Monday, April 14, 2014

Today is the day where i completely shut you out from my life.

Call me heartless, but it's nothing compared to the hurt you gave me. I was a fool. I was a joke to you all these while. I was an idiot, for not realizing that earlier.

Thank you for stripping me off, layer by layer, slowly in pain.

I cried too many times. While you, enjoying your time partying.

I gave up on too many things for you. We are not meant to be together, so be it.

The reason why i look forward to going back home, is the Viper Challenge and for you. With a hope. But it's crushed anyway. You know how much I look forward to it, but you have never told me about it. You said i sound disappointed, but how can I not be disappointed? You tell me.

I began to feel like i'm being myself again. Being apart from you, makes me realize so many things. I was so blinded by love. I guess it's a curse that I have to go through. You start the conversation first, but usually wont reply when i reply to it. Then what's the point talking?

Makes me feel like starting a new life here in Australia. But Singapore is still my main priority. I'm not hiding away, it's my normal protective mechanism to protect myself from being hurt again.

Are there any guys out there that will change my mind one day?

I doubt so.

I will always, remember what you have done to me.