Thursday, July 31, 2008

The badminton match is finally OVER yesterday. (:

I still missed every match we went. Its just, ...unforgettable.

1st match with red [it was okay lar]
second match with purple [Still okay]
third match with yellow [DAMN CLOSE wei the marks!]
fourth match with green [Had tons of fun play with Maywen. Lucky she showed mercy to us by not smashing] xxD

and the last and final match is with GREEN again...

Overall for badminton..BLUE house won!!! [Got a gold medal!!] *All smiles*

But in volleyball and bola baling second place..

And overall winner goes to HIJAU and second place... B-L-U-E!!! XXD

During the last match yesterday, It was kinda tension and FUN! Eng Eu got his pants splited. Hahahaha.......Its also a good thing cause it can actually be a good technique to make our opponents lose..*GRINS* Leak Peak [i think his name is spelled that way] played not Bad wei! Someone is SOOOO HAPPY ABOUT IT. xD

Then i played Yu Jie's guitar. I finally knew how to play the full song!! nyahahhaha! xD Thanks to Jerrard. xP And not to forget YUJIE. *arigatoo*

Fan Yee jie jie keep on giving us support. (: But yea, still feel bad for dissapointing her. )': We got a sweaty hug from her too! xD

And yes, Izzaty went damn horny yesterday. Until ENG EU have no choice but to show his underwear colour..LOL!!!!! It was.....colour! =X

Izzaty, nvr TEASE me with DT alright...xP

And the volleyball HIT his head!!!!! *giggles* I seems like a saddist right now. hahhaa..


We are like particular doing nothing in class. Pn Roziha did not come into our class. Rotten in the class wei. Sumore En Zaidi did not go into our class CAUSE he has this CERAMAH thingy in the hall. *sigh*

I screwed addmaths paper today. *sigh* I still love LOG. It is WAAAYYY easier than Satistics.

Failing satistics paper this time. -.-

Staying back today was fun. And heard lotsa stuff happened during librarian meeting. A message for u all BOD's : There's is always ups and downs. Just find a way to solve it together. Not by hating each other. Whatever it is, LIFE must go on.

Discussed about MPS thingy with Pn Zaini today.

After that, went high with NAT, IZZATY and YU MING. We played this kinda LAME but SYOK game. By hitting a person, and that person must guess who is that fella. Poor Nat, He kena the most. hahahahhahahha!

Then, after duty, camwhore with Porlyn. That siao siao dei girl. XXD

Ugh, ltr got tuition sumore. Ugh...Must keep my EYES awake!!. -0-

Thursday, July 24, 2008


YOU are the best partner i ever had!

U did great!

And keep it up! (:

Love yaa!!!! (:
Im confused. Im dazed. I dont know what to do. Im confused. This world is so confusing. Sometimes you do the right thing, but it comes with bad things. My knees starts to shake when you are in sight. I cant understand this pain.

Went for a Hospitality challenge today! *wooottt* Same group as Izzaty and Chiau Hui. Never underestimate our 'Aquamarine' power! xD

Went to school as early as possible.Den end up lepak around the canteen.

When we reach there, Jaclynn [i think her name was spelt that way] was already there. Early bird ah..XD I think our school is the only school which send all girls team. All the guys from other school seems so excited for the race. (:

The first clue we got is we must find the missing puzzles from a particular place and put it together with toothpicks. We wasted quite alot of time at the first clue.

But the second clue was quite easy to us. But Yi Lin's group did faster than us.

Then the third clue is ....sloving the map question. LOL

Fourth clue is the to the library. And yea, Chiau Hui did the finding job.

Next, went to a room which looks like a hotel. Must find something which doesnt belongs to the hotel room. Izzaty did it very fast! (:

After that, went to the computer room to search for answers for the crossword puzzles. It was seriously tough gilerrr!! We wasted alot of time there. And yea, that was where we stopped. =X

There was a quiz questions later. Me and Izzaty made fun of the answers. haha..xP

We dint win unfortunately. But we did great together! Must join it again next time! (:

When we are having our lunch there, we are laughing like MANIACS.

