Tuesday, June 23, 2009

-Ahem ahem-

*1, 2, 3, 4 , 5......10*

Welcome to Pathetic channel.

Its one beautiful night, when this girl named Hui Ee...typed this UPDATED her blog. Shes disappointed because she got 27th position in class thanks to CHEMISTRY, the subject which pulled her marks down. She got so tanned that she got sunburn thanks to marching. But she loves marching under the rain, she's really weird for a sissy girl like her.

She's also NOT doing her homework. She left out so many undone homeworks that teachers will question her soon. She's in love with this "knock you down" song. Shes also addicted to facebook.

She's in deeply love with her boyfriend. She's crazy today as she starts screaming really loud at the front gate and his sister got really shocked, in a good way. (:

She will miss Jeffrey when he goes to USA. She loves the wedding fashion show in Mid Valley recently as whenever she passed by some shops with pretty dresses she drools over it, but don't get her wrong..she don't wanna get married early as she still wanna look at HOT PRETTY guys.

She's hyper lately as she even say hi and play peek-a-boo with a very young cute kid in a car when this car stopped beside her aunt's car infront of the traffic light. The kid even smiled at her!

Hui Ee even left her guitar untouched for 2 months!!

Hahaha..Im bored. ):

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tagged by Yu Ming.Damn mah fan! :(


-Pick 12 person from your blog link list.
-You can also include the person who tag you among the 12 person as well.
-State how old are they.
-State how did you meet that person.
-State when did you meet that person.
-State the most memorialble thing he/she said to you.
-State the most memorialble thing he/she did with you.
-State what will make/remind you think of them.
-Tag all the 12 of them after you finish the tag.
-Remind all 12 of them that they are tagged.
-The people who are tag can retag the person who are tagged.

1. YuMing

-Through schooling
-Around 2 years ago?
-Short mantis!! With the HAHAHAHA laugh.
-He's tall enough that u cant even spot him.

2. Tarvin

-Through schooling again
-Actually since primary school but dint know he was in my school. :P
-"You and your bitch boyfriend talk alot lar"
-He's dark and hairy!

3. EeLing
-Through schooling.
-Since standard 4 or 5...
-"Big bang is so HOT! and GAYS ARE CUTE!"
-Her so called innocent SMILE.

4. Nathanael

-Through SECONDARY school.
-Since form 4.
-"I love you sweetheart! Youre sexy *ahem ahem* I will only love you!"
-His violin and his charming-ness and his sexiness and his Patheticness. :D

5. Chee Guan
-Through Krs.
-2 years ago.
-"Sei pat poh, bak chi lar you"
-He's a hamsap lou!

6. Yi Xuan
-Through schooling
-4 years ago.
-"Hey Huiee! *with the very shy look*
-Her brother and sister.

7. CheeLoong

-Through Bio tuition
-Since last year.
-"OK okay i will buy u an icecream okay?"
-His very childish look and he's short too!

8. Kevin
-Through Bio tuition.
- Since last year
-"They look so perfect together"
-Biology. :D

9. Hann Jian

-Through online.
-2 years ago
-"I miss her alot!"
-Someone HEEHEHE..

10. Steven
-Through EeLing
-3 years ago.
-"I want my dvd for that movie with popcorn!"
-Korean movie...=.=

11. Izzaty

-Through Schooling~
-2 years ago!
-"Im HORNY!"
-Her laugh and her happy go lucky personality

12. Kay Jun
-Through Librarian
-4 years ago.
-"Har! see la i told u not to do so already!"
-Bicycle and shuffling.

I tag all of YOOUU!