back of me. I dint even know them. *sigh* choi choi choi! It won't be that 'thing' ...

When we came out from the cinema, my heart and william's heart was beating really fast. Fuh, i seriously wanna run out from the cinema. Praying that the movie will end faster. But oweel, i dint know cheeguan and william will get scared more than gloria. Hahaha!

OwwhhhNoooo!! The hand of the murderer! *runs away*

After movie, manage to take a photo..(: Jom next time kita makan makan kat MCD. ((x Bfore we decided to go where to eat, we had fun teasing ernest and his so called GF..he went blushing when we saw him skating..with..ahem ahem* XD

Brr, after lunch, those 3 retards are posing. =.=!! while waiting for the people incharge to put the arrows in the respective place for us.

Weee~ skating! at first we went, takda shoes. The 2nd time we went, only got shoes. =.=! Nathanael skate quite well! Much more better than me! Say duno how to skate end up skate better than me! =.=! *liar liar pants on fire!* (x

While the people was resurfacing the ice, POSE AGAIN! (:

Brr..i forgot where i place the 1st act photo..

Hey look! 2nd act, *me and sharon wanted to pinch nat* Chee guan said that i seems like raping nat. =.=!

3rd act: VICTORY! sweet..*p/s: im NOT jealous! (x*

Look at william's tummy! (:
Joy of skating or? Syok sendiri..(:

Apasal dengan chee guan with my brother? 0.0!

Saw Ytl though. He tried to make me PK. But oweel, he sendiri pun Pk. hahahaha! (: Went back around 9pm. Brr..i was tired....=.=!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I don't know what to update about.

gosh, school is going to start soon. Have to do a survey about donuts~


I dont want to go to school and stare at my dissapointing marks. T.T
Huiee signing off~ Bye bloggie~

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hey Bloggiiieeee! XD

Yesterday's badminton match was great! Wonderful! (:

Played with friends and my annoying brat sister. Blah, i regretted for using that 'small girl' word in front of her. She used the word to shot me back! brrrr!!

Ernest muscles was like..wao! huge! XXP Ying jin keep on complaining that his muscles is too big, and keep on asking me why ernest wants to show of his muscles by wearing a none sleeveless shirt. LOL.

The weird thing was, when i was a partner with cheeguan, and ernest with jeh ying, me and cheguan sort of tease each other none stop, but ernest and jeh ying was like..*Zzzzz* TOTALSILENCE.

When samantha was there, we pulled her to sit at the bench behind kayjun. I dint know kay jun can actually play?! o.o! The way he play was FUNNY! he looks like a bunny jumping..hehe xP me and sister having fun teasing they 2 though..hehe..

me: ehm look how he runs, damn man wei!
sis: hahaha..
me: Look how he swt his man-ness swt out..fuyoh..look how he swings his wet hair, damn HOT wei! xD
sam: I dunwanna look...lalalala~

kayjun: *SWeat*

Nathanael played not bad wei! (x

Kow Kay Jun and ernest, u 2 better watch out on friday! For playing a prank on ME! T.T

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tagged by William

Are you someone your friends can trust with their dirtiest and darkest secret?Answer the following questions sincerely….at the end of it name five people that u trust and another five that tells you everthing!! Finally, tag other bloggers with this quizzy-XD

1) Mom’s planning a big surprise party for your brother. You know he’ll hate it. What should you do?
Who cares! mommy love brother. I think i will be jealous of him. (:

2) Your new boyfriend shows you his CD collections and *gasp* among it, you found something that you shouldn’t be seeing. Do you tell your friends or laugh at it?
I might tease him. I wont be that bad to tell my friends. But still depends though.

3) Your friend breaks up with her boyfriend. You witnessed the entire messy saga. Everyone’s asking you for details, you..
I wont tell. Its none of my business at all. They breakup only mar. What is so surprising? Ask that ngam ngam breakup couple for details la..

4) You hear that the girl that you hate is about getting into trouble for cheating in exams. You spread the news around or pretend to be surprised when she bursts into tears?
Why not?! It will be fun. Anyway, im not mean. But who ask her to be mean at me at the first place? Sendiri ambil pasal sahaja..(:

5) Uh-oh! Your best friend’s new boyfriend ask you out on a
Say NO! What if they B.U.?! and there will be conflict among us. Thats bad. 0.0!

6) Your sister tells you that she flunked her exams..
Not surprising at all. Ask her to work harder. AND TRY TO BEAT ME IF SHE CAN. xD

7) A friend says,”Can you keep a secret?”, you reaction would be..
" Of course!! U dont trust me ar?'

8) You are walking pass teacher’s office you over heard someone is getting terminated from the school. You tell your close friends and spread it around to the whole school?
Will tell my friends. But still, not so kua zeong till de whole school knows about it.

9) You are not going to school but your mom is writing a sick note. You tell your friends about it or pretend to be sick the next day?
I'll say im sick. What if i faint the next day?!!

10) You saw your good guyfriend’s girlfriend with another guy in the mall walking and holding hands. What will you do?
Tell him immediately! Through sms or call will help.

11) Who do you tell your secrets to?
-Yi xuan
-Kay Jun
- William (maybe some)

*actually there is more*

Yea, some maybe lots of secrets they know already. But oweell, Keep ur mouth seal ya! (:

12) Five people who confess everything to me?
- Kay Jun (He cant run away from it*)
-William (at least i could see him once in awhile)
- Yi Xuan
- Izzaty (always)
- Cheeguan

Bull's eye:
- Nathanael
- Nyoke yee
- Kay Jun (DO IT!)
I'm back to my blog.

*coffcoff* I hope it not too dusty..(:

Lots of unexpected stuff happened lately. Im just too lazy to blog about it. Or just i dont't feel like saying it out. Or else, it wont be a secret anymore. (: My deep deep secret.

Okay..I could only tell one..



psstttt...I'm a girl..*shhh* xD

I'm losing weight. Buuhhhh. Need to gain more weight. Its like almost everyday i skip my lunch BUT i eat chocolates none stop. lai lai lai..Who has chocolates, which they dont feel like eating it..give it to me.

But on 5 conditions:

1) Must not be expired
2) Must be edible
3) Must be delicious *like ferrero rocher or beryl's or watsoever*
4) Must not be those beer type chocolate *yucks*
5) I prefer dark chocolate though..(:

Haha..i don't know what to crap about..XD