Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tagged by Chee Guan..

1. Besides your lips, where is your favorite spot to get kissed
* urm..neck or wherever la. :D

2. How did you feel when you woke up this morning?
* cranky..

3. Who was the last person/people you took photo with?
* tse hui and qiao xin.. (:

4. Would you consider yourself spoilt?
* yeap always..cause im very picky

5. Will you ever donate blood?
* yeap..but im underweight..*dang*

6. Have you ever had a best friend of the opposite sex?
* Got..neh, the hamsap lou, steven, mingz...

7. Do you want someone to be dead?
* I wont curse alright.

8. What does your last message say?
* what message? which?

9. What are you thinking right now?
* I need to finish up collecting info for the stupid oral thingy.

10. Do you want someone to be with you right now?
* Durh, every second!

11. What was the time you went to bed last night?
* 1140pm..always same time de. :D

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?
* No idea..

13. Is someone in your mind right now?
* Every second every moment. Gosh, im missing that fella now.

14. Who was the last person who text you?
* Someone special la

Tag 10 "lucky" people do this quiz.
1 hann jian
2 Yin ling
3 steven
4 Yuming
5 nat
6 eeling
7 xin wei
8 gloria
9 william
10 tarvin

15. Who is number two (samantha) having a relationship with?
* Someone lucky and sizzling HOT! :D

16. Is number three (steven) a male or female?
* I dont know wor..CONFUSED~ haha

17. If number 7 (xinwei) and number 1 (hannjian) get together will it be good?
*Should be lor. Both of them are nice ppl.

18. What is number 1 (hannjian) studying?

19. Is number 4 (YUMING) single?
* Yea..hes single but not available. haha

20. Say something about number 6 (eeling)
* omg! gay guys are cute! :D

21. What you think of number 3 (steven) and number 6 (eeling) being together?
* it will rain cats and dogs. haha

22. Describe number 9 (william)
* Hes in love with xinwei's froggie and duckie. ;P

23. Do you like number 8 (gloria)?
* Of course! I am also loving her! :D

I tag particullarly of of you! (:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

-Ahem ahem-

*1, 2, 3, 4 , 5......10*

Welcome to Pathetic channel.

Its one beautiful night, when this girl named Hui Ee...typed this UPDATED her blog. Shes disappointed because she got 27th position in class thanks to CHEMISTRY, the subject which pulled her marks down. She got so tanned that she got sunburn thanks to marching. But she loves marching under the rain, she's really weird for a sissy girl like her.

She's also NOT doing her homework. She left out so many undone homeworks that teachers will question her soon. She's in love with this "knock you down" song. Shes also addicted to facebook.

She's in deeply love with her boyfriend. She's crazy today as she starts screaming really loud at the front gate and his sister got really shocked, in a good way. (:

She will miss Jeffrey when he goes to USA. She loves the wedding fashion show in Mid Valley recently as whenever she passed by some shops with pretty dresses she drools over it, but don't get her wrong..she don't wanna get married early as she still wanna look at HOT PRETTY guys.

She's hyper lately as she even say hi and play peek-a-boo with a very young cute kid in a car when this car stopped beside her aunt's car infront of the traffic light. The kid even smiled at her!

Hui Ee even left her guitar untouched for 2 months!!

Hahaha..Im bored. ):

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tagged by Yu Ming.Damn mah fan! :(


-Pick 12 person from your blog link list.
-You can also include the person who tag you among the 12 person as well.
-State how old are they.
-State how did you meet that person.
-State when did you meet that person.
-State the most memorialble thing he/she said to you.
-State the most memorialble thing he/she did with you.
-State what will make/remind you think of them.
-Tag all the 12 of them after you finish the tag.
-Remind all 12 of them that they are tagged.
-The people who are tag can retag the person who are tagged.

1. YuMing

-Through schooling
-Around 2 years ago?
-Short mantis!! With the HAHAHAHA laugh.
-He's tall enough that u cant even spot him.

2. Tarvin

-Through schooling again
-Actually since primary school but dint know he was in my school. :P
-"You and your bitch boyfriend talk alot lar"
-He's dark and hairy!

3. EeLing
-Through schooling.
-Since standard 4 or 5...
-"Big bang is so HOT! and GAYS ARE CUTE!"
-Her so called innocent SMILE.

4. Nathanael

-Through SECONDARY school.
-Since form 4.
-"I love you sweetheart! Youre sexy *ahem ahem* I will only love you!"
-His violin and his charming-ness and his sexiness and his Patheticness. :D

5. Chee Guan
-Through Krs.
-2 years ago.
-"Sei pat poh, bak chi lar you"
-He's a hamsap lou!

6. Yi Xuan
-Through schooling
-4 years ago.
-"Hey Huiee! *with the very shy look*
-Her brother and sister.

7. CheeLoong

-Through Bio tuition
-Since last year.
-"OK okay i will buy u an icecream okay?"
-His very childish look and he's short too!

8. Kevin
-Through Bio tuition.
- Since last year
-"They look so perfect together"
-Biology. :D

9. Hann Jian

-Through online.
-2 years ago
-"I miss her alot!"
-Someone HEEHEHE..

10. Steven
-Through EeLing
-3 years ago.
-"I want my dvd for that movie with popcorn!"
-Korean movie...=.=

11. Izzaty

-Through Schooling~
-2 years ago!
-"Im HORNY!"
-Her laugh and her happy go lucky personality

12. Kay Jun
-Through Librarian
-4 years ago.
-"Har! see la i told u not to do so already!"
-Bicycle and shuffling.

I tag all of YOOUU!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

There's nothing to blog about lately.
Although there's some stuff that happened but ohwell, Dont wanna post bout it. (:

Silly people like me will think silly stuff. :P

Saturday, March 21, 2009

This holidays was a blast!

It was awesome. Just got back from this hospitality and tourism course in Berjaya Times Square.

Great experience there. The wine testing, food sniffing, food tasting, THE CHEESE CAKE, That chicken meal (forgot whats it called de), almost everything...was REALLY REALLY COOL.

As for the guy who spoke to us, i really liked his hair. :P Anyway, thanks Shaun. (:

Looks like Nat and Tarvin got interested in it already.If they still don't know the proper way to cook, i will just advice them not to cook AT ALL. :X

It was unexpected that Nat actually got a rm500 complimentary voucher some sort of stuff to this cooking workshop. Anyway, our group won first too! *Pretty unexpected right?*

Yesterday went to Nat's house to do Moral and Accounts project. Gosh, the first 4 hours we are not doing anything at all! Besides chit-chatting, playing guitar, eat, play Left 4 Dead (siao game which left me screaming on the top of my lungs)...THEN when Tarvin came, only me and tarvin start doing our project. That 2 more fellas play their own musical instrument instead. What a guy. :P

Spotty is really mean! Such big meanie!! I hate u spotty! :X

Nat's bro is SOOOO CUTE! Quite plump and fleshy. :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just got back home camp 2 days ago.

And guess what, the best memories were GETTING HURT AND PLAYING UNDER THE RAIN.

It was torturing also at the camp.

Brr, have to look at that fella's face everytime in class makes me feel like punching him.


Getting seniors signature was really tough. Have to do lotsa stupid stuff just to get their signature. I just dare not get teachers' signature and the facilitators signature (Anyway, who cares, i got 2 facilitators signature)

The games were really insane and it really toughen me up. I HAVE GOT MUSCLES already! :P

Ronda at night was really syok. But being scared by guys in the middle of the night, wasnt really a nice thing.

I SAYANG him even more now. (:

OUR SCHOOL'S magazine is really B-O-R-I-N-G.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I don't really feel like blogging often; cause IM LAZY! (:

Ponteng-ed ceramah was the first time i'm being a naughty girl. Although i did have a tinge of guilt in me. ): Although Pn Teh did saw YuMing. Then, we quickly sneaked out from the class. Hope whatever she sees is only ILLUSIONS~

Recently, just bumped into my pet brother from another school. On friday, was the first time i EVER met Wen Keen. When i was keeping Izzaty company in the staff room, he just came to me and say..

"Hey HUI-EE"

I just gave him the 'DO I EVEN KNOW YOU"look.My first impression towards him was 'WOAH, he is H-U-G-E" Then when i really looked at him, only i realised it was him. Damn zadou.

