Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How far can i get lazier? *Someonejustwakemeuptoremindmeaboutmidyearexam*

I am getting pissed off talking to her. Anyway, its Funny. To me. Sometimes.

I mean, what's her problem! Seems so desperadoooo! urrgghhhh..

During sejarah period, im just plain staring at teacher. I could not really pay attention to what teacher say. Started chap 4. It is not as easy as it seems to be. Not for a Dumbo like me. -.-

I passed my Chemistry test! *miracle-ly* XD Daniel! I 'hate' you!!! *p/s: not that hate hate.* U scared damn well in it! I wish i can get ur brain. Getting A part of it is okay to me already. xD

Tmr will be accounts tuition. Guuhh, sumone pls teach me accounts! I'm struggling in it.. -________-

Woo. Me and Izzaty went thinking something really wrong today. It was urm...reaallll wrong. xD

Of all, today was fun. As usual. My single life. (:

P/s :I found that En.Zaidi is actually a nice teacher. (:

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekends are getting boring for me. Eat, sleep, watch tv the whole time. Dint even bother to study at all. *imgettinglazieandlazier* Exam is next week! OMG.

Tagged by Yu Ming.

First Name: Teoh
Nickname: Hui hui, eeeeeeee *ahem*, huizz
Name the wish u had: I love my name.
What do people normally mistake your name as: Hui Yee, Hui Ying, Hui Yin )=
Birthday: 6 Oct. *Remember that!* (x
Birthplace: Somewhere near Cheras.
Time Birth: Around 12.30 or 1pm.
Single or Taken: Single.
Zodiac Sign: Libra!

Your Appearence
How tall are you: 160cm++++ *Perfect height for a girl* (X
Wish you were taller: Yesssss! But not too tall. Taller den Steven den im happy. (X
Eye Colour: Black
Eye Colour you want: Blue or brown.
Natural Hair Colour: Black
Current Hair Colour: Black
Short or Long Hair: Er, not short neither long.
Dye Your hair a bizzarre colour: I want alil brownish.
Last time you did something with your dramatic with your hair: Forgotten.
Glasses or contact: Glasses.
Do you wear make up: Depends. (=
Ever had hair extension: Hell no.
Paint your nails: Yeap. Duhh.

In the opposite Gender
what colour eyes: Black or Brown
what colour hair: Black or blonde or brown. *NOT RED*
Shy or Outgoing: Both.
Looks or Personallity: Both. Must be active, outgoing, and caring!
Sexy or Cute: Erm, Both sound wrong. The word *HOT* will do. X)
Serious or Fun: FUN!!
Older or Younger: Of course elder.
A turn on: Activeness and charming.
A turn off: Emoness and who are none humourous.
Flowers or Chocolate: Bothhhh!
Pepsi or Coke: Both. But i perfer pepsi. Maybe coz of its colour of the can. *In the sense of taste, make no difference at all.
Rap or Rock: Both
Relationship or One Night Stand: Relationship
School or Work: Both laaaa..*better*
Love or Money: LOOOOVVEEE! <3
Movies or Musics: Both better.
Country or City: Both is okay to me.
Sunny or Rainy Day: Both~
Friends or Family: Friends AND Family

Have Your Ever
Lied: Of course! Who don't.
Stole Something: Errr..i guess so?
Smoked: HELL noooo!
Hurt someone close to you: Yeap. *Im sorry*
Broke Someone's heart: I have no idea.
Had your heart broken: Yes. I think twice. Or more den that.
Wondered whats wrong with you: Always..
Wish you were a prince/princess: Yes and No.
Liked someone who was taken: Urm, i think so not.
Been in Love: yeap!
Used chopstick: Of course! *I sucks in that though*
Sang in the mirror to yourself: Talk (yes), Sang (I think so), cried (yes), smile(yes), stare(yes)

Flower: Sunflower, tulips, red roses, and erm *forgot*
Candy: Erm, almost everything.
Song: Anything nice to listen to.
Scent: I duno.
Colour: White, pink, blue and purple
Movie: Horror, action, and humour
Singer: Lots.
Word: =X
Junk Food: Cheesy Wedges, and almost everything.
Webiste: Blogspot, friendster, and deviantart, and youtube.
Locations: Korea! and switzerland!
Animal: Puppy! and hamster! (X
Ever cried for someone: .yesshh.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: Being not serious.
Do you think your attarctive: Nooopp.
If you had to choose a fairytale as yourlife what would you choose: Beauty and the beast.
Do you play Sports: Badminton. and i do swim.

The Rules:
Link to your tagger and post these rules.List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people.

1. Im lazy..... -.-
2. Im a VERY sensitive person.
3. Im get angry easily and i can scold ppl with harsh words real easy.
4. I get emo easily. And mood swing.
5. Not tough. Always weak.
6. Gets jealous easily.
7. Think that myself is a useless person *sometimes*
8. I can be a straight forward person. I wish i could go back in time and to change my mistakes*

1. Yixuan
2. Keng hwa
3. Stephanie
4. Nyoke Yee
5. Izzaty
6. Chee Guan
7. Steven
8. And to whoever who want to to this tag.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Gosh, its quite boring in class without Jin Hwei and Izzaty.

Reminds me of jin hwei b'dae. Really gave HER a shock i guess. xD I wonder who is next for the surprise~! (X

Stayed back for dont know wad crap today. At first we wanted to paint de banner, and end up, just draw only. Me and Chiau Hui was the BLURCASE there dint know tat the banner was actually for the competition among schools in petaling district. =.=

Gan Ying scared the crap outta me and Kay jun! =.=!!

Eugene was alittle weird today. At first, He was darn emo when he was practising along with the juniors for the choir for installation day. Den not long, He went high. I dont know wads his problem but He blamed 'global warming'. LOL. Just becuz the library was alil warm. =.= Altoh his voice was de loudest among de guys, but Went really out of pitch! *sigh*. Wei Kin said the choir was, 'OMG'. xp

I dont know wads wrong with Pn Julie. When she walk, no sound is produce or neither could be heard. TOTALLY SOUNDLESS~ She scares ppl. Student wear one side earring also she notice. Is she a phycho or what? *sigh* Lucky Gan Ying was smart enuf not to go buy bubble tea that time. xD Quite smart for a form 1!! XD But stil, pity pity daniel..LOL

Nothing much happen during duty. Not many ppl go for house practise. So, i follow along not to go to hse practise. Hehehehe! ^^ Well, learned alil shuffling and liquid moves from kay jun. Still damn noob wei. hehehe..Its tough! Altoh it might seem easy for guys. =.=

Prince hours! This show is nice!! Never miss this nice show!! XD iM got so addicted in watching it already. xD

sE7EN is soooo HOT!! *faints* hehehe..xD

This picture of his is way hotter. XD hotter than wuzun. (X

Two future princesses, 1 future king, and 1 prince. X) Heo-I-Jae is a funny actress. haha..xD

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Like how every fairytale should end.

There's always a conflict which appears.

And it ended up peacefully.

Either with a broken heart or a sealed heart.

I was being emo lately, with a broken heart.

1) our singing audition had been called off. But it nvr spoil our semangat.

2) It ended.

3) I was confused.

Whenever i looked at you, I want to breakdown. I was trying to be tough. I know i can! I CAN! U make me compliment myself. Hate myself. I painted a smile on me. Not depression. I was so stupid for every mistake i had done.

Hate me today.

Made me listen to blue october-hate me, I really hate myself for that. Im so silly arent I? (:

Today, I went high, trying to forget all the nostalgia. I have done it! I love myself ! Im free! Im being me! It wasnt tough after all. I just wanna thank u for all the sweet memories. (X iM ALRIGHT! Thinks whats good for you.

Today was hari kecemerlangan. The performances was quite okay. Not too bad. But the speech by pn zakiyah was really long. But not as long as last last week assmbly. (; Chit chat with mei ling about our pets! xD It wasnt boring after all. Receive my money and certificate. RM40 niah, quite little..-_______- Better than nothing.

After that program, went high in class. Sang none stop. Sang kids chinese songs. Never felt too old for that. (X

Woon Zhien's Pants got tored! XD i DUNO who's idea is that. Lol..it got tored at the under part. xD Laugh til stomachache. hahahhaa!

En. Mail joked with us in class the whole Eng period. Talking about similiar words to the word 'good'.

En mail went praising himself the whole time. Its good to praise him. Coz we will get extra marks for that. 10 marks! xD DAMN 'CHAK HAI' wei..XP He was a good debator. Teacher's debater. Hahaha! His slang when debating, Sounds really funny, AS in he is like using another accent.

The conclusion is, i had a great time today. (X

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Its my 110 post!!! (X

Practise and practised hard for the performance for Hari Kecemerlangan! End up being rejected by Pn Khairiah. -________- But in de end, like wad we hope for, we are SINGING instead! hohohoho! (X When we gt rejected by pn khairiah's comment like, *The dance is too slow and boring!! , change it to a fast wan laa!* Kenneth sort of argued with her over that. And hong chun to the rescue!~ hahaha..he calmed her and him down. *fwew*

We are singing...


GEMILANG! *must sing real high PITCH*

Pizza oohhh pizza~

Italian pizza not bad laa. Ate it at jin hwei's hse. Her mummy belanja. Hwei quite manja lar on the phone when talking to her mum. Mummy's little girl~ xD Den we went on the topic about pork. About why Malays cant eat pork, or touch fork and spoon which had been used before to eat pork, and etc etc. I cant live without pork! (X PORK PORK PORK! (; Izzaty, remember that was ONLY an ACCIDENT..xD

And we studied chemistry! Gosh, i taktao de formulae ler! T^T. Forgot de. Why on earth must chemistry be tougher den Physics? T^T.

When we are studying physics was de funniest. We started to talk about inertia. And momentum. And wad will happen if sumone commit suicide from a high floor whether de person will bounce back or not. LOL. Chiau hui looks ridiculous when she hang the mini white board around her, Seems like our teacher. Duno why Hwei went high and she go and take a medal to put around her neck and show it to me and izzaty. Being syok sendiri lar her. ahahha! Chiau Hui was imagining herself being an idiot with that mini white board. Hahahaha!

Damn pro wei chiau hui and jin hwei play piano. Play with full EMOTION' somemore. XP

Friday, April 11, 2008

the person right now!

Haiz, its a tough day..

well, lets talk about happy stuff..

In class, during:-

B.m.: En Zaidi was talking about his bantal busuk. Hahahaha! And talking about guy and girl relationship..what he told us was so RIGHT!

Sejarah: Talk about sejarah. Fwew, lucky teacher dint ask us to pass up homework today. xD

Maths: Gah, my book finish de! *sigh*

Physics: Gosh, boriiiinnggg! Done experiment..*sigh*

Eng: Teacher dint come! Where's en mail?! Took test today..*sigh* tough~


Huiee signing off~

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tagged by Chee Guan***

Name 5 people you can think of right off the top of your head.
Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names
of all 5 people.
list the names first...NO CHEATING!
1. Chee Guan
2. Yi Xuan
3. Kim Ngiam
4. Izzaty
5. Gloria