Lucky teacher agreed to bring us to the CURVE while teacher will go to Ikea to shop for some stuff. And we get to watch...

Dato Nicole David playing squash..


Let me repeat one more time....

Live!!!!!! XD

Chitra was seriously a big fan to her. She jumped in joy when she saw her. And dint want to go. XD But seriously, watching Nicol David play live was a thrilling experience!! (: BUT too bad we have to buy tickets to go in. If we want to shake hands with her. hahaha

When we reached school, we are like saying hi particular to everybody. XP Maybe ate to many watermelons de. haha

Went to join the guys play basketball. It was FUN!! really fun..But they are kinda being gentlemens to girls. LOL...

Then..jeng jeng jeng..the heart beating moment to me and izzaty. Badminton game against Ungu. Guarantee KO. Yea, we lost, But we was already very tired, and yea, WE DID OUR BEST! better than last time.(:

Im sorry if i hurt your feeling. I duno if i did. But yea, this is my sincere appologies to you. U might be angry cause we dint do well, or something. But by expressing my appologies to you, i felt alot better. Cause u seems down today. There is always ups and downs in life. (:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More pictures!!!!

Kem Muafakat photos!!! XD

A tagged by Jia Kent

Each player answers the questions about themselves.At the end of the post the player then have to tags 5 people and post their names, then leaves a comment at their blog, letting them know they got tagged.

Starting time : 3:17 pm
Name : Hui Ee
Sisters : 1
Brothers : 2
Shoe size : 7 or 8
Height : 162cm
Where do you live : Home
Favourite drinks : 100plus, and lots..
Favourite breakfast : No idea, eat whatever i feel like eating..
Have you ever been on a plane? : Thats a duhh..
Fallen asleep at school : Yess!! Even when teacher is teaching! XD
Broken someone's heart : I duno..
Fell off your chair : Yeap
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Definately..
Saved e-mails : Yea...someones email..(:
What is your room like : Bed, teddies, photos, my cupboard..etcetc
What is right besides you : Now..or..?
What is the last thing you ate : fried rice and laksa...Mmmm~
Ever had chicken pox : Nopeee..[weird huh...]
Sore throat : Everytime after eating ice-cream..
Stitches : Nope..
Broken nose : no..if i play rugby, i might end up with that..
Do you believe in love at first sight : yup...
Like picnics : the waterfall..XD
Who was/were the last person you danced with : Izzaty..when we are going 'high'..(:
Last made you laugh : Izzaty...
Today did youTalk to someone you like :
Kissed anyone : =X
Get sick : yes..-o-
Talk to an ex : yeap...
Miss someone : Yea, everyday! =X
Eat : Yes! I need to keep my body size from shrinking! haha..
Best feeling in the world : as in..?
Do you sleep with stuffed animals : Yes la!
What is under your bed : Nothing..just dust
Who do you really hate : [*************]
What time is it now? : 3.32PM
Is there a person who is on your mind now : Yea, every moment..(:
Do you have any siblings : yeap...annoying ones..-.-
Do you want children : Isnt it a must..??
Do you smile often : Yea..everyday!!! ((:
Do you like your hand-writing : Yea, mature type of handwriting..hehe..
Are your toe nails painted : yes..flower flower! XXD
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : No idea..=.=
What colour shirt are you wearing now : blue.
What were you doing at 7.00pm yesterday : Eating while watching tv..
I cant wait till : My birthday!!!
When did you cry last : Just minutes ago..-.-
Are you a friendly person : I guess so..?
Do you have any pets : Yess! Hammy and skinny! XD
Where is the person you have feelings for right now ? : Home or CC
Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now : Yes!
Do you sleep with the TV on? : Hardly..
What are you doing right now? : Doing this tag while chatting? We are the Y generation mah!
Have you ever crawled through a window? : Yes..During primary school..
Can you handle the truth? : Depends...
Are you too forgiving : Not really...
Are you closer to you mother or father : My dad.
Who was the last person you cried in front of? : No one..
How many people can you say you've really loved? : Only one fella..and well, izzaty too! (:
Do you eat healthy : Yea..still depends on which food..
Do you still have pictures of you and your ex? : Nahhhh...1st ex got la [i think]..
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you? : Yessshhh..
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to? : My room...
Are you loud or quiet most of the time? : Both...
Are you confident? : Not all the time..

3 Things I was doing 10 years ago

Learning ABC

Watching sailormoon..

And eat..

And sleep..
Things on my to-do list today
Study accounts
Update my blog

Think about the deco..

3 Things I would do if I were a bilionaire
Buy a big big house for my parents
Save the money and use it to buy whatever i want..
Use the money for bro and sister's education

3 of my bad habits
Love to messy up my stuff
Sleep late just to watch HOUSE
Act something like AH PEK at house..hahahha!

3 Places I have lived in
my house

3 Jobs I've had
A daughter
A helper to marketing staffs

5 Person I tag.

Yi Xuan

And..Yu Ming!! (:

And whoever who wants to do this tag..hehe

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cyberview Lodge Resort! (:

The Pool!

Telematch dint make me feel tired.

Instead i felt alittle bored. Maybe just because im the Ajk. Owell, get to wet ppl, i really felt satisfied!! Especially woon zhien, chee guan, and jia kent! *grins*

Gan ying looks so cute when she run. LOL.

Worms are actually nice to play with! I will just make myself right, NOT maggots! Those worms which you use to feed birds. All i can say is, jiakent's group made me laughed the most. They dint do bad in my station anyway. (:

After that, went to CYBERJAYA! There's where i really enjoyed my day. I went Cyberview Resort with my family and my aunty and uncle. There's something like an event for family to enjoy.

Once we reached there, they divided families into groups.

Well, my family is the WATERMELON group. [Why not orange..T.T]

Then they bring kids to a room, where they can meet new friends to play with. While the parents, will be in the hall, listening to boring speeches.

When they lead the kids in..[including me..--!] to the room..

Me: Are we in the correct room?
Sis: Are we..??
The kor kor in-charge: Yes u are, just go in..
Me: Are u sure?? [stares at the small kids which are around 8 yrs younger than me]
Sis: I don't think so. He said its correct.
Me: Damn, we are seriously going to spend our day with the bunch of kids.

On the other side, my cousins seems so excited. While me, sis and brothers, cant stop 'sigh-ing' there. -.-! Kids again. -.-! Owell, once we got in, they welcomed us with a really weird clap and act. But it is kinda funny. Then the kor kor & jie jie ask us to introduce ourself to the people around which u can see. BEING sporting enough, went siao with them.

This is how this game goes.
1) introduce urself to a friend
2) then remember wad is the person's name and his/her favourite food.
3) Then ur that person, and that person is you.

I know its complicated, but in the end i got myself confused too.-.-

After that, they had the twister game! LOL.i pity the kors and jies there. Twist their body til..adhui..sure sakit..xD

Then got this magic show. The man ask a kid to volunteer. And there goes this kid, name OSCAR went out. Let me tell u, this kid is really smart! Bu yao kan siao tha!

During the handkerchief trick, this man said he will make the hanky dissapear. Yea, HE DID MAKE IT DISSAPEAR, but!!..BUT...this kid knows where he hide the handkerchief.

Oscar: I know where u hide it!! Its in ur fake thumb!
All the kids: [stares]
Man: Eh, nolar..
Oscar: Yes u did! let me see! Show everybody!!! [grabs the man's hand]
Man: Eh eh, there's nth la. Dont disturb me. Let me do my job.

*Everybody laughs*

Then another kid volunteer, coz this man tak boleh tahan Oscar de. Oscar's brother who volunteer this time.

Man: See this fan??
Kid: I know this trick!! u want to make this fan split into three!!
Man: Wait till you see..

*the fan splits*

KID: i know how u do it! there's magnet!!!
Man: no..[while twisting the below part of the fan secretly]
kid: i know how to fix it back!! just that i duno how to twist it back only mah!!