Yesterdays KRS meeting was a blast! (: Had tons of fun. That Wei Qin never fails to praise himself all the time and even called himself 'LENG ZAI". Ahemmm**

My group name is Unclassified~ Cause u won't know us. xP

By the way, CheeGuan and Jia Kent came back and paid us a visit! (:

Kembara's games was similiar to KRS's. Cause if there's Woon, theres sure a bone. :P

After that went swimming joining along with mum's friends. Damn POTONG lar halfway swimming, it rained! ): But manage to stalk some English guys there. Some was HOT, some was..."NOT MY TYPE'...But i don't go for younger guys k?

I had my dinner twice! Full siao de. But when i saw this guy who looks very similiar to him, i couldnt stop stalking him. At first i dint realise he was looking at me until my sister told me. But his friend (is a worker at the restaurant) is a PURE STALKER and HAMSAP! He kept on taking pictures of the kids and kept on looking at my sister. My sister even kept asking me if we are planning to leave early.

Beh tahan i tell u looking at his pervert face. But whenever i want to take a picture of the guy who looks similiar to him, he will disappear! DAMN POTONG! ):

I will pray for my guitar to be alright. ):

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy birthday YUMING A.K.A the one and only MONKEY. :P


Its your birthday! (:

Today's ceramah was BORING! I almost fall asleep during the chemistry talk. And GUESS WHAT! Ahmad Danial fall asleep! xP Guess im not the only one who felt sleepy. Woon did something REALLY surprising yesterday.

And yuming made a really RETARD video. LOL

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I screwed Physics today. Just because i can't even pay attention on my book yesterday. Can't even sleep.

*Gosh. WHAT was i thinking.*

I just LOVE HIM!!! :P
Happy Valentines to everyone! (:
Everyone deserves TRUE LOVE. *sniff*

Speaking of prom. Had decided to go Kar Sing's prom. Cause HE will be there and ROODEY or JJ will be there! *drumrolls please* xP

Nvm, i've got enough money to pay for it first. hehe.

Watched Titanic movie just now. ITS REALLY TOUCHING. Never fail to cry whenever i watch it. Warning: DON'T HOLD BACK YOUR TEARS. Its going to be really tough.

Leonardo DiCaprio wasnt that HOT actually. But his role as Jack Dawson was REALLY GOOD!
Kate Winslet was a really pretty lady. I really pity her where she got slapped by her so called fiancee. *Face problem la that CALEDON*

When the Titanic sinks...and it was absolutely stunning.It showed us the back half of it crashing down on a hundred freezing, drowning people; a third class mother attempting to sing her children to sleep because she knew they were all doomed (broke my heart - i cried the most right there at that point)

I believe i can fly~ Really love this part. She really trusted him. *impressive* I want to fly too! :P

The kissing part! So romantic~ Kids under 13yrs, DONT LOOK!

He even risked his life saving her!

P/s: I really really really love u alot. I had the best valentines day. (:

Saturday, January 31, 2009



Lotsa relatives dint really pay a visit to grandparents house. On second thought i think they're trying to run away from giving angpaos. =X

All i did there was play, eat, sleep and busy entertaining those aunty uncles who came. I think i can communicated much better with my other relatives. Well, began to learn SPEAKING in teochew from my gramma. My grandpa is always Missing In Action.

My brother is always trying to exploit my sympathy in chodaidi. Its 'SHOW NO MERCY' when my cousins came to play cards along with us.

Lotsa accidents happened around my kampung area. Some even claim some lives.
The fireworks there DAMN KACAU la. IT WILL keep on going and going till 2AM! I wish i was 18 years that i can even follow my uncles to enjoy drinking at a nearby coffeeshop. Its not really a coffeeshop but ...i don't know how to explain it.

Before we go back to hometown, we went to this temple in kuala langat.

This is the so called famous FOH GUANG SHAN temple.
Its really beautiful at night where all the lights are lighted up.

On wednesday, my uncle organised this concert at a nearby badminton court. Sigh, i've always been a delicacy to those mosquito there. Even if u tried shooing it away, it wont fly away as it will keep on sticking to you until it suck enough BLOOD.

We even have to wait for 1 and the half hours for our dinner! Ohwell, the first 6 or 7 performances was by this guy NOT SO GOOD LOOKING. No claps for him though. No one even bother to listen to his singing. XD

Then the other performances was by these CHEAP SLUTTY sisters. Very eye sickening. The holy daddies will be at the back while those UNHOLY daddies will be in front dancing and flirting with her. Pity their wives. ):

Speak of the devil, suddenly she came to my table, she shook hands with us telling us to study hard..and blablabla.

