Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!! Boooooooooooo!! :p

Laziness strikes me again.
Should i EVEN play online games back? *Lazy train my characters*


I, Teoh Hui Ee, officially FLUNK IT with 'impressive' marks.


Have i ever told anyone that u rocks in making people fail for it? :p

Got back my Moral paper back today. *Kinda relieved after getting it back*
I din't FLUNK IT! *Sniff sniff*

I hate end year exams. Its all CRAZY! My time to sleep is also LESSER! *bugger*
I need my sleep. My eyes bag are coming back! [NoooooooOOOoo!!!!]
I'm blur lately. Realllaaayyyyy B-L-U-R~~~

Ate pizza in school today. Why none of u all loves ikan bilis pizza? Its NICE! Well, spicy alil...BUT its nice! But still, i will stick to Hawaiian PIzza~

I need to learn how to play the song 'Rough Draft' by Yellowcard. It seems impossible to me, But........Aiyo, holidays coming already la. XD

*You're not replying my msg at ALL* )':

Missing YOU........................................................... <3

Actually half of me cant wait till holiday comes, as i can wear contact lens and change new hp! XD

p/s: Happy Birthday Tian Loong..! (:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jeng jeng jenggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just got back from Port Dickson yesterday.
Its boring!!
kIND OF. But i played tennis for the first time in my life!!

And my bones are aching now. T.T

Friday, October 24, 2008

Genre: Pop
Artist:Big Bang
Day by Day


Yeah, finally I realise, that I’m nothing with you
I was so wrong, forgive me


Pado-chorom buswejin ne mam
Baram-chorom hundur-rinun ne mam
Yongi-chorom sarajin ne sarang
Munsin-chorom jiwe-jijiga anha
Hansuman tang-i kojira shi-jyo~o~o
Ne gasum-sogen monjiman sah-ijyo~o (Say goodbye)

Nega obsin dan harudo mos sal-goman gata-don na
Sengak-gwanun daruge-do gurok-jorok honjajal sara
Bogo-sipdago bullo-bwado non amu dedab-obsjanha
Ho-dwen gide golo-bwado ijen soyong-obsjanha

Ne yope inun gu saram-i mwon-ji hokshi nol ul-lijin anunji
Gude nega bo-igin hanunji bolso sag da ijo-nunji
Jog-jongdwe daga-gagi-jocha malul-gol su jocha obso ete-ugo
Na holo gin bamul jise-ujyo subeg-bon jiwe-nejyo

Dola-bojiman-go tona-gara to narul chaji-malgo sara-gara
Norul sarang-hetgie hu-he-obgie jo-atdon kiog-man gajyo-gara
Gurok-jorok chama-bulman-he gurok-jorok gyon-dyo-nelman-e
Non gurol-surok hengbok-heya-dwe haru-haru mudyo-jyoga-ne

Oh, girl, I cry cry
You’re, my all (Say goodbye)

Girul goda no-wana uri maju-chinda-hedo
Mot bonchog hagoso gudero gadon-gil ga-jwo

Jakuman ye sengak-i to-oru-myon amado
Nado mule gudel chaja-galji-do mula

Non nul gu saram-gwa hengbok-hage non nul nega darun mam an moge
Non nul jagun milyon-do an namke-kum jal jine-jwo na boran-dushi

Non nul jo hanul-gati ha-yage dun gurum-gwado gat-i sapara-ge
Non nul gure-ge uso-jwo amu il obsdus-i

Dola-bojiman-go tona-gara to narul chaji-malgo sara-gara
Norul sarang-hetgie hu-he-obgie jo-atdon kiog-man gajyo-gara
Gurok-jorok chama-bulman-he gurok-jorok gyon-dyo-nelman-e
Non gurol-surok hengbok-heya-dwe haru-haru mudyo-jyoga-ne

Narul tona-so mam pyonhe-jigil (Narul itgo-so sala-gajwo)
Gu nunmul-un da marul-teni, yeah (Haru-haru jini-myon)

Charari manaji anha-dora-myon dol apul-tende, hmm~
Yong-wonhi hamke-haja-don gu yagsog ijen
Chuog-e mudo-dogil bare baby nol we-he gido-he

Dola-bojiman-go tona-gara to narul chaji-malgo sara-gara
Norul sarang-hetgie hu-he-obgie jo-atdon kiog-man gajyo-gara
Gurok-jorok chama-bulman-he gurok-jorok gyon-dyo-nelman-e
Non gurol-surok hengbok-heya-dwe haru-haru mudyo-jyoga-ne

Oh, girl, I cry cry
You’re, my all, say goodbye bye
Oh, my love, don’t lie lie
You’re, my heart, say goodbye

Physics Exam Paper 3 was EASY today!
Thank you Mr Yeoh for teaching us that just yesterday. Glad that i actually knows how to do.

Biology? Screw it. I draw the experiment wrongly. Explain about meiosis?! Bugger, i draw wrongly also. -.-

Addmaths was so EASY! According to Xin Wei. Yes, its EASY. Guarantee 'pass' for me.

English was okay. I fall asleep and dint know Justin was stalking me! Ugh, my blur look that time. The way he explains damn funny.