1. How did you meet 1(cheeguan)?
I have no idea when...I think know him through KRS..XD
2. One a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your friendship with 1(Cheeguan)?
3. How long have you known 4(Izzaty)?
I think 4 months..xD New student mah..(X
4. How do you know number 3(Kim Ngiam)?
Through KRS. when i was teaching marching one one one..-_____-
5. Where's 5(Gloria)?
Maybe at home? sms-ing her darlings? haha..
6. A fact about number 1(Chee Guan)?
Nvr gives up critisising ppl. xp
7. Who is 4(Izzaty) going out with?
Her boyfriend AND girlfriends..xD
8. What does 1(Chee Guan) do for a living?
Still a student. But A abnormal student..xD
9. Would you live with number 3(Kim Ngiam)?
Why him??????
10. What do you like about number 2(Yi Xuan)?
My best friend who is always there when i needed her.
11. Do you miss number 5(Gloria)?
Definately! Ahhh~ lou gong~ xD
12. Would you make out with number 4(Izzaty)?
Im not a lesbo~ -______-
13. What's your opinion of number 2(Yi Xuan)?
Smart girl. Nice girl. Mad girl.xD
14. What's your favorite memory with number 5(Gloria)?
When we hang out together. (:
15. What would you do if number 1(cheeguan) and 2(Yixuan) were going out?
ajak me along laa..xD
16. Ever had a long conversation with 5(Gloria)?
Erm, no idea...
17. Have you ever slept at 2(Yi XUAN)'s house?
nope. Altoh i know where she lives.
18. Do you hang out with 3(Kim Ngiam) alot?
what can i say? (X
19. Who have you known the longest?
Yi Xuan and Gloria...
20. How often do you talk to 1(Cheeguan)?
Evrytime when i see him!
21. What about 2(Yi xuan)?
everyday! (X
22. Have you ever thought 3(Kim Ngiam) more than a friend?
He's my pet brother! (X
23. Would you go out for a date with 5(Gloria)?
Why not? (X
24. Do you dream about 2(Yi Xuan)?
25. What did number 4(Izzaty) did to you that you can never forget?
When she scares meeee!!!
26. What have you done for 1(Chee Guan) that the person never forget?
I have no idea....XP
27. What's 3(Kim Ngiam)'s hobby?
Basketball, and er...joke around? (X
28. Tag 5 people :
1.Hong Chun
2.Gan Ying
3.Kay jun
4.Keng Hwa

Im doneeeee!! xD

Going to my second guitar centre this friday..

HAFTA LEARN TUNING DE!!! or else my guitar string will end up breaking one by one.

I noticed that our gap is getting further and further apart.
I dont if its my problem or yours.
I know its mine. I hafta admit that.
You are always on ur own, and so do I.
Its that when we wanna talk to each other, we nvr seems to have the 'guts' to talk.
I just wanna all of this to change.
Change back to de way it was.

Guuhhhh..Kay Jun made me scream when he poked me. sigh*

Yu Ming nvr gets tired of scaring Izzaty..Thats funny..xD

Got back my addmaths test paper back today. I such stuupppppiidd FELA that i got lotsa silly mistakes in that! Yea, 'thanks' to my blurness during exam time...-________-

Tmr will be biology test. *hope that i will do well in it*..Better still, will make teacher forget all about the test. Must find a reason to go to the hall during that period! xD

Gosh, my BM vocabulary SUCKS...(X

Friday, April 4, 2008

Emo-ing now..I duno why..Dont ask me why..
Emo feeling starts to attack me these days...

On thurs, bad luck or not..
Kena from Pn Julie..*grrrr..i hate her for that*
Anyway, chee guan, its okay..Coz i think its normal to me..(X
I kinda expected one day i will sure kena from her..LOL

During the easter's party, i dont think she notice i was at the back of her..
Just becuz im wearing my NEW librarian T-shirt...
She was waving her hands..*like lil kids i hafta say*
Me and Tl kenot tahan so we are giggling at the back..(=
But the performances was nice..
The second dance there is lotsa pausing..
Nice pausing anyway! (X
The sketch! Fuyohhh! best ah!

Then I went out camwhore with Su Laine..hehehe..(X
Btw, Yu Ming! I forgot wad song u ask me find de..Im sry!