We was like :-
"what the heck is going on?"

Her bra even glows in the dark. *sigh* HEY GUYS! If URE WONDERING where to get it, i think its sold outside there. (: But i think its special made. haha

Our cups look so BEAUTIFULLLL!
We went so high even if we're only drinking kikkapoo.
But on my cousin side (guys side) they kept on drinking beer till went drunk de. 5 cans each ar! They are even younger than me!

Those are my grandpa's BAO BEI. XD

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy New Year!

It will be New Year Eve tomorrow. Going back for renion dinner at both grandparents house.

What im going to do there:-

1) DO MY HOMEWORK. (Don;t be surprised)
2)Run around my kampung area.
3) Go house by house to collect angpaos. *grins*
4) Finish my poem. *Ahem* (secret)
5) EAT AND EAT! (:

I wish i could buy a piano for myself using my angpao money. )'=

I seriously need this keyboard.

Electric guitar wei. Ugh, should ask my teacher to borrow his to me.
Need this!!!! ):
Need to work this end year!

Its Chinese New Year Eve.

And my main objective for this new year..



I don't care if my jaw still hurts. But with the help of that traditional plaster, i think my jaw will get better soon. There's just too many of questions threw at me

There's just tons of homeworks for me to finish up during this CNY holidays. Ugh, such a great stuff for me to enjoy the holidays.Zzzz.

Can i just hire someone to do my homework for me?
Just don't charge interest on me. (:
I am gradually slacking day by day. BUT i finished up decorating the front board! *Yay for me!*

IM proud of *HIM* for once today! So happaaayyy! (: cant wait to see happy ending. ((: Right Nat? Hehehe.

Time to collect angpaos! $$$$$ RICH RICH RICH! XD

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Im back AGAIN to update a quite short post.
Lazy to summarize my days and IM..


But at the same time im going HIGH HIGH HIGH!

Secretary post for art club aint a bad post either? Isnt it??
IM going to skip Kembara meetings! and only go for the camps.
Everybody is going EMO these days.
including YuMing, MingLong (He is darn freaky that he can finish up icecreams in a really short time)..

People are breaking up. But SOME" of them are damn happy. Saddism.

I dint even finish my accounts homework. IM A GOOD GIRL! I finished up my English oral test with a ZOOM! just simply memorize the summary of chapter one and i just simply crap in front of teacher. Reply from him is : HMMM..OKAY...not bad. :p

School rules are just getting LAME. And just stupid!

Cant wear ear sticks to school??!
Cant put on contact lenses?! (thats the stupid afternoon session prefects think)
Cant use hair clip?! *HOW RIDICULOUS*
Must wear a hairband?! *stupid*
No more fashionable hairs?! *cacatlah*
Acting like a CRISTIAN is against school rules??!
No hugging in school even with the same gender?!

Being in SMKTS with those NEW RULES can drive students NUTS.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Not in a mood for long post or neither blogging.

Just that..

Dont have the time! ):

Saturday, January 17, 2009

WHY must some links dissapear when i changed my layout??


Will update tmr..(:

Monday, January 12, 2009

I will leave my blog UNUPDATED. *NOT*

On the second day of school, teacher starts to give us lotsa homeworks. IM TAKING EST! *its terrible that we have to stay back for it*

It seems like lots of ppl had turned into guai zais and guai luis. BIG changes goes to Nat, CheeLoong, TANYUMING, and Izzaty..etc etc. I DO MY HOMEWORK OKAY?!

This year's experiment for chemistry and physics will be darn boring. EXCEPT for Bio. *i pity those animals that will be disected* :x

Being much more quiet lately has been GREAT. Just looking forward for tuitions where i can talk and talk and talk! Cant even stare at my handphone that often. Have to finish up piles of homeworks and board deco.

someone save me please...):

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Laziness to wake up early tmr. *brrr**

Guess what, im NOT in a mood to study at all.
Steven, im just a KID (don't make me repeat myself, =D) who doesnt like SPM at all.

Its myYEAR! MY last year at SMKTS. with my buddies.

oppssie, havent prepare for tmr yet. =P