Let me tell u. Even me dint realise wads the magic trick behind. [paiseh]

After that, i couldnt stand it till i went to the hall listening to speeches with my dad and mum and my mum's friend. The speeches is boring! TALKING about baby milk powder. And the speaker sumore say dont mix hot water with the milk as u will destroy the prebiotics. [So BAKA!] I do really want to 'zat'the speaker de! Dont mix with hot water den wad woh!! *sigh*
Sumore his slang ar..damn char wei. =X

After that, they serves us lunch. The lunch meal is GOOD~ Then the kids are back to theor room again.

After lunch, went to the self-discovery session with sis, mum, dad, aunty and uncle. Its something like a meditation session. Once we step in, me and sis cant stop laughing looking at the woman. She seems alittle weird.

During meditation session, she asked us to imagine the good memories and the bad ones. And ask us to forget all the bad memories. And lecture us about duno how to communicate with ppl well with PEACe. And ask all of us to close our eyes. She really made all of us fall asleep. Part of it not listening to her at all. My sis keep on looking at the way the aunty and uncles sleep. MADE my mum and me laughed along. Its suppose to be a quiet sesion, but we kinda made noises. Lol.DAMN PAISEH. Even my dad also cannot tahan.

Then, we went for a cooking session. They taught us how to cook. And make banana milkshake! Damn nice wei!

After that, my parents and uncle went for spa. Kids younger than 21 years old, are not allowed to go in. *sigh* If only i bring my high heels there, sure let me in de! T^T Mum and aunty had a funny experience during spa session as it is only their first time. xP

We totally forget about the yoga session. Then we head for swimming! I cant believe louis can really swim well! (:

After that went back home. And watch tv till midnight! Syok giler!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Humans are going WILD today.. XD

Once reached to school, the FEELING of greatness INVADED my mind. Get to play badminton today! *woohoo!*

Match next monday. *shit!* Getting ready to be trashed and being bullied. *PSST: im just a kid!, just let me win once will ya? (:*

Moral is boring. Cik hamsah or hafsah is leaving us today. I will definately miss her boring lesson. =X

English ar..not bad lar..CIK erm..[i forgot her name d] is going to leave us soon also. T.T I will miss her voice and her taboo lesson. xD

Great thing that we can skip BM test today! Still have time to do some revision..hehehe..

After that was the photo taking session. Me, Qiao Xin and Gloria WAS the shortest. Short is COOL! xD Keep on talking craps la we all..(:

The candit shot for the PMR photo taking was the best! XD

After that, thanks to the Photo taking Man took so long just to take the photos, we, librarians hafta wait till 1.30 pm!! Thank you, justin for taking down my bag for me..[arigato]
Went back class and Pn Ernice was telling us haunted stories. Part of it is about our school.. That is freaky! Nvr go to block D alone..

Tarvinder is learning BM! wao..amazing..xD

Nathanael went really horny today. Me and Izzaty was feeling very khusyuk looking at the recipe book. Learning tamil, and japanese! *yay* Wei kein was like [i nvr seen such crazy ppl before] XD

Izzaty..nvr forget how to tie a chicken before put inside the oven..XD

After that, went to play badminton. Gloria play till damn fierce wei! Quite geng also..(: Yu ming use HIS ALMIGHTY hand to play. LOL..

Laughed till tummy ache wei..XD

Not feeling tired, but feeling HIGH instead.. Thanks to the humans who made me like like crazy ppl today..hahaaha..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back from muafakat CAMP! The syokness over there..i won't ever forget bout it.

My group members:
1) Chian Yong..(our ah Tao) xD
2) Li Ren [loves talking to Pn Tan's daughter]
3) Yin Chuan [PBSM boy boy]
4) Daphney! [duckie..xP]
5) Me..
6) Mun Ling (Kam not Ng)
7) Zurean [Zurith's sister who speaks chinese]
8) Azahari [ A-yi!!]

My tent buddies:

1) Amira
2) Nisa
3) Daphney
4) Me!!