It will be a 5 day holiday!! Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday!! I dont really like it as i can't see him. T.T

Im actually reading the encyclopedia!! XD Its kinda fun reading it, i mean the kids version of encyclopedia which they translate all information into stories. (:

I hardly even TOUCH my guitar. Haiz.
I wanna go out during holidays!
I miss my friends now.
Most of all, i really miss you.
I wanna watch high school musical 3!
Tagged by Nat.

Rules: Simple and easy just follow the tag and colors, and EVERYONE
MUST DO THIS TAG OR A TERRIBLE curse will befall on you forever!!
MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and after that tag 4 people of the opposite sex:

1. Personal name:

Teoh Hui Ee

2. Hobbies:
Sleeping. Zzz

3. Name of the Tagger:

4. Your personal impression of him/her:
*Its like the previous tag i had done.*

5. First impression of him/her:
Bugger, must i repeat myself ? -.-

6. What you would do if he ever steals your love away from you:
I can always find another one! XD *joking*

7. Is he/she gay/ lesbian?
He is always gay, but not a GAY person. (:

8. What you would do if you ever fell in love with him/her:
If he can capture my heart only say la.-.-

9. would you sleep with him/her:
My sex pledge is still with me!!

10. Will she/he ever be your enemy?
I hope so not?

11. What does he/she do to you often:
Calls me dumb and blur and pathetic.

12. what do you think hes/her interest is in:
violin and horny stuff.

13. Do you think you will ever marry him/her:
No idea.

14. Kissed him/her before:
i rather kiss my teddy.

15. Do you like the rain:
Not. Not at all.

16. Your current relationship:

17. what did he/she do to you that is unforgettable:
Err, what should i say? Always pathetic.

18. the worst thing you done to him/her
How would i know?

19. are you in love with him/her:

20. iTag:

Hann Jian
Chee Guan

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Exams are driving me nuts.
Im slacking the whole day yesterday. *I have a reason for it*
Not studying AT ALL . Not even moral. Just studied a page for BIO. As long as i studied right?? (:

There's this really freaking weird question in sejarah.

"Mengapakah Bahasa Arab *I think* digunakan untuk memantapkan Bahasa Melayu?"

Aiyo, main tembak je la. Just because it sounds familiar to Arab. *Although i know the answer is not right at all* xD

Which reminds me...

The posers!! (: Its too dark to look at our handsome and pretty faces though. Why is Riyal that short in the picture? =D


Yesterday doesnt seems like a blast to me. Argued with someone.Or should i say its not particular argueing, according to him. But everything is FINE! (:
Whole day was emo-ing. Kinda. Right after i went to Subang from Bukit Jalil.

Ohyah, there's a concert in BUKIT JALIL today!! U can get the tickets for free. Just go there, empty-handed *But bring ur cash along* and you can get ur tickets. Just remember to do your part in charity. (: Jacyln Victor and Daniel will be there. I manage to watch their practising session there! No crowds no nothing yet. Just flash lights!! *Damn cool wei*

The went to 1 Utama for my really belated birthday celebration at Play & Learn centre. I am NOT THAT OLD , that they can shoo me off. Afterall, im the queen for the day. XD Same goes to my brother for being the BOSS for the day.

I met a guy from My school. Creepy enough he is my sister's friend's brother. When i went in, he gave me this weird stare so i glanced at him back. After 5 seconds, we looked away. Pretty pathetic right? XD

Then went in the room to makan makan. Then his brother was joking with us. He even asked my little cousin to try eating jelly with tomato sauce. AND my cousin really DID THAT! OMG. Although he was actually joking, the kid really did it! Bad influence to kids. -.-

He even thought that im a 13 YEAR OLG KID. And my sister 11year old. LOL. IM YOUNG!! NO AGEING PROBLEMS. :P

He kept on asking me to reassure that he is right.

"You're sure that ur 16 ar?"
"Nolah, im only 7 yrs old"
"Hahaha, very fuunnnyyyy"
"Then what is 1+6 then? 7 right?"
"Swt. I still cant believe that ur 16"

Then i was too bored and curious that i asked him if he was from my school. Unfortunately, he was from BU2 the so called 'smart school'. But on the other side, his brother, Nigel was from my school, and CURRENTLY he is in form 5!

Owel, so we start introducing to each other. Blablabla~

Then went to play PS2 with the kids. Halfway playing, Chee Guan called. So chit chat lor.
*I abandon my game for his call man* sigh'

Then after that, continue balik game. But my sister was playing for me, so let her play lo. Then Nigel's brother came and help us to solve the game level. Matrix's game is kinda fun.
When his character got caught by the police, he kept on shouting..

"Woooii!! let me go! Bastard!! Let me go! Argghh!! Stupid police!!"

Damn funny la his reaction. And i love his friend's nail colour. Black! XD

That Nigel was kinda blur when i asked if he knows chee guan. And his accent and chinese slang, kinda lousy. xP Deja VU! He is from Taman Megah also!! o.O!!

Owell, after that he joined us lor. Kicking balls of the ninjas and stuff in the matrix game. He even thinks that he is the kungfu panda. LOL.

