Friday, January 25, 2008

Yesterday was the best day of physics tuition! Saw lotsa people i know. After tuition, saw bryan kor kor! Kinda stunt when saw him. He got thinner de! And taller.=='' And cuter! LOLZ!

Today is the librarian interview day for the juniors. I interview with Mei shan and JINHWEI! =). Ok...the peoples we interviewed:

1) Well, duno how to speak english. Everytime also say *err..errrr..errrrrrr* *NO COMMENTS*

2) Gah, lagi cham. Need to speak with her in chinese! Cant blame her also lar, from chinese school..
Thinks that the library is good?? GOOD??! *smack head*

3) Same as 1 and 2

4) This indian guy not bad wei. Wiling perform for us during special occasion playing PIANO~
Speaks english well. Polite. Got greet senior~

5) damn speechless about this form 1 CUTE CUTE girl. She is SO nervous when she saw
us. She will take at least 5 mins to ans each ques! All she ans is *errr..errr..errr* Or just keep
quiet. I got kinda pissed off when interview her.. ==''

6) This form 1 guy is sooo super cute! once he come in:

Me and Mei shan: PLS have a seat...
Me: Er...can u sit properly.?
Him: Er..opps sorry.. *stil stares around*..
Him: OWH! sorrryyyy! *places his chair properly* ~at last he IS AWAKE!~
uS: Can u introduce urself?
Him: *BLUR*
Mei Shan: Can u introduce urself? As in say ur name..etcetc..
Him: ERRR...
Us: Harh.....?
Him: Errr..I duno..*laughs alil*
Us: Swt! How can u duno how to introduce urself? *laughs*
Him: My name is *blablabla*...
Us: u know wad librarian do? and wad do u like to do?
Him: Err..arrange books!
Us: *STUNTS* o.O!! r u willing to arrange the books for us?
Him: YAH YAH YAH! *he sounds so desperate ...* LOL
William: OKAY! thats a PROMISE! HAHAHA!

When we were interviewing him...He ans all our ques damn CUTE! AND shy~ haha..

7) This form 2 girl speaks GOOD english! at least she is the best one we interviewed from a chinese school.. She even sings *tong hua* for us! thanks alot wei! entertain us! xD... She is a damn nice girl. When we ask her why she dunwan to join prefects, She said everybody hates prefects! LOL! *good answer!*

I totally forgotten how many people we interviewed..=)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nice day eih?
Nope...kena marah..*owhhhyeaaahh* (=='')
I wanna go to 'Niu che sui'. Heard that the place is similiar to chee cheong kai. Woohoo!
But 1 bad thing was..It causes massive traffic jam around my house area during weekends!
And i think im gonna miss the concert this week i guess? Hong Kong singers coming down here to perform ler! NoooooOOOOooooo!

Went to Biology lab today. Gah, i pity the poor innocent little rabbit being disected by those past Form 6 students! How can they do that! T^T..*It reminds me of my rabbits*..sob sob.. Ivan went screaming in the lab after he saw a bottle with disected frog inside. I think ngam ngam the frog being diawet lor..*Shud be*

Lalalalala~ this thursday gonna ponteng house practise! wakakkaa! *p/s: i dont wanna run*..xD..I got teacher (Pn. Norna) permission wan ar! hehe... Those who wanna help me on that day for de deco for mesyuarat agong..Come and help me! dont shy shy..=)

Went high Last sat. There is this 2 uncles taught me how to play guitar! Extra tutor ler..xD.Foc sumore. Hahaha..Bfore i went to visit them, Drank red wine! *YUCCKS*.But i got addicted to it instead. And yea, i went high. And i can feel as if i got fever liao.. ^^.. My cousin kenot tahan that taste coz its red wine from other country. And on that day itself, sharon attended a dinner party near my housing area.

Sharon: Huieeeeee! i wanna sumore red wine! bUT my mum dont allow me to drink de!
Me: Harh? Why? p/s: yuccckkkyy ler...
Sharon: Nooooooo!! I drank 3 full cups. And now, owh great, my mum forbid me to drink de!
Me: Hey! better den me lar! i drink only quarter ler.
Sharon: Im going HIGH now..
Me : I can sense that..
Sharon: I feel much better after talking to sumone. At least i can stop laughing none stop.
Me: OMG! dONT GO more high!
Sharon: cANT HElp itttttt leeerrrrr!! T^T

Wel, i kinda grinned when i was talking to her..xD

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gahhhhhhhhh!!! I need to have at least 1000000000 papers to scribble on!!!
My life lately suckss! What i shouldnt have known..I had knew it!! It sucksssss!!
AHHHHH! i really need to scream out what i want to say!! It hurts letting it in my heart..
Gahhh..* to:~~~~*....I MISSSSSSSS YOOOOOUUUUUUU! Im so uselessssss...
Why must all happen to me in just 1 month?!!
I reallly need to tel u wad i wanna tell..
But..u doesnt seems to care~
Ok, i start tearing papers the past 2 days..Ppl can see that im in a real bad bad mood.. whole face turned *black* the whole day..
And..even jefferry said that i looks so down that day...
aHHHH!!! I need to really express out everything!!
Ask u what i wanna ask!
Know what i wanna know!
U kinda let me down on that day..
Well, am i being tough now? I DONT KNOW!
Yixuan AND
sharon..thx for being there for me...And chiau hui..thx for letting me pinching u..
*omg! i turned into A sadist! * opps?? xD

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's normal school day..