I was in bus B went we go there. Bernard a.k.a Man-nard keep on treating the seat as his punching bag to show his man-ness. Damn swt case. Haha..his MAN pose damn funny wei. He should bcome the future body-builder. =X I sat with Qiao Xin. We keep on gossiping about Nasri and his *ahem ahem*..HE IS IN LOVE!

When we reach, WE are divided into groups. Then build tent lor. Our tent spot is the best! Near the toilet, near the hall, near the canteen, surau..everything la! xD SEE, so convinient..Damn tough to build tent. Stupid pancang cant pacak to the ground. And we are not tall enough to put the flysheet..=X

Arghh! Why izzaty is not in the same group as me! T.T That izzaty seriously need to scrub her brain de..LOL

Bout the activities, wILL BLOG bout it next time. Need to sleep. Zzzzz...~

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I think i will just leave my blog unupdated for 3 days.

Kem Muafakat!!! Here i come!!

I will miss my darlings..

My bantal busuk..
and my teddy...T.T

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Really sampat! LOL..(:
Librarian installation photos! *grab from peoples blogs..*

Do-re-mi-fa-s0-la-ti-do! Ganying so cute!! Yu ming *gou lou* ahh! XDRubbing ur eyes as if u did see wrongly? I dare say NO! ..Yess!! im taller than Yu Ming! See! Who says shorty can be taller than that tinggi? XXD

Monday, July 7, 2008

Last Sunday, the most tiring sunday ever, went for an ultimate race in 1utama. For barbarians age 16-24yrs. Its not a relieve at all!! Me, laine, and wuiteng is only 15+ la..Not even 16yrs! We seem to be like the smallest group there. But fortunately, wuiteng teamed up with steve. Lotsa ex-tmn sea students were there. Some even take the race so seriously, dress up in their athlete shirt. But end up dint win also. Just show off their shirt only...LOL All also big big size wan..XD

The first clue was killing!! Me and laine took around 45 mins just to find that stupid stairs. We found the second clue, but we must use the correct stairs. Its was like hell walking up different staircase and walk down back.

After we found the stairs, The crew just tore of one side of the clue..and ask us walk up the STAIRS AGAIN! *if only i know earlier, i rather tear it myself!!* >>>>>>

The second clue: go count how many shops at 2nd floor. We just simply tembak wan the ans. xD
Third clue: Went to seoul garden. Had a tough time finding it. (Why must they always give us the tough tough wan?) T.T
Fourth clue:Rock climbing...=.=!! LAINE! u rocks in it! =X
fifth clue: i forgot where de...=.=
6th clue: The stupid jetty restaurant..
7th clue: Futsallll!!!!
8th clue: Tamiya! The race track! xD
9TH CLUE: Coke challenge. Dint drink cause time up de..T.T
10th clue: TO AND FRO LION CITY?? [apa tu..?]

The clueessss!! >>

Finally! THE goodie baggg!! Although its small, maybe worthless..But it means alot to me! All my hardwork of running around, cracking heads..We finally proved it that kids can do it too! XD Our kids power!! Although we manage to get 10/18 clues only..[paiseh paiseh]

Legs feel like jelly after that...=.=!

After the race, went art class. Almost fall asleep during class..=.=!!

Then...Its karaoke!! In Neway at Puchong. Celebrating two of my little cousins' birthday. Lucky kids. [jealous]

Drank beer with sister. Its weird that my mum actually allow me and my sis to drink beer. LOL..Even my uncle say,' Aiya, drink once or twice, nevermind wan la' ...=X

Heavens, me and sis dint get drunk. XD Altoh she felt alil heaty..-.-

I sing till crazy de. Including my mum. My mum actually can sing really well! XXP MY uncles and aunties duet lerr! Fun moments~ haha..While the kids, are going to blast the speakers when they scream at the microphone. [telinga sakkiitt!!] I cant believe myself that i actually following the kids to sing nursery rhyme songs..xD

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Librarian installation is today babeehh~!