After that went back home. And SLEEP.~ (:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nat and Yu Ming tag me with this. *Wondering why am i doing this* xD

People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse.These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending it to other people

1. The last person to tag you is?
- Nathanael

2. What relationship of you with him/her?
- Always that good and FINE.

3. Your first impression towards him/her?
- A funny guy with a big heart.

4. The most memorable thing that he/she has done to you?
- Play the violin?

5. The most memorable word that he/she has say to you?
- I don't know~

6. If he/she becomes your lover, you will..
- Lalalalalala~

7. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will..
-Grab, pull and turn his balls. Right??? XD

8. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on..
- Studies, learn to spike his hair up properly...(:

9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is..
- I don't know. Going after another girl perhaps?

10. The most ideal person you want to be is?
- No idea. I love the way i am now.

11. For the person who cares and likes you, say something about them.
- Hot, * I love his body*, talented, smart *Smarter than me in some stuff*, Bian tai, crazy, horny, Sam Pat (38), huggable, lovable, and a tough guy. (:

12. Ten people to tag:
Hann Jian
Chee Guan
Chee Loong
Yi Xuan
Ee Ling

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Im feeling dizzy today. Ugh.

The wind is blowing so coldly in the morning. And the fan was blowing directly towards me. *sigh*

Zaidi dint go into the class today. To handle SOME discipline stuff. -.-
Pity the guys wei. Got a haircut.
but its FOC! *Whocares*

Most of the guys looks pathetic after get that LAME haircut from zaidi.

Girls pulak need to pin up their hair.

Im being a good girl today! XD
Studied the whole time in class. Paid attention to PN ZAKIAH at least.
But not Pn Teh.
Head went blank when trying to do addmaths exercise. =X Me, Izzy, and Riyal STOP AND STARE at the first question for one hour. End up, still dont know how to do. xP

Finaly can DROP est! *woohoo!*
But its a free A.
Dont know if u should take it or not. -.-

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

im sixteen already.

Older by a year.
Not smarter AT ALL.

But stupier.
More dum dum. XD

I want to drop chemistry! Ugh.

LAZY BLOG today.
shal blog bout my bdae next time..(:

Friday, October 3, 2008

Is it some argue-ing month?

Or backstabbing ppl month?

Cant find any ways to overcome it.

3 more days counting! Woohoo!

*wondering will i again SOB on my birthday. As it always happen.*

Sweet sixteen i wonder.

Will not be as nice as last year. [i guess] *hope it wont*

We are getting older. Tougher things just appeared in your way.

Alittle reminder to myself.

*[Wake up BITCH! Exams are coming!]*

Im slacking around. Watching tv, Shopping, talking etc etc.

I'm a slacker THIS WEEK.

P/s: I got a tattoo DONE! (:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to..


KaY JuN!

Happy sweet sweet sixteen! (:

Eagle Eye, the second pairing of director D.J. Caruso and rising star Shai Lebeouf, is Hollywood’s big action spectacle summer closer. Similar to the film Traitor, which was released last month, Eagle Eye deals with the complications of national security and fighting the War on Terror. However, that’s where the similarities end, as Eagle Eye goes the Michael Bay route and fills the screen with explosions and car chases.

The movie starts off with a military operation monitoring the movements of a wanted terrorist. This terrorist has come out of hiding to attend a funeral and the military deems this the appropriate time to strike. Problem is, it won’t be a ‘clean’ hit: lots of collateral damage in the form of innocent civilians. Not to spoil anything, but the strike doesn’t exactly go as planned and things are put into motion to rectify the situation.

Enter Shia LeBeouf’s Jerry, a twenty-something Average Joe who works at a Kinko’s-like paper store. He lived by himself from pretty much all his adult life, pushing away his family. Jerry does have a twin brother in the Air Force, and although they are close, they haven’t spoken in years. Michelle Monoghan plays Rachel, a single mother who works as a paralegal. She loves her son, and works hard to provide for him. Rachel has just sent her boy to play with the school band in Washington, D.C., but regrets not being able to go. The two are paired up by a mysterious woman and sent to execute a top secret operation.

As seen in the trailers, the two are basically blackmailed into going along. The F.B.I., led by Billy Bob Thornton, is trying to stop a terrorist attack inside the U.S. and they believe Jerry to be their man. An Air Force officer (Rosario Dawson) is investigating the mysterious death of Jerry’s brother, and also want to question Jerry. At the same time, the Secretary of Defense (Michael Chiklis), is trying to jump start his pet project, codenamed Eagle Eye, which can help monitor threats to the United States.

Director D.J. Caruso keeps the movie going by never letting up; there’s something always going on. While there are a few quieter scenes spread throughout the story, the action is front and center. Some of it is pretty inventive, too, like the car chase near the end fo the first act. It not only involves automobiles, but computer-controlled cranes picking up cars and tossing them about. There is also a scene in a tunnel that is reminiscent of last year’s Live Free or Die Hard, but this time it involves one of the military’s Reaper unmanned recon vehicles.

Isnt he the guy from the Even stevens movie?? (:

Wao..he actually goes for older lady. (: I think its because of his 'fake' beard..haha