Tagged by Yi Xuan:

1. Real name : Teoh Hui Ee

2. Nickname : Eeeee *-_____-*, hui hui, huizz, ah Hui Ee..

3. Married : Nooooo!

4. Male or Female : FeMale

5. Highschool : SMK Taman Sea.

6. College : Nop..In 2 more years time..*I will be waiting*

7. Short or long hair : Not too long not too short..But will be having a hair-cut soon..(X

8. Are you a health freak : Yes!

9. Height : 160 cm? i duno~

10. Do you have a crush on someone : Yeahhhh~

11. Do you like yourself : Love my self! XD

12. Piercings : ears only..

13. Righty or Lefty : both...


14. First surgery : Noppeeee..

15. First piercing(s) : ears? When i was 12 yrs...

16. First person you see in the morning :My sister..xD

17. First award : Errr...er..i forgoten when..hehe..

18. First sport you joined :Er, some sort of telematch event in my kindergarten..

19. First pet : Doggiee~

20. First vacation : Er, to s'pore...i guess..

22. First crush : This i remembered! When i was at standard 6..


23. Eating : Nothing..

24. Drinking : Nothing...*i just woke up* *yawn*

25. I'm about to : Go down and wash my face..-_____-


26. Want kids : Have to..

27. Want to get married : Not now..

28. Careers in mind :business *marketing stuff*, or graphic designer? or pharmacist..


29. Lips or eyes : Eyes..(=

30. Hugs or kisses : Hugsss~~

31. Shorter or taller : taller!

32. Romantic or spontaneous : Both..

33. Sensitive or loud : Sensitive.

34. Trouble maker or hesitant : Hah! Nah, none of them..


35. Kissed a stranger : NOOOOOO! being kissed by one stranger got la..*my mum friend when i was a kid*

36. Drank bubbles : I have no idea..

37. Lost glasses/contacts : Nah, broke my glasses got la..xD

38. Ran away from home : Nooooo!!

39. Liked someone younger : Noo laa..as a pet bro maybe laa..

40. Liked someone older : Er..yea..?

41. Broken someone's heart : yes.

42. Been arrested : No! What crime will i be doing? =D

43. Cried when someone died :Nooo? coz i nvr attend one yet..hehehe..*glad*

44. Liked a friend : yea..


45. Yourself : Yea, coz im myself! xD

46. Miracles : Yea, i believe in it always..

47. Heaven : yes.

48. Santa claus : Er..yea..when i was 11-14 yrs..xD I even put a socks near my bed awaiting santa's present...(X

49. Angels : yea..


50. Is there one person you want to be with right now : yeapp

51. Do you believe in God :Yesss!

52. Tag 5 people :
1. Chee Guan
2. Kay Jun
3. Izzaty
4. Gan Ying
5. Keng Hwa

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy belated April fools DAY! xD

I got fooled by Izzaty three times! Goshh!!! and once by yi xuan..swtswt

1st time: Izzaty: Eh, Huiee, look got something under there!
Me: Hah? wad?
Izzaty: Happy A.F. day! xD

2nd time: Izzaty: Look Huiee! There's that **** fella!
Me: hah?!! Where?!
Izzaty: U kena 2nd time dah! hahaha!

3RD TIME( through sms this time)Izaty: Huiee, i'm going to shift house by this month..haiz
Me: Hah?! Why?! why so fast?!
Izzaty: Happy april fools day!
Me: *swt swt swt* *IM so stupid*

And the other prank was by YI Xuan..She can get me really easily..LOL

The funniest prank was by fooling guys that they dint zip their pants! Majority of them kena! hahaha! And TL also kena! *Not the same prank* Me and izzaty was being so bad that day..haha! (X

I dint get to fool Kim Ngiam! NOOOO! just because my hp dat time send late sms to his hp.*sigh*

Well, at first im trying not to fall for anyone's trick, but i still cant avoid it.*haiz* Anyway, i fooled my parents too! hehehehe!
Yuming keep on scaring me and Izzaty whenever he saw us..*but we nvr notice him* He can really give ppl a heartattack..xD

I love BIO!! during bio lesson in tuition, everybody went high~ hahaha! [X