Friday, December 14, 2007

Back to my old self back during the holidays, doing boring stuff daily..
Emo feelings is back whenever i felt sad..or just rejected...
But why must everything came to me out of sudden??
Haizzz....lately watch this really really nice and touching movie..

Jeng jeng jeng jeng!!!

A song to the sun!! NICE!!

Yui!! she is sooo cute!! xD + talented...*unlike me* xD

OMG..he kinda hot leh!! plus he is caring to his gf.. *awwww*

Steven!! i need the series of this show!!! coz i dint cry yet..haha! xD

The way she plays her guitar~ geng ah!!! She sings like an angel~

My lil bro: Jia ah, she play guitar better than u ah!! Look look look...
Me: Sigh* cANNOT AH!!
My lil bro: He song damn nice leh!!
Me: I know laaaaa....==''

Well, i kinda paiseh abit leh that time..

But why must she die so early?? haizzz....why??!! *in dat movie*

sob sob....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dang bored laaaahh lately..

Just come back from hometown only..and now..boredom is BACK TO attack me! haizz..

Gah, lotsa stuff had happened lately..which..nvm.*secret* hehe..only me noes..haha.

At hometown:
1) chased chickens...swt..*big chickens are scary BUT DELICIOUS~~!
2) HELP GRAMMA....hehe..good lerh..xD
3) help those kor kors do their daily chores...*gah, im feeling so guai**
4) sms till siao..
5) go out with parents and uncle to buy stuff..

lazy blog liao laaaaaa...-chao-