Woke up as early as 6am. *sigh* Saturday blues this time. Stared at the ceiling for half and hour. D8

The hashbrowns taste great today! Maybe its because it had been quite long since i last eat it. (:

Had to be the teachers' usherer though. But i only usher one teacher in, which is Pn Ang. xD

The speeches are short today! Quite. Maybe Pn Zakiyah is tired today. *fweewww* The longest one i think is Pn Zaini's one. As usual. -.-

The performances are great! Although its quite funny though i found, when esther's group was performing. The 2nd song is quite funny. =X

Gloria's dance was..Fantasticoo! xP

Let's just skip to the fun part.

The Gamess!

AT first me, yuming, tarvinder, megan, kai shern, , jin hwei, chee guan,gan ying and some other more was playing PEPSI COLA. We are back to our kiddy days. xD Guys are just good in sliding. hahaha.

Then we went camwhoring. xD


After that, its basketball! Thinking of the person we hate really helps in basketball. The agressiveness.

However, its mud,flour, water and eggs day! We had fun throwing flour, egg and spraying water at each other! I just miss the fun we had just now.

We should actually play more water next time. (:

Friday, July 4, 2008

I lay my love on you. Thats what i want to say to you. U dissapointed me today. *sigh*
I got a high hope that u will at least come. But u never show up. U made my life dark. Sorrow.
I never knew that love will be so hurt. U changed my life.

Yesterday was hari kerjaya. Where colleges from different places come and promote their college. Support Sunway College!!! Where's The One Academy's? Xinwei felt so dissapointed.

I dont really know what course to take..

Law? : No...end up maybe got shoot back with words instead..
Design? : My imagination extinct de..
Bussiness? : I worry of being bankrupt. =X
Marketing? : Seems really persuading. xP
Bussiness and communication? : Yu ming said i suits in that. *sigh*

Riyal is interested in modelling! Nvm, Izzaty will be the fashion designer. I will be the one who promote it to the world. Jin hwei will do the talking. Yu ming will help to design a web page for it. haha...xP

Form 6 life seems fun after being persuaded by a form 6 girl. DAMN, she is good in it! xD I like the bag! Seems really niceee!! nvm, i got a bigger plastic bag..=X

Today's fire drill sucks. Dont feel proud at all being at the field only by taking 5 mins to reach. At least they should raise a REAL fire . And teach us how to put off the fire. What if someone got stuck in the building. They dont expect him/her to jump down from the building right? How LAME can it go?

The funniest thing that made me laugh is When Yuming is in the Chemistry lab, when he lit a match up, the bell starts ringing none stop. haha....Hoh hoh..yu ming ah!! xD

After school, went for a badminton game at tmn mgh badminton court. At 1st, it dint went well, as ppl keep on ffk-ing us. And mood swing starts to attack me. Just something made me really moody.

Then went to the other court, with ying jin, to have a friendly match with a college guy. After playing for 10 mins, ying jin fall and sprained his leg. He began whining like a big baby. HE couldnt stand up and well, ernest went to buy ice for him. His leg bengkak like ....erm..quite big. Ask him to put the ice on his leg, he scream in pain. adhui. Dint want to admit it is pain, like a man! =.=!!! Somemore run and walk, and end up, shout softly in pain. =.=

Went back, and yea, practise guitar again and again.

Im dissapointed in her attitude today* haiz.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It had been 2 months ++ since it ended. Should i be relieved? *sigh*

I had go tanned! *particular more tanned that i used to be*

Tmr is RKA day! RKA day = nightmare for students= a good time for teachers to talk bad about u=a good time for parents to nag you= the music which annoys you.

I havent tell my mum about it. I think i wont be grounded or something. I dint do really bad dint i? Ok..FINE..really bad..*sigh*

No addmaths class tmr! I will get to enjoy my Slumber again! xP

My bacteria made new friend. Although i felt bad for spreading the flu to sharon, i dint mean it. Eat more pills next time! after eat it, just go sleep, flu will be AWAY~!! XD Adious amigooo!

Today's class is as boring as ever. Gotong-royong at the first 2 periods. Im like slaking around, doing nothing. Just because i dint want to get my hands dirty.

I wish there's more fun today.