And its normal to see me always ponteng around..xD

Gah, before recess is Pn. Zakiah's physics period.* BOoooooooOOOORiinnng!*
I rather Mr. Yeoh continue teach me physic..He taught way better! I could understand his lessons in just 1 min! Serious!

During physics period in school..*just now* We dont get a single crap Pn. Zakiah is teaching..Plus dont get it why she will use red pen to copy notes in the board..*hey! got reflection wan leerh!, very hard to see*..Plus when we havent copy finish, she already change another paper! *EISH*
her voice isn that loud neither.. (=='')

Today watch bukit kepong during En. zaidi's period! ^^ The movie quite Lame ler..We actually laughed when we watch that..And we were actually cursing the sarjan to die faster..(LOL) Hey, coz its kinda stupid to see someone escape death lotsa time But not dying! But at last~ the sarjan died WITH pride in the fire! *CHEERS* Well, in the movie at the people who survive are 3 ladies *WOO, woman power*, 3 kids and 1 man *Awwwwwww*..

Well, its a MUST WATCH movie for form 4..Its lame But oklar..^^

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bad luck for the 2nd week of school eh? =X

Now fall sick for 5 miserable days..

And now..owhgreat!~ Now i LOST my voice...

And TL critisise me over my 'GUY' voice..*sigh*

WELL, TL also got sick..Thanks to who? ME! XD Woo..dint know my disease can spread so far! Congratz ya TL! lol..

Well, its kinda nice to ponteng school *hey! i got reason wan you know* for at least one day. Can actually slept like a pig for more than 12 hours..wakakaa!

Now i ponteng guitar lesson for lotsa lotsa time de..And its time for class replacement..*sigh*


Friday, January 4, 2008

Haiz. Landed my feet in 4 Angsana.. I dint think it is a good class neither...Gah, i miss 3 BR and those fun we had together. Why must i go to 4 A??!! well, there's quite a number of ppl i dont really like there. And I must face them for 2 FREAKING years!! Why me??!! WHY cant teacher just put me in 4 Bunga Raya?! Its like all of my dear friends were all seperated. OK...jUST hope tat 2008 will be a great year for me..and i have to love my class..*i hate forcing myself...*

Hmm, let see. Anyway, its quite lucky to have Pn. Tan as my SEJARAH teacher..* owhh~ sharon~ was peeking at my class door at Pn. Tan. xD* Ok, EST is being taught by.....




PN. ERNICE!!! muahahahahaaa! =)

Bm lerh...unlucky enough to kena En. Zaidi! *NIGHTMARE*..i rather have Pn. Zaini as my BM teacher. Wonder how quiet can the class go when En Zaidi goes..bam bam bam..into the class..LOL..*at least can shut woOn zhien's mouth* LOL.

And why must Bio being taught by Pn. Cheong?? Why cant it be Pn. Tang?? GRR* not surprising if i did fail my Bio..*NOWAY..It WONT HAPPEN*

Haiz, on the first day of school was the worst day in my LIFE! its that my heart when sinking, broken into pieces. Those stuff that i dont want it to happen neither...HAPPENED!!! okok..cried 5 times..*actually broke my past record..X)* Tried do be tough TIMES! but..still..weak as if the wind could blow me away to nowhere.. Now OWHHH!~ GREAT thing..Im grounded..FOR the first time in MY LIFE!

Ok..i dint know that i go TOO bored till follow Chiau Hui to read Sherlock Holmes stories. My first reaction was...

Me: What is the heck is this??!
Chiau Hui: Its Sherlock Holmes stories la girl..
Me: Must it be that Long??! AHH..too DEEP english~
Chiau Hui: Its a nice story..
Me: *READs halfway.*yawn*..i wanna sleep de...zzzz*..X)

I was too bored till i went to write letter to Sharon and Laine.. Chiau Hui was so obsessed to that stories..but me..KENOT TAHAN LAAAR..

ok..den recess that time..Chiau Hui told me that Pn Phua wanted to see me..*its sounds serious* O.o...Then, the main prob is..she was only about to tell me more about Chiau Hui sickness..*sigh*..okok..Which means..chiau hui can faint anytime! *big responsibility*.. Ok..chiau hui kenot go too tenseed or active...or ELSE...u know what will happen!!*..My main responsibility is to ask teachers and classmates not to SCREAM and just relax~~ and just leave chiau hui alone..until she is fuly fainted..LOL

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Finally im back to blog!!!

Happy New Year peoples!!

And we are a year older now~~ SOBSOB...T^T

Something bad happen on Sharon b'dae...
Its something no one want it to happen neither. Well, Gloria was pushed by steven,..and she fell and hurt her jaw. Heart aching ler when see her cry. Well, Gloria..dont cry de ah!! xD..But we did have fun skating~ weeee~ me and sharon improved de..WAKAKAA!! sure can beat Tian Loong next time de! wakakaa!~!!

And happy belated B'dae Sharon!!

ltr blog back...adious~ ltr only talk bout the countdown FOR THIS YEAR~~ =D