Sunday, January 21, 2007


imagine having lots of homeworks to be done by a week time! thats what im suffering! but nvm, taking tuition at kasturi tuition..coz i dun understand a single crap teacher taught me about science..but i wan take tuition at edusmart! haiz... this week have to attend cousin's wedding dinner..haiz..but nvm..can get extra angpau..haha..

Saturday, January 13, 2007

so boreddddd....

its like hell in school..*kinda*... have to obey the stupid rules... *grrrr***.. brother got chicken pox pulak..if i still din kena..must kena two injections!!! *someone save my soul~~~* i hate homeworks!! but hw oso knowledge..haha.. haiz..i pity guys taught by mr allen...haiz.....kena wacking at the butt syok tak?? haha..

haiz..the board oso haven finish decorating yet..if havent finish i sei lo next week... bleach rawks!!! ichigo~~~~ suai ge~~~ hahaha... i wan to but sumore of the comic books but i just couldnt find the episod i pai punya fella la me...

haiz...nobody cares bout me...nobody!!!! stupid fella la him..din choi ppl these days... *haiz..*..
*forget bout dat la..*...KRS OOOHH KRS.... and FOOTBALL OOOHH FOOTBALL.. I Duno whther i can cope wit my studies anot..i realy hope i can..i dun wan to let down the ppls tat had put lots of hope on me...

Sunday, January 7, 2007

hmm, have i been blogging almost everyday??? sigh** hmm, what to talk here then?? owh wait!!!! have i forgoten something?? ohh, syht i forgot what i want to said earlier..... *slaps ownself* *think think think****

Had shorten memory lost* i think i 'cleared' my brain too many stuff already..



*think gurl****

errmmm...hmm..................*BREATH IN..OUT....* AND THINK***faints** and then.. woke**

OHHYahhhh!!!! JUST to remind librarians in smkts.. be sure u all arrange ur time properly...AS DUTY IS GONNA START REALLY SOON.. WHERE are this year's probates??? *searchin for miss or mr perfect for the sake of the library* and too some of you who is interviewing them, be sure...*smilezzz* and plz dont scare them... they have a weak heart wan you noe..hahahahaha! dun worry, im just joking..

why i did always have a feeling that i want to say somethin but just cant think what the hell is it..oweelll, just forget about it..

gtg zzz*** dun wanna be late for school tmw! ciaoz!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

blank BLANK BLANK!!!

WOHH..NOW only i realise my blog is so SO blank.. blankie****...but im too lazie to upload any photos or just do anything!! just to blog only.. thats what having a blog for..expressing our feelings~~... IMAGINE STAYING BACK THE WHOLE DAY..(WEEKDAYS ONLY,..BUT NOT FRIDAY)..SO BORED...DUNO WHAT TO DO..SUMORE CANT LEPAK OR REST IN THE library.. today went 1u..quite boring..cant do window shopping but instead to go shop for groceries with family.. haiz...i just wish i could go back to form 2..cause its like stuck in the morning session's rules...* can just anybody change the rules...* give some space to students...!

en zaidi very cheong hei la...giv his damn speech for around 1 hour...haiz... he kept stoping his lines for about 1 minute then continue back..haiz...*i think i better zipp~ now*

AFTER hearing to what pn ernice said on fri, taking business admin wasnt a good idea at all.. but if insist to take..better study till the masters degree... it will take around like ~1o+ years!!!~ wao, by that time i would be 25+ years old..

too old for love that time? nah, i dun really think so..... now le just wanna study..wheres my soul mate??? can i find one?? a perfect lover?? a type of mine??

Thursday, January 4, 2007

gah..1st day of school....!!

1st day of school..*fweewww* lucky enough that i din get caught for unpolishin my nails.. i was too lucky enough to get away from that..haha...o well, its over liao.. this years form 1 very short, plump(some of them), and even very cute..~~~

haiz, maths finally finish one chapter le.. that pn liew kuai shou jiau wan.. pn ernie hu is my class teacher..she is a very nice teacher..and i duno y i got elected to be the ketua papn kenyataan..

Monday, January 1, 2007


Actually i dont know what to write neither...and dont know what to say neither... i just cant think of any craps to talk about... My head is SOOOoooo blank now.. my brain is empty now so that i can store more new stuff in it.. i still can wait for the school to reopen.. even though its only 1 MORE DAY till the day... And i can hardly blog anymore after school reopen..