Saturday, February 28, 2009

I don't really feel like blogging often; cause IM LAZY! (:

Ponteng-ed ceramah was the first time i'm being a naughty girl. Although i did have a tinge of guilt in me. ): Although Pn Teh did saw YuMing. Then, we quickly sneaked out from the class. Hope whatever she sees is only ILLUSIONS~

Recently, just bumped into my pet brother from another school. On friday, was the first time i EVER met Wen Keen. When i was keeping Izzaty company in the staff room, he just came to me and say..

"Hey HUI-EE"

I just gave him the 'DO I EVEN KNOW YOU"look.My first impression towards him was 'WOAH, he is H-U-G-E" Then when i really looked at him, only i realised it was him. Damn zadou.

Yesterdays KRS meeting was a blast! (: Had tons of fun. That Wei Qin never fails to praise himself all the time and even called himself 'LENG ZAI". Ahemmm**

My group name is Unclassified~ Cause u won't know us. xP

By the way, CheeGuan and Jia Kent came back and paid us a visit! (:

Kembara's games was similiar to KRS's. Cause if there's Woon, theres sure a bone. :P

After that went swimming joining along with mum's friends. Damn POTONG lar halfway swimming, it rained! ): But manage to stalk some English guys there. Some was HOT, some was..."NOT MY TYPE'...But i don't go for younger guys k?

I had my dinner twice! Full siao de. But when i saw this guy who looks very similiar to him, i couldnt stop stalking him. At first i dint realise he was looking at me until my sister told me. But his friend (is a worker at the restaurant) is a PURE STALKER and HAMSAP! He kept on taking pictures of the kids and kept on looking at my sister. My sister even kept asking me if we are planning to leave early.

Beh tahan i tell u looking at his pervert face. But whenever i want to take a picture of the guy who looks similiar to him, he will disappear! DAMN POTONG! ):

I will pray for my guitar to be alright. ):

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy birthday YUMING A.K.A the one and only MONKEY. :P


Its your birthday! (:

Today's ceramah was BORING! I almost fall asleep during the chemistry talk. And GUESS WHAT! Ahmad Danial fall asleep! xP Guess im not the only one who felt sleepy. Woon did something REALLY surprising yesterday.

And yuming made a really RETARD video. LOL

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I screwed Physics today. Just because i can't even pay attention on my book yesterday. Can't even sleep.

*Gosh. WHAT was i thinking.*

I just LOVE HIM!!! :P
Happy Valentines to everyone! (:
Everyone deserves TRUE LOVE. *sniff*

Speaking of prom. Had decided to go Kar Sing's prom. Cause HE will be there and ROODEY or JJ will be there! *drumrolls please* xP

Nvm, i've got enough money to pay for it first. hehe.

Watched Titanic movie just now. ITS REALLY TOUCHING. Never fail to cry whenever i watch it. Warning: DON'T HOLD BACK YOUR TEARS. Its going to be really tough.

Leonardo DiCaprio wasnt that HOT actually. But his role as Jack Dawson was REALLY GOOD!
Kate Winslet was a really pretty lady. I really pity her where she got slapped by her so called fiancee. *Face problem la that CALEDON*

When the Titanic sinks...and it was absolutely stunning.It showed us the back half of it crashing down on a hundred freezing, drowning people; a third class mother attempting to sing her children to sleep because she knew they were all doomed (broke my heart - i cried the most right there at that point)

I believe i can fly~ Really love this part. She really trusted him. *impressive* I want to fly too! :P

The kissing part! So romantic~ Kids under 13yrs, DONT LOOK!

He even risked his life saving her!

P/s: I really really really love u alot. I had the best valentines day. (: